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We carry a selection of some of the most popular herb grinders around. Sharpstone has been around for a long time and is well known for quality products. They also continue to innovate and constantly come out with improved designs. Choose from the cool choices below and take advantage of the FREE US SHIPPING on ALL orders. Plus all packaging is discreet.

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Sharpstone Grinder with hand crank
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How to Choose the Best Sharpstone Grinder Product

Sharpstone has built a reputation as a solid producer of grinders for herb and tobacco products over the years. When it comes to herb grinders one thing is certain — not all grinders are equal. There is a great deal of herb grinders out there ranging from the cheapest two-piece all-plastic grinder to a fully magnetic five-piece grinder that has a super fine steel mesh to ensure nothing is wasted when grinding up your favorite herb. Choosing a SharpStone grinder will depend entirely on which details matter most to you. If just being able to grind herb with relative ease is your goal then a standard two-piece grinder would be your best bet. If maximizing every part of your herb is the goal then perhaps a four or five-piece grinder would be the best choice.

Types of Sharpstone Herb Grinders

Especially with the new onslaught of dry herb vaporizers, Sharpstone grinders have become even more popular. SharpStone aims to impress with their wide range of herb grinders that include different features depending on the grinder one chooses. The grinders range from the simplest 2-piece grinder to a five-piece grinder with magnetic parts and an ultra-fine steel mesh that will guarantee every piece of your herb is not wasted. Here are a few of our favorite SharpStone products you can find right here at NY Vape Shop!

SharpStone Grinder With Hand Crank

Crafted with aircraft grade aluminum, the SharpStone Hand Crank Grinder is a four piece grinder with three compartments — grinding area, herb storage, and pollen collector. This grinder is ideal for those looking to make grinding herbs even easier so they can get to enjoying their herb that much quicker.

Sharpstone Vibrating Herb Grinder

For the more tech oriented people out there — the vibrating herb grinder features all of the same great details like stainless steel pollen screen and razor sharp blades. But in addition, this grinder also has a vibration function that is powered by a lithium ion battery. Simply press the button and have all of your pollen fall into the pollen chamber without any waste. Pretty awesome!

Sharpstone Two Piece Grinder

The smallest grinder in the SharpStone lineup, this herb grinder is super compact and can easily fit into your pocket. It is constructed with aircraft grade aluminum and has sharp blades allowing you to grind your herb with ease. This grinder is the optimal choice for people who do not want anything fancy and want the most portable grinder possible.

Sharpstone Four Piece Grinder With Clear Top

This cool herb grinder has all of the same benefits as the standard SharpStone Four Piece Grinder but with a clear top. All in all, this SharpStone grinder is portable, sleek, and the clear top is a nice touch if you are adamant about watching your herb be ground. There are three compartments in total with this grinder — grinder, storage, and pollen collector.

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Every Sharpstone Grinder is different in some way. Each Sharpstone Herb Grinder purchased at NY Vape Shop comes with useful information, blogs, tips and more, all located right on the products page. Find easy to follow use instructions plus more. If you have any additional questions about a specific grinder, please Contact Us Here and we will help with anything.