Browse cool ashtrays below to find something that works for you. The silicone ashtray is indestructible, large, plus it has slots that can hold other smoking accessories such as lighters, dab tools, rolling papers and more. Whether a nice cigar ashtray or a basic plastic one, shop for anything because USA shipping is always FREE and FAST.

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Motion Sensing Debowler Ashtray
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Turtle Silicone Debowler Ashtray
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Silicone Ashtrays Unbreakable
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DeBowler Silicone Ashtray
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Ashtray Material

Ashtrays come in so many different materials that include glass, wood, ceramic, plastic, heavy metals, light metals, silicone and so much more. If you tend to party with friends, an unbreakable silicone ashtray is a good idea, but if you want something fancy or classy, a nice glass or ceramic ashtray could make sense.

Cool Features

Not every ashtray is the same. Some are made to look pretty and others are made to make life easier or better. The indestructible options leave your mind at piece and will just about last forever. Some ashtrays have a large base where ashes can be dumped into and stored. Others simply have random nooks and places to hold or store other smoking accessories.


The overall size is important although choosing a size is entirely based on preference for the most part. However, if you smoke big cigars, a large ashtray can be beneficial, especially if you want the larger indentations to rest a cigar on, versus the smaller indents for rollups and cigarettes.

What is an Ashtray

The ashtray is a time-tested product designed for smokers. This is where the ashes are flicked. Typical designs include cutouts to hold cigarettes, cigars and other ash creating smoke accessories. Nowadays you can find some really cool features such as a portable ashtray, but ultimately, they all serve the purpose of keeping the ashes and cigarette butts in one place versus all over the lawn where it does the environment no good.