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Choose from cool dab containers with options that include complementary dabber tools. Silicone waxcontainers are non-stick and are the perfect dab accessory when it comes to storing concentrates. They go hand-in-hand with dab rigs and vape pens. Pick between the lego container, skulls, honey pots and an endless supply of options. All US shipping is FREE so shop as you please!

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How to Choose a Dab Container

Choosing the right container will depend on many factors, and it all comes down to your needs and preferences. There are many options available, but do not get overwhelmed, we are here to provide useful information to help your shopping experience. Continue reading below as we offer some easy-to-read dab container insights.

Number of Storage Compartments

Many containers are designed with multiple pockets that allow a user to store several flavors under one container, but all separated so they are not able to mix. This is especially important to the connoisseurs out there. More simply are single storage containers that are pretty straight forward. Although some huge single storage wax containers are out there.

Dabber Tool Bundles

Many of the dab containers available are also bundled with a dabber, the tool designed for handling the wax. So your choice of container may depend on the choice of dabber tool. Both are necessary instruments and more or less they all are interchangeable. Browse the various options available and get the perfect combination for you.

Size & Design

Whether single or a multi-pocketed, the overall size and design varies drastically and is something to consider. There are huge, cereal bowl-sized dab jars with that have one area for the wax, but then there are small, compact options with multiple pockets for the different flavors. The cool designs are almost endless and you can choose from honey jars, octagons, rectangles, lego shapes and more.

Silicone Containers vs Glass Jars

Many people still seem to store wax inside of glass jars. With some wax concentrates that may be okay, but on average, you will lose more wax along the glass surface than you will with silicone dab containers. The silicone is naturally non stick and is the most ideal material to use for storing wax which can be super sticky.

What is a Dab Container

A dab container is any storage container used for storing dabs aka wax concentrates. With dry herbs the container is not as important, but with dab containers, the best containers are made from silicone because they are non stick and that is very important when deal with wax. Wax is very sticky and dab containers are specially created and designed to deal with it. The container options are almost endless and they include everything from heart shape containers to multi pocket options for those that dabble with many flavors.

Multi-Storage Wax Containers

If you tend to have more than one wax flavor at a time, it is recommended to get a dab container with multiple pockets to keep the flavors separate. Containers can easily be found with 2, 4 and even 10 different areas to store wax, all in one dab container.

Silicone Wax Containers

This is really the way to go for storing concentrates. The non-stick property makes this a natural option and nothing else seems to compete. Wax will not stick to the surface and can easily be scraped or scooped up. Silicone is also cheap and simple to manufacture, so there is a good amount of cool dab jars available at affordable prices.

Single Storage Containers

If you go from flavor to flavor or don't mind mixing and matching concentrate flavors, a basic, one-compartment container for wax will work for you. If you want something real small and compact, you cannot get any smaller. This option is often available in multi pack bundles that often include dabber tools.

Lego Dab Container

These cool containers resemble the legos of your early years. This dab jar comes with nostalgia, plus they are usually multi-pocketed so different wax flavors can be stored and held separately if you wish. The lego containers come in a variety of sizes and colors, plus they are often bundled with various dabber tools too.

Why Buy a Dab Container

Although not always optimal, dry herbs can be placed in just about any storage container. Wax on the other hand can be completely lost if stored improperly. Dab containers are available and should be had if you plan to have wax at any point in time. Dab jars are affordable and will make sure all the wax is utilized, and not will be left stuck the sides of an improper jar.

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