Can You Keep Wax in a Car Overnight?

High-quality wax maintains an overall consistency that will melt when put under the right type of heating temperature. There are many different types of wax with varying consistencies and viscosities. Depending on your environment, wax can be kept safely with no issue. In this article we will be going into whether or not wax can be kept in your car overnight, and why this may or may not be a good idea.

by: Anthony E. | 03/18/22 1:30PM


Different Types of Wax

When we talk about wax concentrates, we can usually encounter them in a variety of different forms. From a viscous and waxy substance known as rosin to shatter, crumble, and hash budder, wax concentrates come in many different types of varieties. Each of these has a consistency that will melt and bubble depending on the quality and method used to vaporize.

High-quality wax will essentially melt and vaporize without much bubbling while other types of hash will bubble, signifying a lower quality. Depending on the type, wax should be somewhat translucent and golden in color. A little goes a long way and it is more common to find wax in much smaller sizes and containers than their flower counterparts.

The method used to employ these wax concentrates varies among different types of dab rigs, though all utilize the same type of heating method. Unless an e-nail is used, a torch usually accompanies every dab session which is used to heat up the nail in which the wax concentrate is placed upon.


Why the Environment Matters

When it comes to the surrounding atmosphere, weather can directly impact the nature of your wax. If it happens to be a rather hot day out in direct sunlight, you might come to find your wax highly malleable and essentially melting. Heat from other sources other than a torch is detrimental to the long-term storage of your wax.

If it happens to be a very cold and frigid temperature outside, you will come to find that your wax requires a bit more power to properly melt and produce vapor. This is especially true if you have wax stored in a vape pen left in a cold environment. Whether your wax is inside a pen or container will not matter much if the environment is at an extreme.

In fact, if you were to carry wax inside your pocket all day long, you might come to find that it has melted just from the heat of your body. Keeping wax unpaved inside a vape pen after a hit can essentially release small bits of vapor as it cools down, allowing the wax to potentially leak. As you can see, the environment for which the wax is kept must be ideal for it to remain as intended.

Keeping Wax in a Car

Sometimes we forget things and just toss them inside our cars. We leave things during the day and sometimes overnight. This can include your vape pen and your wax. Depending on the time of year and where you live, this may be a very bad idea. If you live in Arizona during the summertime and you leave your wax in the car for just 5 minutes, you will find it to be somewhat ruined by the heat.

This can kill the terpene profile and essentially ruin the consistency of your wax. Live wax will turn into oil with the heat, and you will come to find that it will leak easily depending on how it is stored. Conversely, if you live in Alaska during the winter and you leave your wax in a car overnight, you might come to find it almost frozen.

While this can be just as damaging to the terpene within the wax, you might also come to discover that the wax itself is much more firm but not completely frozen. This is because the oils contained within the wax form a barrier against water which freezes in the cold. In either case, keeping your wax in a car overnight is just a bad idea.


Best Way to Store Your Wax

If you do happen to leave your wax in a car overnight, intentionally, try to insulate it by covering it with something like a shirt or wrapping it around with some newspaper and keeping it in the glovebox. This will help to shield it from the elements and preserve the terpenes. This is easier to do if the temperature is particularly cold, as heat will penetrate much easier.

If your car is in the heat, insulate it and keep it out of the sunlight. Heat rises and so you might want to consider stashing it low, such as underneath your car seat. While the trunk of your car might sound like a good idea, you must remember that the trunk has more metal than fabric surrounding it, making it more like an oven during the heat.

If you can insulate your wax with enough material and surround it with things that don’t hold much heat, then, store it in your trunk. There is no legitimate reason to store your wax in a car overnight, however. If you forget your wax in a car, plan to get more in the morning because you might be disappointed after finding your stash.

Final Thoughts

Currently there really is no concrete reason to have to hide your cannabis use. Wax concentrates can be enjoyed both medicinally and recreationally. Cannabis no longer holds the negative stigma it once did. Embracing the healing powers of cannabis in its many forms is both reasonable and logical.

Most people will not intentionally leave their stash in a car overnight unless parking in an airport or some other offbeat reason. Always try to carry your wax for short periods of time and store them inside a home or office with a steady temperature. Most wax concentrates come in a small container which makes them easier to store.

While you can keep your wax in a car overnight, always make sure that you insulate it and wrap it up in a sweater or something that can keep it protected. Even after this you will want to also make sure it is away from the sunlight, regardless of whether it is winter where you are at. The truth is that you can find better ways to store your wax than inside a car.

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