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JUUL vapes have become immensely popular as vaping itself has become more of a phenomenon. Particularly, JUUL vapes are convenient and welcome a low-level of buy-in into the world of vaping nicotine and e-juices. Instead of investing heavily into a bulky box mod, JUULs are slim and conveniently swap out old, spent pods for new ones (where the juice is). For a low cost way to try out and experiment with vaping, it would be hard not to go for a JUUL vape and pod pack.
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How to Choose the Best Juul Vape Product

For those who are new to the world of vaping, switching from cigarettes to a popular new alternative is the Juul vape. What sets this apart from conventional smoking methods is the variety of flavors offered, plus the convenience of always vaping from a slim design. Like other vaporizers on the market, a Juul pod (more on that later) can be swapped out for a different flavor and still deliver a tailored experience to your preference.

Types of Juul Vape Products

From e-juice to charging stations, Juul comes with a sophisticated product line to deliver an experience to new and seasoned vape users alike. What makes Juul stand out from the rest is their ease of use without incorporating mechanisms that require buttons & tools. Flavor pods are conveniently inserted, used, and swapped out for a different pod. It is ready when you are the minute you inhale. Fast charging times and portable cases make a Juul one of the most valuable investments for those who vape

Juul Vapes vs Cigarettes

We are well aware of the health consequences surrounding the methods of smoking, and cigarettes themselves. Science has shown that while nicotine is addictive, it is the additives found in the products & smoke itself that is to blame for the cases of ill health around the world. Juul vapes use a flavor pod that incorporates the same ingredients found in all e-juice products to deliver a safer alternative to tobacco smoke. Juuls are perfect for those wanting to quit smoking.

Juul Pods vs E-Juice

Juul pods are an e-juice that differ from the rest by coming in packs that offer varieties in flavor & strength. Unlike other e-juices, the luxury of not having to risk making a mess by having disposable pods makes it as easy as pulling out & replacing the pod without worrying about refilling it yourself. It is much easier to simply pop in a pod and enjoy the vaping experience without fiddling with other products and spilling juice everywhere just to make a refill.

Juul Pod Ingredients

With the health hazards surrounding traditional smoking methods, it comes as no surprise that the vaping community would receive some praise considering its use of alternative methods to natural nicotine consumption, although this is a hotly debated topic right now. Juul is very transparent about their ingredients list, as all have been found in natural tobacco products. Ingredients such as propylene glycol and glycerin are found in all e-liquid products. Benzoic acid is found in tobacco products, and the nicotine itself is a highly purified pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Types of Juul Vape Products

When choosing the right product, the colors & pods will all come down to what you ultimately want in terms of flavor & strength. If you are a smoker who wants to stop smoking and start vaping, Juul offers a simple & straightforward approach to vaporizing without additional tools or lighters. Here we can break down the basics that comprise the Juul line of vaping products and their accessories.

Juul Pods

Without sacrificing flavor over a healthier alternative, you can still enjoy classics like Virginia Tobacco & Menthol that deliver 3 – 6% nicotine strengths. For those wanting to steer away from that genre, Juul also offers flavor pods in watermelon & mango, to blueberry & pink lemonade. Nothing is easier than replacing a Juul pod by simply pulling & swapping out for a new flavor. For your convenience, each pod can be seen for how much juice is left over before deciding to replace it for a new one. There are a couple brands of Juul Pods that we can take a look at:

EON Smoke Pods

Compatible with all Juul vapes and available in classic Juul flavors, EON Smoke Pods also have some of the more exotic flavor palettes such as Cool Cucumber & Crème Bru lee. For those opting for a sweeter flavor profile, Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, and Mango can all be a part of your regular favorites. Some of the more popular flavors include Lush Ice, Silky Strawberry, Café Latte, and Sour Apple. Each EON Smoke Pod is able to be just as easily swapped out for another with every Juul battery, so there is no hassle or worry when it comes to enjoying your Juul vape sessions.

Ziip Pods

With a variety of unique & exotic flavors, Ziip Pods offer a wider selection of popular flavors such as Pina Colada, Iced Cola, Cheesecake, Cinnamon Roll, and Strawberry Milk. Each Ziip Pod is easily interchangeable with every Juul vape battery and can be swapped out for easy replacement. When deciding which product you want to go with your Juul vape, there is a seemingly never-ending selection of flavors to choose from that will make your Juul sessions truly a joy to experience. You are sure to find your next favorite with these brands!

Juul Vapes

Sleek, simple, and highly affordable, these devices come in a few basic colors that all function equally. Each can accommodate the same flavor pods and can all be interchangeably swapped out with each other. The ease and versatility of operating a Juul is what makes it so attractive to first time vape users. Simply insert a pod, press it down to check your battery life (indicated with the colors green, yellow, and red), and simply vape! No buttons, no tools, just the pure experience of vaping without the extras. Charging takes only an hour.

Juul Accessories

The convenience of owning a Juul means you will never have to worry about leaving with a depleted battery, since Juul also has a portable charging case for those on the go! No more having to wait around the house when you can simply charge as you go about your day. The case can charge your Juul up to 3 times and was also designed to close and protect your device. Along with just a carrying case, Juul also offers a simple USB charging dock that can fit an any universal charging outlet adapter or laptop. No cables, no tangles, no worries!

The Juul Community

While not technically a product of purchase, the Juul community is a product of the vaping movement as a whole. The popularity of vaping over traditional smoking has exploded in recent years, making way for a movement of people that have come together to support this healthier alternative. Many are first timers and veteran smokers who have decided to invest in their health by dropping the lighter in favor of vaporizing. Unlike other vape products, there is a support community available online for other users of Juul, including an online forum where people can come together and share their stories.

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