Bong Bowl Piece

A new bong bowl is always a good idea as a bong cannot be smoked without it. This pipe accessory can eventually clog making it hard to smoke, and cleaning glass pipes is a hassle. This vape store offers hand blown female bong bowls as well as downstems that fit most bongs and dab rigs. All USA orders come with discreet, FREE shipping!

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How to Choose a Bong Bowl Piece

The bong bowl is one of the critical pieces found on your bong. A bong bowl is going to affect how much herb you can pack which affects how many people can reasonably share a bong, how often you need to repack, and more. Not to mention, a loose-fitting bong bowl is going to be inadequate at properly giving you a full, powerful hit. Too much air leakage will prevent proper functioning and leave you disappointed.

Bong Bowl Sizes

As we mentioned, your bong bowl is critical. If you do not purchase a properly sized bowl then you are setting yourself up for failure. For example, if your bowl is too big for your bong than you will be unable to use it at all. The smoke will not enter the chamber and percolate into the water. Too small and you will be pulling but getting a lot of air through all the space around the bong and bong bowl stem. Make sure to obtain measurements or sizing before making a purchase.

Bong Bowl Type

Bong bowls, just like bongs, can be made of a variety of different materials and you should keep this in mind when choosing one. A glass bowl is often translucent and will let you best see when it’s time to clean. But, these can break. A silicone bowl is going to be lightweight and unbreakable but may not give you the same experience or weight you are used to from glass. Again, your preferences are going to really dictate what you choose to do.

Bong Bowl Herb Capacity

The herb capacity is going to determine how many people can use the bong before repacking (or simply how much you need to repack your own bong for yourself). Some people prefer smaller bowl pieces to function like a ‘one-hitter’ or ‘bat’ (the smoking equivalent of a shot of alcohol). Some prefer to pack a bowl and be able to come back to it for a few good hits before repacking it. This is certainly a preference you need to explore for yourself.

Cool Bong Bowls

There are all types of specialty bowls available for bongs. Some are made using more heat-absorbing silicone or plastic and others are not designed to consider heat. There are also additional attachments to your bong that will be a part of your bowl such as ash catchers or percolators. These will certainly affect the taste and feel of your smoking experience so make sure to consider this when deciding whether to purchase specialized bong bowls.

What is a Bong Bowl Piece

If you plan on smoking a bong you will need the bong bowl piece. The bowl piece is where the dry herbs are packed so that they can be smoked. This piece slides into the downstem which completes the path for smoke to travel through the water. If you do not have this glass pipe part you will need to buy one or get creative and make one out of the top of a salt shaker.

Best Bong Bowls

Like with most things in life you will need to look deep within to identify your own personal needs and preferences to answer this question. Do you need an indestructible bong bowl? Do you need a party bowl? Are you more of a smoker loner and prefer something more heat-resistant? The answers will largely depend upon you and your situation and only you can truly answer the questions best.

Glass Bowl Piece

Glass bong bowls, like the bongs, are extremely popular. It’s a classic for good reason – smooth flavor, easy cleaning, translucent, and a cool prop piece too. However, with all these advantages, glass bowls aren’t perfect. For example, if you’re clumsy, you may want to investigate silicone or other material bong bowls. All told, these will come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, colors, etc and you should check them out if they’re on special or have a high demand.

Gravity Bong Bowl Piece

Gravity bongs deliver some amazing hits using the laws of physics. This is also largely determined by the almost purpose-built care and design most gravity bong bowls incorporate. They are often perfectly fitted to their particular gravity bong so be careful when thinking about replacements or even initial purposes. Particularly homemade gravity bongs will be harder to replace the bowls for (depending on the material it is made of).

Bowl with Built in Screen

Bowls with screens are going to be nice because they prevent your dry herb from shooting down the stem and into the water. While a natural benefit of using a bong is that the water acts like a screen from any ash hitting the back of your throat, this still doesn’t stop the dry herb from falling through into your water – often unused. Not to mention, screens will keep the water cleaner for longer as well.

Silicone Bong Bowls

Silicone bong bowls provide the extra level of security you might be looking for. They’re relatively cheap and they do not break easily when dropped. Also, the bowl itself where the herb goes is actually Glass or Metal – the exterior is silicone because it is great with heat and won’t break when dropped. However, some people might say they don’t taste the same as an all-glass bong bowl. They certainly don’t feel the same. However, once again, your preferences will largely determine what it is you choose. But silicone bowls will be cost-effective, hard (if not impossible to break), and reliable.

More Bong Bowl Options
Vape Bowl for Bong

Probably the most futuristic category of attachments comes from the ability to attach a dry herb vaporizer to your bong. This means your vape will now kick like a bong and your bong will taste like a vaporizer, mixing the best of both worlds in terms of power and smoothness. For purists, this level of blasphemy might be too much. Again, preferences are key when determining what is the best fit for you and your smoke sesh.