Silicone Bongs

An icon type of water pipe — the silicon bong is a classic now made out of durable silicone taking the stress of cracks and breaks out of the equation. Silicon bongs are incredibly easy to clean and are built to last. Check out our range of silicone bongs which are ALL at a GREAT PRICE. We include FREE SHIPPING with all U.S. orders and ensure your item is DISCREETLY packaged!

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How to Choose the Best Silicone Bong

Usually when you think of a bong, you picture a fixed glass apparatus with a water chamber and a bowl. While this is the standard for most bongs on the market, it is hardly the golden one. What makes a bong the best combines quality, affordability, and in today’s vape world, adaptability. Meet the silicone bong! It also provides you with the peace of mind in knowing that your investment will last a very long time.

Know the different Types of Silicone Bongs

The varying designs on the bong market ensures that you will always walk away with a unique piece of art. Silicone smoking bongs come in simpler designs that focus on practicality over aesthetics. Traditional tube water bongs, beakers, teapots and mini bongs all come in a silicone option. Like any other quality bong, the best part about these is the ability to swap out the bowl for a vape session. Some of these silicone bongs are even able to come apart which makes cleaning a total breeze!

Silicone Bongs vs Glass Bongs

One of the worst times in any vape experience is the inevitable accident that sends your session crashing down, literally. While glass remains an ever-popular material for any smoking device, silicone reigns supreme for the beginner and those who favor practicality alike. Silicone is virtually indestructible when it comes to accidents that would crack & break any other glass piece. The popularity of bongs makes the affordability of silicone also more attractive in the consumer market. As a worthy investment, your silicone smoking bong will remain viable throughout a lifetime.

Cool Silicone Bongs

Just because they are practical does not mean they also have to be boring! In fact, having an indestructible design on a bong is not only cool, but it is also smart too. Lots of silicone bongs come in abstract colors which blend together to form a unique collage of swirling psychedelia. In addition to their visual appeal, another cool bong feature is having the ability to be taken apart for easy cleaning. While not all silicone bongs have this option, the majority do and make up for it with their price & durability.

Silicone Bong Sizes

From miniature to full size bongs, you will find one that fits your style by looking at how they function. Smaller bongs can be easier to carry around while traveling whereas fuller sized silicone smoking bongs are preferred for daily or home use. All can be portable and range in size from 7 inches to 14 inches. Others on the market can exceed these numbers in either direction. Some can upwards of up to 4 to 8 feet in length!

Types of Silicone Bongs

The style of your bong ensures you will have the right piece for your session, whether it is a small portable to a large beaker, there is an option for everyone. Here we will break down a few of those options on the market, and what you can expect to find here at NYVapeShop. These are top of the line and fully functional for both vaping and smoking. No matter what you choose, it will always boil down to your own personal preference.

Silicone Beaker Bongs

A style recognized by old school and new school smokers alike, the classic beaker bong has a descending chamber that accommodates a downstem dipping into a large reservoir. This design allows for more smoke volume to be inhaled and room for added elements such as ice to cool down the smoke. The base can be taken apart for easy access to the chamber for cleaning. The bowl carb is a convenient feature which allows the user to manually remove the bowl to clear out the hit.

Tubular Silicone Bongs

Another instant classic with a simple design that uses less bong water but incorporates a longer tube. This also creates a considerable sized hit when inhaling. While some of these cannot be taken apart, the use of minimal amounts of water can reduce cleaning intervals by isolating the smoke to just one small area of the pipe. This makes it easier to clean as well. Interchangeable bowls can make for either a smoke or vaping session.

Silicone Teapot Bongs

Short & stout, these unbreakable silicone teapots have a rather large chamber that can hold both water & smoke really well to create a truly powerful session. The removable top features an easier cleaning encounter for a thorough & fresh experience every time. While not as short as a mini bong, these teapot bongs can be just as portable for being on the go or standalone as your favorite home-only silicone smoking bong. The best part about these is their ergonomic mouthpieces which curve towards the user’s lips.

Mini Silicone Bongs

Perfect for traveling and maintaining a discrete session, these little bongs pack a punch! A simple design means not having to fiddle with anything other than simply loading & hitting it. Because of its small stature, these are usually fitted to come apart for easy cleaning maintenance. They can dirty rather quickly, though this makes them ideal for quicker sessions. A favorite among those with a more active lifestyle, these are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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