What is the Point of a One Hitter Pipe?

Read the 7 reasons people enjoy smoking one hitter pipes. From on-the-go, discreet smoking, to the perfect amount for some people, read about it all. You may surprised at what you read!

by: Nathaniel C. | 04/17/20 1:30PM


One hitters are a popular smoking device for many reasons. They can vary in shape, size, material and quality but all have one characteristic in common - they are designed to fit about a single puff worth of dry herbs. While one hitter pipes are may not be ideal for everyday casual smoking, they make the perfect discreet quick toke pipe. Most buyers have another device for smoking at home, like a bong or dry herb vaporizer and then a one hitter pipe for on-the-go discreet hits. A one hitter pipe or dugout pipe kit can be the perfect addition to your smoking quiver.



Reasons to use a one hitter


Since one hitters are the smallest of pipes, they can be concealed easily. Also, many one hitters look like cigarettes for further discreet smoking. You can pre-pack your one hitter and quickly take a hit when you only have a minute.

Easy to use

For new smokers, smoking pipes like bongs and bubblers can be overwhelming. One hitter pipes could not be easier to use. Simply pack some ground herbs in the end of the one hitter and light it like you would a cigarette. You can either tap the one hitter to clear out the burned herbs or use a dab tool or pick to clear out any stuck residue. Then it is ready to pack another hit



One hitter pipes are some of the cheapest pipes on the market. This makes them perfect for those on a tight budget. Just because one hitter pipes are affordable does not necessarily mean they are low quality. Because of the simple design of one hitter pipes, manufacturers can design high quality one hitter pipes at a reasonable cost.

Good for travel

Good for travel

Due to the small size of one hitter pipes and glass pipes, they are ideal for travel. You can easily pack a one hitter in a tight space. Many one hitters come with a dugout box which I will detail in the next section. Dugout boxes help you travel with your one hitter while limiting the odor transferring to the rest of your bag. This being said, it is always recommended to clean your one hitter before traveling to limit odor.

Dugout pipe set

Dugout pipe set

A dugout is a small wooden box designed to store a one hitter and some ground herb. While most dugout boxes are not airtight, they keep your pipe and herbs and one place, and they do a good job in reducing odor from escaping. If you really want to limit odor and reduce the chance of spilling the contents, put your dugout box in a zip lock bag before traveling with it.

Small Size

The small size of one hitter pipes and dugout pipe sets give them several advantages. They do not take up much space and can be easily slipped in and out of a pocket. They can be used to discreetly take a single hit. Finally, they can be easily concealed in the palm of your hand in case you do not want to be seen smoking for whatever reason.

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