Sherlock Pipes

Named after the popular detective Sherlock Holmes, our online shop carries this iconic style of glass pipes. This is a classic pipe, and with options hand blown in the USA, scroll down to find quality Sherlocks that will improve any pipe collection. From glass that changes color to unique heady glass, something can be found for any pipe smoker. Get it today with FREE US shipping on ALL orders - plus discreet packaging!

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What is a Sherlock Pipe

A Sherlock Pipe is a type of hand pipe, made popular by, and named after the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. From glass, to wood, ceramic and more, the Pipe is easily identified by the shape of the pipe curve. Sherlocks stand out from the average glass pipe, plus they can be somewhat lengthy, allowing for bigger and smoother hits.

How to Choose a Sherlock Pipe

Sherlock Pipes are very popular, cool hand pipes. If you have zoned in on this glass pipe type and now need to make a choice between Sherlocks, there are some aspects that should be considered to help choose the pipe that works best for you. Read further for some quick, easy to read information - all created to make your shopping experience informed and easy.

Pipe Size & Shape

Sherlock pipes come in just as many sizes and varieties as any other form of pipe, bong, etc. The lengths can range from a few inches to just under a foot. Even more, the curve of the pipe can vary quite a bit. Some will extend down close to your neck while others will stick further straight. While this doesn’t tend to affect performance, keep in mind bowl sizes can vary with size and other factors should be considered and researched specifically.

Water and Water-less Pipes

Sherlock pipes, like some other smoking pipes, can come with a water portion or without. If you happen to come across some that do use water, they will probably referred to as a bubbler. The more common and basic variety of sherlock pipe does not utilize water in any way (except cleaning). Water provides for a smoother hit and better flavor. However, if you enjoy smoking a dry sherlock pipe than this could be a must-have.

Glass, Silicone & Other Materials

In addition to size and design, there are a lot of diverse materials in which the Sherlock Pipe can be made out of. Classics such as glass and wood are available, as are corn cob pipes, ceramic, etc. Glass has an excellent flavor profile, corn cobs are surprisingly cool, and silicone provides a level of security and protection that is hard to beat. Depending on your preferences and needs, each of these materials can better serve you.

Bowl Head Size

As you should expect, your ability to pack your sherlock pipe is going to be correlated to size and design but specifically refers to your bowl size. The larger the bowl, the more dry herb you can pack into your sherlock pipe. An important note, this can affect your smoking experience in more ways than one. For example, if you have a large bowl size but a smaller than average pipe, ripping the pipe might be hotter than on a more proportional pipe that is longer, giving the smoke more time to cool.

Best Sherlock Pipes

Because there is such a high level of diversity among sherlock pipes, you will ultimately have to make your decision based on your own preferences and needs. Essentially, you will want to figure out what you’re most likely going to be doing when using your sherlock pipe. Are you traveling? Sitting on the couch? Both? This and more will affect how you choose your next sherlock pipe.

Glass Sherlocks

Glass is always going to be the most common choice when it comes to smoking. It is convenient, average price, reliable, and easy to clean and maintain. The flavor is excellent and, if you’re careful enough, you don’t have to worry about replacing your glass. That might be a big if, but there is a reason glass is popular. However, that doesn’t necessarily make it best overall or for you.

Gandalf Sherlock

This is a longer version of the sherlock pipe that can extend as far as a foot or more. They also incorporate a varying degree of curve in their designs and some are curvier than others. Some might find Gandalf pipes to be more delicate if they taper down their longer length. However, this is a stylistic preference and not a true description for all Gandalf pipes. With their longer bodies, Gandalf pipes have a large capacity for big hits.

Sherlock Holmes Pipe

The Sherlock Holmes Pipe is based on a Peterson design that became well-known (and a favorite of the fictional character and actors) for it has a unique style and look. This has led to a litany of variations, replicas, and enthusiasts. The design is meant to feature a large bowl and artistic, eye-popping curvature (generally). As mentioned earlier, there is a huge diversity of sherlock pipes and no two are necessarily alike.

Sherlock Water Pipe

As noted before, this would technically be considered a ‘bubbler’ instead of a sherlock pipe but the design fundamentals are the same (with the addition of the water). Also, remember that the water is going to filter the smoke, cool it, and make your hits smoother and more flavorful. This will also mean being a little more cautious and requiring a little more maintenance, however, the amount of negligible if you prefer a cooler hit.

Silicone Sherlock Pipes

Silicone sherlock pipes, like many other silicone smoking products, have become increasingly popular over the years. This is largely due to their cost-effective, flavorful, and durable attributes. While this isn’t to say that there aren’t other cheap, tasty, and strong types of sherlock pipes, but that silicone does a great job there. If you do not want to worry about dropping a glass pipe a silicone pipe can give you some peace of mind.