Silicone Water Pipes

An umbrella term in the pipe universe, this fan favorite is now being made out of silicone which is highly durable, easy to clean, and super affordable. We offer silicone water pipes in a range of sizes and colors to customers looking to reap the benefits of water pipes but not break the bank. NYVapeShop includes free shipping on ALL U.S. ORDERS and discreetly packages your items to make your purchase stress free.

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How to Choose the Best Silicone Water Pipe

With so many products to choose from on the water pipe market, it can seem like a daunting task to pick the right one. Ultimately, what you end up choosing will all boil down to a matter of personal preference and exactly what you are looking for. Water pipes can drastically differ in terms of design and the exact functionality between them. You can choose from a wide array of cool options in different colors, shapes & sizes.

Types of Silicone Water Pipes

From bubblers & bongs, to beakers & dab rigs, the best part about owning a silicone water pipe is the fact that it is virtually indestructible. Nothing is worse than having a session blown to pieces by an avoidable accident or inexperience from another user. The use of silicone eliminates that issue entirely by offering products that will not crack or break under heat, pressure, drops, or hits. Bubblers are traditionally small & portable, while beakers & dab rigs are also portable, though mainly for at-home use.

Silicone Water Pipes vs Glass Water Pipes

While glass might be more visually appealing as the smoke travels throughout the device, the main downfall is knowing how delicate it actually is, which limits its portability and overall enjoyment with others. Many who enter the world of smoking & dabbing hesitate towards larger or higher end glass models due to their price and fragility. Silicone allows those users to be able to try a larger smoking apparatus without the fear of dropping and breaking the unit. This creates a better environment for the session.

Cool Silicone Water Pipes

Being durable does not mean having to remain boring. In fact, along with a variety of different color schemes, using silicone is a practical choice for beginners & experienced users alike. Interchangeable bowls & nails make silicone water pipes versatile while maintaining adaptability. Another cool feature is being able to open up the water pipe for easy cleaning! The best feature about owning a silicone water pipe is knowing your investment is not only wise in terms of practicality, but also totally affordable.

Silicone Water Pipe Sizes

If portability is your aim, going for a silicone bubbler might be what you prefer. Small & ergonomic, the design of a bubbler incorporates a carb just like any quality glass bubbler. If you prefer something a bit larger, a simple 10 inch tube bong can accommodate a hefty dab or smoking session. If you are looking for something more heavy-duty, we offer large dab rigs such as the AK 47 and the 14-inch silicone bongs which can deliver strong hits and also come with interchangeable options for dabbing or smoking.

Types of Silicone Water Pipes

Here we can take a closer look at what types of silicone water pipes are available to provide you with the sessions you seek. While all are technically portable, some prefer to have these water pipes reserved for personal, home use, or even for special occasions. No matter your preference, there is a silicone water pipe just for you. Let us explore the different options available for your specific needs.

Silicone Bubbler Water Pipes

Small & discreet, the carb allows for a traditional hit just like a quality glass piece, with the added bonus of being able to swap out the bowl for other sizes or nails. Water is added to the main chamber and creates the classic bubble sound as you inhale, which filters and cools down the smoke or vapor as you draw in the hit. Being able to remove the top makes cleaning convenient without having to submerge the entire bubbler.

Silicone Beaker Water Pipes

A classic design, the extended chamber allows for more smoke to fill the pipe and utilizes an elongated tube to allow for more cooling after the smoke has been filtered through the water. One of the better features of some beaker pipes is the ability to be taken apart by the bottom of the water chamber to allow for an easier cleaning experience. Like a classic beaker water pipe, the bong bowl can be removed from the downstem to act as the carb which clears the pipe of the smoke.

Tubular Silicone Water Pipes

Another classic that delivers strong hits with an elongated tube designed to further cool down your hits to allow maximum smoke volume. The design also makes for easy portability as you can fold the bong in half without the worry of a mark or worse – the bong will bounce right back into form and you will never be able to have any idea is was folded. The added bonus here is being able to swap out the bowl for either a smoke or dab session, making our tubular silicone water pipes truly versatile.

Silicone Dab Rig Water Pipes

No matter your preference, we have silicone dab rigs that are great for dabbing and even smoking if you want. If you want something small & portable, we have the very popular portable silicone dab rig. Just like some other selection of silicone water pipes, these can be taken apart to clean with ease. If dabbing out a large rig is more your style, our silicone AK 47 dab rig water pipe will deliver a true dab session with massive hits. Even with a large frame, there is never a worry about accidentally breaking a silicone water pipe, ever.

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