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How to Choose the Best Pax Vaporizer

A highly sophisticated brand of vape, Pax has been one of the forerunners of the vaping industry, providing a sleek design that is universal to the Pax line of vaping products. Simplicity & convenience are the mainstay of a Pax vape, utilizing the latest technology while remaining compact & classy. Choosing the best Pax device will come down to whether you want to vape dry herbs or want a more specialty device capable of both dry herbs & concentrates.

Types of Pax Vaporizers

Pax specializes in 3 main types of products, which include a dry herb, wax combo, and oil vape. Each has their uses built around the type of material you want to use, though all perform exceptionally well and remain one of the more popular high-end vapes on the market. Each design is universally slim, sleek, portable & discreet. This makes for a truly convenient & practical use of a high-quality vaporizer without the hassles of taking up unnecessary pocket space or heavy / bulky additions to your purse.

Pax Vaporizers vs Other Brands

When it comes to a highly sophisticated design that is super sleek & discreet, PAX is well known for their quality. Pax is also known for their unique build of the slim design, incorporating the much-desired need for privacy within the vaping community. Built for on-the-go use for more active lifestyles, the Pax line of vapes is great for anyone looking for their next go-to portable vaping device. Another distinguishing feature is the absence of a digital display. Some view this as a negative attribute, though the truth is that this simplifies your experience by dialing into the perfect temp using their preset precision temperature control.

Pax Accessories

Simple routine maintenance kits are available for every Pax user, which is easy to implement given their simple design. Like any other quality device, cleaning your Pax should be a highlight of pride! Pax is known for a plain yet effective design that can not only deter unwanted curiosities but remains an integral part of your vaping toolkit. Made to blend in with other objects, looking simple should also reflect the simplicity of using your vape! From charger and multi-tool kits, you will find all that you need to maintain your Pax!

About Pax

Pax is known for their extensive community and blog posts that convey the message of acceptance within the vaping community. Reviews & instructions remain the powerhouse for maintaining the image of Pax. The ease of use is world renowned which makes Pax stand out from the rest. Unlike other companies with various gizmos & gadgets, Pax is unique for their simple approach to vaping, being one of the most practical brands within the vaping community. Choosing the best vape here will simply come down to a simple matter of preference, as all Pax vapes are quite efficient.

Types of Pax Vaporizers

The versatility of some popular devices has incorporated the use of combo vapes & various tools to enhance the vape experience. A vape session with a Pax will be unique in providing the user with a simple approach that takes the stress out of the session by its design alone. Without all the fluff & filler that comes with other brands, the 3 main choices here are for dry herbs, a wax combination that can also vape dry herbs, and an oil vape. All have the same slick design that Pax is known for.

Pax 2 Vape

An award-winning design that helped put Pax on the map, the Pax 2 is for dry herbs. Available in two basic colors, the Pax 2 creates a smooth hit along the vapor path, allowing for an exceptional experience with an extended battery life. Each Pax 2 can accommodate 6 – 8 vaping sessions per charge, and only take less than a minute to heat up. Charge time is only two hours and heats up your material from a 360 – 420 degree (F) range.

Pax 3 Vape

Using a conduction oven to heat your dry herbs gently & evenly, the Pax 3 is also capable of vaping your favorite concentrates! With a fast 22 second heat up time, you are sure to get vaping quicker without having to wait around. A powerful 3500 mAh battery can host between 8 – 10 vape sessions. What makes this vape so versatile & unique is its ability to integrate with the Pax app via Bluetooth from up to 10 feet away! A truly innovative piece of technology, the Pax 3 is a favorite among active users.

Pax Era Vape

The slimmest & compact design to come out of Pax, this Era can vape is made for all your favorite oils & extracts. Compatible with the app via Bluetooth makes this another innovative concept that only Pax can achieve. With a short 45-minute charge time, the Era has 4 main temperature settings which tailors your vape experience to your personal preference. An incredibly popular vape, Pax is known for being a leader in vaporizing technology.

Pax Era Pro Vape

The most advanced oil & extract vape to come from the Pax line of vapes, the Era Pro is made with food-safe materials, making it CE, FCC, IC, BT SIG, RoHS, CONEG & WEEE compliant, offers haptic vibration alerts, remembers your favorite vaping temps, offers temperature recommendations, and is UL Certified! The USB-C compatibility allows for universal charging, and new side slits in the design create a much better draw for incredible hits. Bluetooth can now be reached at 15 feet with this new vape!

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