How to Use the Dugout and One Hitter Pipe - Pro Tips

The very popular dugout one hitter pipe for smokers is both portable and easy to use. Learn all about the smoking tool from one hitter tips to the cool dugouts available, find it all here.

by: Leslie G. | 04/09/18 1:30PM


Dugout Pipe One Hitter Introduction

There is something marvelous about being prepared; ready for take on the day, ready for anything. With smoking in mind, carrying around a cumbersome pipe or spending time pre-rolling isn’t always a possibility and they aren’t the most convenient. However, for those of us who are on the move all the time, a dugout pipe set is the perfect solution to those times when grab and go is of the utmost importance.

Typically the dugout box is about 3 to 5 inches in height with one space for a small one-hitter pipe, one space for a clearing tool, and another for your herb. This is an all-in-1 solution for traveling and smoking pipes on the go. Many are made of wood, while others are stone, metal, rosin, or acrylic.

Dugouts come in all colors and sizes, but the general format is standard; each dugout has a top that either slides or swivels, but still remains attached to the unit so that it doesn’t get lost. Once you’ve opened the dugout, you’ll notice that it has three chambers, or compartments inside; one is narrow and fits a one hitter, sometimes also referred to as a “bat” snugly, while the other is a wider space, also called the “dugout” meant for holding dry herb or tobacco. Most dugouts come equipped with a cleaning tool which is located in a third space. The tool is also used to keep the top closed as it is fixed with a magnet. Also, most dugouts have a spring in the bottom of the one hitter compartment, so that the pipe pops out for easy use.


One hitter pipes are sold in all shapes and sizes. Many are made of metal, while some are ceramic. Some are made to look like a cigarette, while others are colored or look like a brass bat. Some choose ceramic over metal because they do not like to smoke out of anything made of metal. Personal preference comes into play here, and there is certainly no wrong choice!

The dugout design is so simple, it’s brilliant. Easier than pre-rolling, simpler than carrying multiple pieces of equipment with you. This innovative accessory is a must have for all smokers who value their time and know just how important it is to be prepared, not to mentioned organized and discreet.

Read on a for a detailed description of this extremely convenient smoking accessory.


Step by Step Guide to Using a Dugout

Interested in learning how to use this incredibly cool tool? Follow along, as we guide you, step by step, through the process of preparing, loading, and enjoying.

1. Grinding your herb is highly recommended when using a dugout and one hitter. Although larger flowers are more attractive, you can fit much more of the dry herb into the dugout if it is more finely ground. Also, and more importantly, the dry herb will fit in the head of the one hitter pipe much more easily, and the resulting smoking effect will be easier. Using an herb grinder if you have one, grind as much as you will need to pack the dugout compartment fully.

2. In order to easily fill the dugout compartment, use a small piece of paper, like a business card or other piece of thicker card stock. Fold the paper in half and place the ground herb on it, in the crease. Now, carefully angle the folded paper into the dugout and slide the herb in until the compartment is full. Be sure to push the herb down for a tighter pack, but not too hard, otherwise you won’t be able to get any of it back out into your one hitter.

3. Now that your dugout is loaded up and ready to use, it’s time to try out your one hitter pipe. Each one hitter has a small hollow cavity at the top into which the dry herb fits. To pack your one hitter, simply insert it, top down, into the dugout. Press and twist simultaneously, filling the cavity. Be sure to apply some pressure when twisting, as you want the dry herb to completely fill the top of the one hitter so that you can guarantee at least one full draw as you smoke. Finesse it enough so that the herb is tight but not too tight or clearing it will be a pain. Practice makes perfect with this step. You’ll find your balance.

4. The next and most important step is the best one; light it up! Take a minute to enjoy the flavor and the fact that your dugout just made a quick smoke so much easier!

5. When it’s time to repack, it’s important to clean out the top completely so that there isn’t any stray herb sticking around on the sides. Because it is so small, resin and bits of herb can collect rather quickly inside the one hitter. Use the tool that was provided, to clear out the herb from the top of the pipe. Blow from the mouthpiece end to help clear out all particles.

6. Once clear, you are ready to reload. Repeat the process as many time as desired or pack the one hitter pipe away for another later use.


One Hitter Dugout Tips

Here are a few helpful tips when using a dugout. Although it is fairly straightforward, there are some things to know that can help optimize your experience.

