One Hitter Pipes

One hitters are handy little pipes that allow a smoker the opportunity to take a hit or two, quickly, without having to be too conspicuous. While they can go by any number of terms the general rule is that a one hitter is small, thin, and easily concealable. One hitters can be made of glass, ceramic, metal, wood, etc. There is not any one type of one hitter that is better or worse than the others – it all comes down to preference. Overall, best if looking for maximum portability and concealment.
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How to Choose the Best One Hitter Pipe

One hitter pipes seem simple but there are many options available. Our goal is to find the perfect one hitter for each customer. Read below to discover the different types of one hitter pipes and what differentiates them. We also compare the pros and cons of one hitter pipes vs spoon pipes to make sure a one hitter pipe is right for you.

Types of One Hitter Pipes

Glass one hitter pipes are often referred to as chillums. These can come with all sorts of options. Color changing glass chillums have always been popular. We also carry US made glass chillums made from Cherry Glass and Tedrow Glass. Additionally, you can find custom shaped one hitters like our octopus-shaped chillum. One hitters can also be made of wood or metal. One hitter cigarette one hitters with a dugout box is an extremely popular, discrete choice.

One Hitter Materials

Since one hitter pipes are such a simple design, the main difference between them is the material they are made from. One hitters can be made of glass, metal, wood or silicone. Glass is often the highest quality and provides the best flavor. However, food-grade silicone is just as heat-resistant and is more durable than glass. Metal one-hitters are often disguised as cigarettes and come with a dugout box.

One Hitter Pipes vs Spoon Pipes

One hitter pipes are great for a quick, discreet toke but they are very limited. You may be able to get a couple small rips off a one hitter but just like their name, they really are designed as one hit pipes. If you want a small pipe, but a bit more versatile than a one hitter, a spoon pipe is a better option. These can vary in size from a one hitter spoon pipe to bigger pipes that can provide around six or seven good rips. Spoon pipes typically have a carburetor to regulate airflow and get bigger hits, but not always. Spoon pipes are often more artistic than one hitters and offer different features, such as color changing glass.

Which One Hitter is More Convenient?

One hitters in general are much more convenient to travel with than a bong or bubbler. However, one hitters with dugouts are more convenient and discreet than a glass or silicone chillum. A silicone chillum is slightly more convenient than a glass chillum solely due to its durability.

Types of One Hitter Pipes

There are many to choose from so we have described some of the more popular types for you.

Glass Chillums

Glass is typically the nicest material for any pipe, bong or bubbler. It provides a clean taste and has a good feel to it. Glass one hitters are usually referred to as chillums. Of course, glass one hitters are the most fragile. Additionally, since one hitters are so short, the glass can heat up under your fingers since there is much less surface area than a bong or spoon pipe. There are several types of glass chillums including color changing glass, US made glass, and custom shape chillums.

Metal One Hitter Pipes

Metal is another popular material for one hitters. The classic one hitter is the metal cigarette. Pack some herbs at the end of this fake cigarette and it looks like you are smoking a cigarette. These usually come with a wooden dugout box. All one hitters are fairly discrete, but this is definitely the most discreet version. The downside of metal pipes is they can leave a bit of a metallic aftertaste.

Wood One Hitter Pipes

One hitters can also be made of wood. These have a natural look and feel. Instead of leaving a metallic aftertaste, wood pipes tend to add a uniqueness to the flavor of the herbs. These can be nice for the au naturel smoker. Also, most dugout boxes are made of wood.

Silicone One Hitter Pipes

Silicone has become a popular material for all types of smoking apparatuses. Silicone is durable and easy to clean. In addition, it does not affect the flavor of the herbs, making it an ideal material. Any quality silicone one hitter pipe should be made of food-quality silicone and able to handle high temperatures safely. Furthermore, silicone chillums have a glass or metal bowl that holds the herbs so you will not be making direct contact between flame and silicone anyways.

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