Wooden Pipes

Wooden pipes have been around for centuries and have managed to find their way into pop culture and the imaginations of generations. Having a distinct, noble character and even flavor profile, wooden pipes are works of art that can make an excellent addition to a collection. While not as easy to clean as glass or silicone, wooden pipes are sturdy and able to handle quite a bit of usage before needing cleaning or replacement. Class up any sesh with a classic, traditional wooden pipe for the full flavor of smoking.
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How to Choose the Best Wooden Pipe

Stylish and truly old-school, a wooden pipe might actually be one of the best choices for people who want a lightweight and natural option. A lighter load means less fatigue on your hand and mouth over time, and a better smoke. Choosing the best wooden pipe will always come down to a matter of personal preference, though there are a few factors that go into deciding what might be best for you.

Choose between different Types of Wooden Pipes

The functionality of owning a wooden pipe makes it one of the most cost-effective and hardy of any other material. With so many styles, it is truly a work of art that has its roots in ancient and primitive cultures. To this day people around the world still prefer the use of a good old-fashioned wooden pipe. Whether it is a chillum, bubble, spoon or sherlock, one can find a wooden pipe in almost any practical configuration. What makes them unique is their handcrafted designs.

Wood Pipes vs Glass Pipes

While both remain a solid option, investing in wood not only brings a personal & unique touch to any session, but also the practicality of endurance. These are hardy pipes, durable and able to withstand heat better than some glass products. Most come with natural wood on the interior of the bowl, though some also have the option of a metal cover. The only caveat I would consider is leaving a wooden pipe out in the rain or an overly humid area that can leave it warped and brittle over time.

Wooden Pipe Designs

With wood being a versatile material, it comes as no surprise how easy it is to customize your own pipe. Carving, painting, and otherwise adding elements that would be almost impossible to do on a glass or silicone pipe makes owning a wood pipe essential for your collection. The best part about it is being able to customize it yourself on the fly if you really wanted to do so. A little arts & crafts can turn your wood pipe into a unique style, or even as elaborate as a ceremonial pipe reserved for special occasions.

Wooden Pipe Sizing

Like any other pipe out there when considering the best option for your everyday carry, one should look at the size. For home use, you might want to consider something that is highly prized and personal with your own unique touch. For on the go, anything small and easily replaceable will go a long way to ensure you never go out worrying about your investment. Wood is not meant to last forever, though the beauty in that is knowing that after giving it your own touch, there will never be another one out there just like it!

Types of Wooden Pipes

The options always boil down to preference when it comes to owning any type of smoking device, and a wooden pipe is no different. Some prefer to smoke in style with a long and elaborate decal on special occasions, while others prefer to be subtle and discreet using their own little personal piece. This can be useful when considering the different types of wooden pipes on the market.

Wooden Chillum Pipes

Small, simple, portable and reserved for quick and discreet hits, the chillum is ideal for a straightforward smoke session. These can usually be found with a metal bowl insert such as brass, which extends the life of the pipe. Cleaning can be done without water by simply using a standard pipe cleaner dipped in a little rubbing alcohol. Wood tends to absorb moisture and can take a while to dry, so care must be taken to ensure a dry piece.

Wooden Spoon Pipes

Varying in size & shape, they are all portable and convenient for personalizing your own piece. Hardier woods extend the life of the pipe by being able to withstand the repeated heat & flame from lighting and drawing in your hit. Like the chillum, the pipe is one piece but with the bowl being on the side instead of the very end, hence the name “spoon pipe.” Perfect for being on the go.

Wooden Bubble Pipes

Not to be confused with a bubbler that has a downstem (although those do exist), the bubble pipe utilizes a large smoke chamber and carb without the water. The idea is to fill the chamber with more smoke and make for a fuller hit. Once the desired amount has been reached, one only needs to release the carb to allow air to clear the chamber. Some of these actually come with a glass bowl instead, which makes them more unique and valuable.

Sherlock Wooden Pipe

The old school way, this was probably your grandpa’s preference when it came to smoking his herbs. Do not let that deter you from considering this style just because it is old! In fact, your grandfather probably knew what worked and what did not back in the day. These pipes are much more expensive than any other wooden pipe because their design and material. They are called Sherlocks because of their curved S shape.

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