JUUL Vape Pen Review & Operating Instructions

JUUL Vapes

Regardless of whether you are new to vaping or have been a part of the community for some time, chances are you have heard of Juul. Co-founded by Adam Bowen and James Monsees, Juul is the popular replacement product for traditional tobacco smokers. Every aspect of the Juul experience is designed to make vaping effortless without the hassle of having to deal with coils, optimal wattages/temps, and messy e-liquid fill ups. The founders of Juul were smokers themselves and fully understand the needs and preferences of tobacco consumers. Juul vapes are highly compact and discreet making them ideal for practically any scenario imaginable.

Instead of using standard vape coils and atomizers where users have to manually refill with e-liquids, Juul vapes utilize a pod-based system. Juul offers Juul pods for their vape pens that contain nicotine salts in varying strengths depending on your needs. In addition, Juul is compatible with other pod products in case you wanted to try a different flavor from what Juul offers. While Juul used to have multiple flavors, they now have sized down to mint and tobacco flavors. Charging your Juul is equally easy with a standard USB plugin.

Vaporizers Offered by JUUL

As we mentioned above, Juul stands out from the pack by offering customers a single flagship product that has been designed to meet all of your vaping needs. With some vapes you'll need a guide on how to vape, but with JUUL, the vaping is very straightforward.

Juul Vape Pen

The Juul vaporizer is the penultimate replacement for standard tobacco products with its sleek design and easy to use features. Both new and experienced users will find value with Juul products — they get the job done and are highly dependable. In comparison to box mods which have a whole host of features and can be quite complicated in terms of designs, a Juul vaporizer requires little setup on the users part. There are three components to a Juul vape: Juul pods (or other pods), Juul device, and a USB charging dock. Nicotine strengths for the Juul pod come in 3 and 5%. Using the Juul is incredibly easy — this device utilizes auto-draw in place of a firing button. Overall, you cannot go wrong with a Juul device

Juul Compatible Vape Pods

If you are looking for additional flavors besides tobacco and menthol, there are multiple Juul compatible pod manufacturers that offer a wide array of exciting flavors. For example, Ziip Pods and EON Smoke offer pods in tons of different flavors that are sure to please just about any user regardless of personal taste.

Juul Vaporizer FAQ

At NY Vape Shop we are aware of how complicated vaping can be if you are just starting out. In an effort to make things easier we have gone ahead and answered some of your most frequently asked questions about Juul products.

Juul Vapes & Increased Regulations

E-cigarettes have captured the public’s attention in recent years due to their growing popularity with teenagers and other underage users. Sadly, there have been reported cases of lung-related illnesses that have been tied to certain vaping products. While Juul does offer a perfectly safe product that is manufactured with quality components, there have been major questions as to how safe Juul products are — especially for underage users. Thus, the Trump administration and federal government at large have aimed to tighten regulations around e-cigarettes, particularly when it comes to non-tobacco flavors. Originally, Juul offered pods in TONS of different flavors from fruits to menthols to standard tobacco. Today, Juul only offers two different pod flavors and has pulled all other flavors from store shelves. If you are looking for a fruit flavored pod this is something to keep in mind.

Which JUUL vape is best?

Juul only offers a single vaporizer that is reliable and easy to use. Finding replacement pods is incredibly easy since this device is compatible with other pod brands. Deciding if a Juul vape is right for you will come down to a few different factors. Mainly, if you are looking for a tobacco substitute without the hassle of a more advanced vape then this vaporizer is perfect for you.

How to adjust temperature/wattage settings?

With Juul temperatures are set by the device and cannot be changed. This makes things incredibly easy for newer users who may not know what the best temperature for vaping may be. With Juul you can rest assured that it will be able to meet all of your vaping needs.

How to fill a JUUL vape?

Another great aspect of Juul vaporizers is the fact that they do not need to be refilled due to their pod-based systems. Once a pod is empty simply replace it with another Juulpod or equivalent product — it’s as simple as that.

Is a JUUL Vape Pen worth it?

In our opinion Juul vapes can be worth it, specifically if you are looking to quit cigarettes and you like the idea of using a vape to do so. They are affordable when it comes to the device itself and replacing the pods. Also, Juul vapes are incredibly easy to use. It’s truly a win win all around.

How to charge a JUUL Vape Battery?

All Juul devices utilize a USB charging cable that simply inserts into the battery base. Your device should be fully charged within an hour!

How to use a JUUL Vape Pen?

The beauty of Juul vapes is the fact that they are designed to work right out of the box. For Juul vapes simply snap your Juul vape pod or equivalent pod into the battery base and start vaping. It’s as easy as that. There are no additional steps needed to start vaping with Juul.

How to maintain a JUUL Vape?

We recommend users follow standard cleaning/maintenance requirements for your Juul product. Mainly, make sure all of the unit components are clean and free from any dirt or grim. Besides basic maintenance your Juul pod should last without any issues whatsoever. We recommend you charge the Juul vape fully before use each time to ensure longevity of your battery.