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Double Barrel Dugout Pipes - USA Made

These Wooden Dugout Pipes can hold 2 pipes at once. They are milled and made from hand-picked wood here in the USA. The one hitters are made from brass and wood to deliver the safest and best smoking experience.
Dugout Pipe Options

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  • Description

    Listing Includes

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    • Dugout Box
    • 2 One Hitter Pipes
    • choice of dugout box and add-on options

    Dugout Details

    • Made in the USA by BAD ASH - these are made here in the USA and every dugout box is unique, so if you order Mahogany, Walnut, or whatever other wood, you will get that wood, milled from a solid piece, and this wood is real, so the exact part of the wood and the flow of the grain will be different for every single model
    • Dugout Box - The dugout box is milled from wood in the USA.
    • Box Measurements - 4-1/8 inches tall, 2-3/8 inches wide, 0.8 inches depth
    • Dugout Pipes - The pipe has a wood exterior.  The interior out to the bowl head is made from bronze, the most superior metal to smoke from.
    • Pipe Length - 3 inches long