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How to Choose the Best Wax Pen Battery Product

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there are A TON of wax pen batteries available to consumers today making the whole shopping experience incredibly overwhelming. There are two major factors to think about when purchasing a wax pen — thread type and battery power. Luckily, most wax cartridges utilize a standard 510 thread which in turn fits with most wax pen batteries. Before purchasing a wax pen battery it is critical to determine the thread type of your cartridge — if not then then there is a chance your cartridge will not fit your battery. In addition, wax pen batteries will vary in features like temperature control, OLED displays, and so much more. Deciding which wax vape pen battery is best for you will depend on the type of experience you are looking to get. For some folks having total control over their settings is a must. If you are not as particular then a standard battery will be able to get the job done no problem.

510 Threaded Wax Pen Batteries

The 510 thread is the standard when it comes to most wax vape pen batteries since it will fit most cartridges out there. These batteries are available in tons of different price points and will have big differences in overall features. For one, the total mAh (battery power) will change from product to product as will the size, shape, and features. If being able to vape all day is a major concern then overall battery capacity will play a role as will recharging time. As we have already mentioned, choosing a battery depends entirely on your preferences and type of cartridge you have.

Types of Wax Pen Battery Products

There is a limitless number of vape pen batteries on the market today. At the end of the day, they are all designed to do one thing — vaporize waxes and concentrates. It is important to choose an actual battery capable of vaping waxes and concentrates — NOT e-liquids. Indeed, many brands have designed batteries purely for waxes and not other materials. We have listed a couple of our favorite wax pen batteries here at NY Vape Shop below.

Steamcloud EVOD

Portable, sleek, and packing 900 mAh of power, the EVOD by Steamcloud is a solid wax pen that utilizes a standard 510 thread making it compatible with most cartridges. Another plus is the fact that this battery has different wattage settings giving the user more control over their vaping experience. Priced at less than $30, the EVOD is one of favorites at NY Vape Shop.

Steamcloud Mini 2.0

Another solid addition to Steamcloud’s lineup — the Mini 2.0 has full variable wattage control giving the user even more power over their vaping experience. This battery also uses a standard 510 thread and has been made to vape oils as well as waxes. It certainly is not a bad choice being only $10 more than the EVOD. If having more control is your preference then the Mini 2.0 is an excellent choice.

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