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Large Lego Wax Container with Dab Tool

The Lego Dab Container is not only fashionable, but it also has multiple pockets to keep concentrates separate, plus it comes with a dab tool that handles wax with precision when dabbing with an oil rig or wax pen.
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  • Product Details

    Dab Container Listing Includes

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    • Large Lego dab container
    • Dabber Tool
    • choice of color option

    Wax Tool and Dab Container Details

    • Dab Container - non stick surface so no wax is wasted, has 7 separate pockets to keep wax flavors separate, quality container with secure fit lid in a cool lego design.  4 inches Length, 2 inches Width, 1 inch Height
    • Dabber Tool - 4.75 inches Length, made of titanium metal composite

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    • User Manual

      Will this wax container and dab tool work for me?

      99 out of 100 and the answer is likely yes. Of course there are different options when it comes to wax containers and dab tools, but in terms of solving the basics plus some more, this bundle is what you need. You can find simpler, more basic storage containers but the large lego has 7 different pockets for storing concentrates - that allows you to not only store a healthy amount of wax, but it keeps the different flavors separate. Also, the non stick surface makes it easy to gather and scoop the concentrates when needed, plus wax waste is limited. The dab tool is great and gets the job done. It has a pointed side as well as a flat head side for versatility when scooping and dabbing concentrates. It also has a nice imprinted grip to help with precision accuracy. Smaller dab tools exist, and other specialized heads are out there, but you can be sure that this dab tool will get the job accomplished. With the combination of the wax container, this is a great bundle for both those experienced dabbers, plus the newbies. And in the end if you are not a fan, we always have other options such as Skull Containers, smaller Legos, and so much more.