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We carry the classic wood dugout with a bat pipe that looks like a cigarette. We have mini dugout pipes for sale too, and they are a great way to smoke herbs on the go. The dry herbs, a one hitter pipe and a clearing tool all have a compartment in a small dugout box. Order one today and get our usual FREE USA shipping on all orders.

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How to Choose a Dugout Pipe

Dugout Box Material

Although the one hitter pipe is a usually a standard metal material, the dugout is usually found in wood, but is also available in metal, plastic and other materials. There are pros and cons with each, but the wooden dugout is durable, stylish and seems to be the most popular option.

One Hitter Length

Most dugout box sets are a pretty standard in size, and they come with a one hitter pipe in a standard size. However if you opt for a shorter dugout, like the Mini wooden one, the standard pipe does not fit, so you also get a one hitter that is slightly shorter too.

Portability & Size

The dugout pipe set is designed to be used on the go, so no worries here. The size is also pretty standard, but when it comes to size you can find some other options. The Mini dugout is a smaller and even more portable option than the average size box.

Clearing Tool or Not

Most dugout pipe sets include an are for the pipe, herbs and the much needed clearing tool. If you come across an option that does not include a clearing tool, you should think twice, as the tool is essential when it comes to clearing the pipe for a fresh herb packing.

What is a Dugout Pipe

A dugout pipe is a set that contains a metal cigarette-looking one hitter pipe, a metal clearing tool, and then the dugout piece that holds the pipe and tool. In addition, the dugout has a storage compartment for storing ground herbs. A dugout is very convenient for use on the go as everything is in one place. Simply push the pipe down into the herb compartment to pack and smoke. Use the tool to clear the pipe and start again, or put everything back into place and close up the dugout for easy storage and portability.

Why Buy a Dugout Pipe Set

All in One Storage

The dugout box stores the one hitter pipe, dry herbs, and a clearing tool all inside, with a top that closes it all in. Each item has its own storage area that can be easily accessed in seconds. The dugout pipe set is a great way to keep all of your smoking materials in one place, especially for use on the go.


The design and function of the dugout pipe set makes it one of the best smoking tools for use on the go. Literally in one area you have everything you need outside of the lighter. Within seconds it can be easily used, discreetly too. And when finished, the slim dugout box easily slips into most pockets no problem.

Easy to Use

Simply grind up some herbs and load them into the herb storage area. After that, simply load the pipe by dipping it into the herbs, and then smoke away. Use the tool to clear it out afterwards, put each piece away and close the top. This product is very convenient and easy to use.

Discreet Smoking

The one hitter pipe resembles a cigarette and the dugout box will keep the pipe and everything else contained to limit the smell that normally might sit with a used pipe. The design is also made for lightning quick smoke sessions that can happen and end in under a minute if you wanted.

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