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How to Choose the Best Pulsar Vape

A trusted name in the vaping industry, Pulsar is a brand on the forefront of the latest vaping technology. For dry herbs or wax, Pulsar has the right type of vape to suit your individual style. Ultimately, the choice will always boil down to a matter of personal preference, though we can take a look at what makes Pulsar vapes unique, and why you would want to get one.

Types of Pulsar Vapes

With a variety of vapes to choose from, whether for dry herbs or wax, Pulsar has a vape for you! No matter what type of vaporizer you get, you can trust that Pulsar stands behind their name with quality products. The APX line of vaporizers is a great example of high-quality construction built with the consumer in mind. While other lesser known brands are more focused on just making a buck, Pulsar is unique by committing to customer satisfaction. There is no such thing as a “bad” Pulsar vape.

Pulsar Vapes vs Other Brands

One of the main things to consider is how long a company has been around, and whether they put out good products. Pulsar is a well-known name in the vaping community, so the results speak for themselves. It is important to consider what type of products any company invests in. Pulsar stands out from other brands by excelling in producing innovative devices with the latest in vaping technology. They stand behind their products and as a result, Pulsar has been in business for a very long time serving the vaping community.

Pulsar Dry Herb Vapes vs Pulsar Wax Vapes

Looking at the two types of vapes, you will realize that there is nothing bad to compare. It is all just a matter of personal preference when it comes to considering what vape you want to go with. Some people prefer the flavor profile of vaping dry herbs, while others prefer a little more kick in their hits. Both have unique purposes & effects, depending on what you are looking for. You can trust that Pulsar will excel in both of these vaping methods.

About Pulsar Vapes

Pulsar has specialized in providing the vaping community with unique products for every preference. Quality Vape Pens at affordable prices makes Pulsar a favorite among vaping enthusiasts all across the globe. Knowing that they specialize in more than just one thing is a testament to their talent & expertise. When it comes to vaping, Pulsar is known for the APX line of devices which we will be covering here. NY Vape Shop carries the best Pulsar vapes on the market!

Types of Pulsar Vapes

While the APX line of vapes covers both dry herbs & wax concentrates, we can take a look at these individually to see how they stack up. Pulsar has engineered the most popular line of their brand by combining cutting edge technology with a price point that the community is attracted to. For dry herbs, there is an APX. For wax concentrates, there is also an APX. The reason why they are not combined is because Pulsar specializes in both of these methods without cutting corners. We can also look at other innovative products from Pulsar that combines both.

Pulsar APX for Dry Herbs

Sleek & portable, the APX for dry herbs is specifically designed to vape your material with 5 different heat settings. This is perfect for tailoring your vaping preferences knowing that each one will do the job right as you discover what you like. With a fast heat-up time, the APX line comes with a USB cable to recharge your vape. An enhanced LCD display simplifies your experience while combining with the convenience of being only 4 inches tall, making this a sure winner for your next go-to vape!

Pulsar APX for Wax

Known for its high-quality efficiency, this box-mod style vape boasts a powerful 1100 mAh lithium-ion battery which will last you all day. With an all-quartz heating chamber, you can be sure that Pulsar knows their stuff when it comes to vaping your wax concentrates! A triple quartz rod atomizer makes this one of the best wax vaporizers on the market today. Like the APX for dry herbs, you can vape discreetly knowing your vape is just 4 inches tall.

Pulsar RoK

An electric oil rig that is not only portable but can vape both wax & dry herbs! Standing at just under 7 inches tall, an all metal body ensures the integrity of your vape with a durable build. Charged by a USB cable, this vape is designed with 3 voltage settings for maximum versatility. Ergonomically designed, the coil-less quartz atomizer is made to maximize flavor & terpene profiles. A beaker base & percolator make this dab rig one of the most enhanced units on the market.

Pulsar ReMEDi

Made just for oils or wax, the ReMEDi line of vapes comes in different sizes & styles. The M2 model for example is a stealthy 2.5 inches tall that takes a 510 threaded cartridge. The M3 has variable voltage with a preheat function, which is also useful for different oil consistencies. Other models of ReMEDi like the Low Temp Frit Quartz are a slim designed made for wax concentrates. No matter what you are looking for, Pulsar has exactly what you need. With so many vapes to choose from, you would be hard-pressed to find a Pulsar vape that did not exceed your expectations!

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