Oil Cartridges

Oil cartridges are used in conjunction with oil vape pens. Oil cartridges can be prefilled or refillable and can come in a variety of flavors and strengths all adjustable to the vapers tastes. Oil cartridges will require a vape with higher wattage than for dry herb or even wax but this is usually not a problem. Vape pens compatible for oil cartridges are able to reach those temperatures/power levels. Most importantly, be careful when filling or refilling the cartridge because oil can be sticky and gross when it spills.
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How to Choose the Best Oil Cartridges

Due to their ease of portability and use, vape pens are a very popular option in today’s market. Every day more and more users are turning to vaporizer pens and oil cartridges. From cutting agents to the type of construction, there are plenty of factors to consider when purchasing a good quality oil cartridge.

Oil Cartridge Type & Threading

When it comes to oil cartridges, it is essential to know the specific type of oil cartridge you are looking for or you may end up with an option not compatible with your vape pen. In terms of threading, in most cases, the cartridge will have a 510 thread (part that screws into vape battery), as this is the most universally used thread type for oil cartridges. However, there are other forms that require a unique cartridge style that is unique to a specific vape pen, and some without threads like vape pods. Other vape cartridges are built into the vape battery, making the entire device a disposable option.

Oil Cartridge Construction

Just like other smoking devices and options, the oil cartridge can vary in the quality of the materials used to create it. Just like you wouldn’t want to use a poor-quality smoking device, you want to avoid using low-grade wiring and materials for your oil cartridge. Another problem that can arise from using cheaply made oil smoking cartridges is that they can leak. Fortunately we test all products to make sure they are up to standards!

What is in Vape Juice

There are a wide variety of carrier oils used in vape juice for that can be manually filled or come as a pre-filled cartridge. The most commonly used options are polyethylene glycol (or PEG), vegetable glycerin (or VG), MCT oil, propylene glycol (or PG), and coconut oil. These are used either as an individual carrier oil or a combination of multiple carrier oils to help dilute the oil cartridges.

Be Aware of Unregulated Options

While most head shops, smoke shops, and online retail stores choose to obtain regulated products for their consumers, this is not the case for everyone. In fact, it is not always clear what type of product you are purchasing when you purchase an unregulated product. For example, products purchased from these unstructured markets could contain pesticides or other harmful options.

Types of Oil Cartridges

Like many other smoking devices, vape pens have a nice selection of oil cartridges to choose from. However, it is important to understand the differences between the various types of oil cartridges is important. Not only will you understand which will work with your particular device; but by learning about the different oil smoking cartridges available, you can make a more educated selection about which is the right cartridge for you.

Wick Oil Cartridges

Wick oil cartridges are the original oil cartridges. They originally were used with e-cigarette technology, and then were slightly modified for use with oil vaporizers. Wick cartridges work by using a wick that is wrapped around a heater wire. This absorbs the oil resting inside of the cartridge chamber, and as the heater wire heats up it changes the oil into vapor for the user to inhale.

Ceramic Oil Vape Cartridges

Ceramic oil vape cartridges came out after wick oil smart cartridges. They are typically made with standard 510 threading and are a refillable oil cartridge that offers a ceramic wick-less heating core. Users are split, but some say the taste is much better than wick oil cartridges.

Box Mod Vape Cartridges

Box mod vape cartridges offer larger tank options for oil concentrate users. These tanks are often attached to mods, but may also work on other batteries like the SteamCloud EVOD, and other similar type mods. Box mod vape cartridges first became popular with vape juice and other e-liquid vapers.

Pre-filled Oil Cartridges

Due to the ease of use and lack of maintenance, the most commonly used oil cartridges are pre-filled. This type of oil cartridges has a built-in atomizer, and generally use a 510-threading. While they come in multiple sizes up to 2.2 grams, the most commonly found sizes are either the 0.5 gram or 1 gram oil cartridge options.

Disposable Cartridge Vape Pens

Disposable vape pens (also known as single-use vape pens) are pre-loaded vapes designed to carry a pre-charged battery that will last until the oil cartridge is empty. They do not require any charging and are made to be thrown away after they are used. The oil cartridge contains no threading and is not meant for it to be separated from the battery.

Terpene Infusied Oil Cartridges

Terpene is a type of carrier oil used in some oil cartridges. It is known for increasing both the aromatics and flavoring of the oil. It is one of the most prevalent additives used in oil smoking cartridges and can be synthesized or found in natural foods. However, keep in mind terpenes are also known for altering the effects the oil concentrate interacts with the user’s system.

CO2 Oil Cartridges

Certain types of CO2 oil are compatible with oil cartridges. These oils are used because unlike other concentrates using carrier oils, they do not require any type of additive to be applied in order to meet the correct level of viscosity. When utilized correctly, CO2 oils have the ability to sustain moderate levels of terpenes.

Reusable Oil Cartridges

Reusable oil cartridges tend to come with a 510 threading to allow them to work with a wide assortment of vape pens. They typically are intended for use with a 3.7 or higher voltage but can vary so it is important to double-check the oil cartridge prior to purchasing. While they are generally empty when you purchase them since you will be reusing them, over time they will save you more in the long run.

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