1. Using a grinder is the preferred method for herb use with a dugout. Although we all love the beauty of a dense and beautiful nug, they don’t really fit in the compartment and are extremely difficult to load into the top of the one hitter. A dugout is all about convenience, and there isn’t anything convenient about have to pry a large bud out of the dugout compartment and then break it apart with your hands. When in doubt, grind! You’ll be glad that you did.

2. Keep your one hitter clean! The push and clear one hitter makes this easy! A clean pipe is the difference between a smooth, luxurious smoke and a frustrating, clogged draw. When finished with a smoke session, be sure to use the cleaning tool included with your dugout to clear out any ashes and remaining herb residue. Blow from the mouthpiece to help loosen and remove ashes as well. Tap it out if needed, but over time that can actually bend the sides and make the top of the pipe smaller. When at home, feel free to boil in hot water or soak in a cleaning solution for a thorough cleaning.

3. Over time, herb stored in the dugout will become packed down and compressed. Because herb can be super sticky, little bits and pieces will accumulate along the sides and especially at the bottom of the dugout. Use the tool provided to scrape the sides and the bottom of your dugout to loosen all of the stuck debris. This tip can be very helpful when your stash is low and you’re looking for just a little bit more. A few simple scrapes along the sides and at the bottom and, voila! Extra herb that you didn’t know you had!



Cleaning a One Hitter Pipe

Golden Rule Number 1 - keep your one hitter clean.

If your pipe isn’t clean, it will not only taste pretty nasty, but it can also clog up so much that you won’t be able to pull any smoke at all, which will only leave you frustrated and disappointed. Cleaners like Formula 420 pipe cleaner make pipe cleaning easy! See all the ways to clean a pipe in this business insider pipe cleaning guide.

All one hitter pipes, no matter what they are made from, can be cleaned using a few different methods. It’s important to note that these one hitters are also fairly priced and affordable, so having a second one to use while another is soaking is not a bad idea.

In addition to using the clearing tool after each use, take time to regularly clean your one hitter. There are a few ways to go about it, some more dangerous than others so be careful.

1. The more dangerous method, but cheap, submerge the pipe in boiling water for about 10 minutes and knock it around. This is the traditional and time-tested method that has worked for millions of smokers without any cleaning solution. It’s a simple and quick way to remove the gunk and debris for free.

2. This requires a few more items, but is safer. Fill a zip-lock plastic bag with isopropyl rubbing alcohol or some other glass pipe cleaner, enough to fully submerge the pipe. Add about 3 tablespoons, if not more, of coarse table salt. Seal the bag and shake vigorously for about a minute, then leave the pipe in the bag to soak for a few hours, or even overnight if you wish. When you pour out the brown, dirty liquid, and rinse the pipe under a bit of hot water to help clear it out, you will marvel at how clean your pipe is.


The Benefits of Using a Dugout Pipe

A dugout is and has been a go-to for smokers all over the world for years and years. Extremely versatile and good for just about anyone, a dugout is a super discrete and portable way to enjoy a refreshing smoke anywhere, anytime.

Why choose a dugout, you might ask? Well, the benefits are pretty obvious...

1. It’s convenient. Everything you need is all wrapped up in a small container. In fact, it’s a 3-in-1 solution to all your smoking needs, meaning that you have your herb, pipe, and clearing tool in one place.

2. It’s simple. It’s so easy to load, simply by sliding open the lid, pulling out the one hitter, packing it full of delicious herb, and smoking.

3. It’s discrete. Whether at home or on the go, enjoying a quick smoke couldn’t be any simpler. Load it and smoke it. That’s it. And, because of the size and design of the one hitter pipe, everyone will think you are just smoking a cigarette, if they notice anything at all! Also, because everything is contained inside the dugout, say goodbye to unwanted odor, leaving your free to carry your dugout in your pocket, your bag, or just about anywhere, without a worry that someone can smell your stash.

4. It’s clean. Say goodbye to sticky fingers forever. Because you don’t have to touch any of your herb to pack your pipe, fingers and hands stay clean, and no extra flower ends up in your lap. Simply pull out the one hitter, push it down into the herb-filled dugout chamber, twist, and smoke.

5. It’s easy to clean. Using the tool provided, it’s simple to simply push excess smoked herb or extra debris out of your one hitter. When soaking is necessary, the process is simple and quick, leaving your one-hitter sparkling

If you are a person who is ready for anything and knows the value of being prepared, you will love carrying a dugout pipe. This portable and discrete dugout pipe set is perfect for use anytime. Anywhere. When you carry a dugout pipe, you’ll be ready for action in 5 seconds flat. Simply pull it out, pack it, and smoke.

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