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Shop below for domeless nails and e nails. We have ceramic, titanium and quartz bangers to satisfy every type of dabber. We have small and large nails, plus nails that are interchangeable so they can adjust to a dab rig stem and change from male to female. Find the perfect nail for wax or gift a friend. All USA shipping is FREE and packaged discreetly.

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How to Choose a Domeless Nail

It is most important to find a domeless nail that properly fits your dab rig and budget. Sizes and styles can vary drastically from one option to another. There are choices to be made but they are not very complicated. We provide some easy-to-read, dab nail information below so that you can browse the shop and make choices with a better understanding of these cool dab tools.

Choose the Size Properly

Similar to a bong, a dab rig has a slide that extends inside the rig so that the vapor can pass through and be filtered by the water. Depending on the setup at hand, one size nail or another may work with your rig. There are interchangeable nails and adapters available to accommodate varying sizes and it is important to always use a nail that is properly secured before dabbing.

Titanium Composite, Ceramic, & Quartz Nails

Domeless Nails can be made of either material and there are pros and cons to each, but the choice comes down to preference. Quartz is obviously the most delicate, but it heats quickly and retains heat well, plus it is known for pure taste. Titanium composite will last forever, but it takes longer to heat and cools quickly. Ceramic, also known for good taste, takes awhile to heat but retains the heat well.

Male & Female Nails

Male nails will slide into the dab rig similar to a bong bowl. Female nails will fit right over the stem. Universal nails have the ability to change between male and female fittings. Depending on the dab rig setup, you will need one of these options, unless you have nail adapters that gives you some flexibility on the exact nail size.

E Nail vs Original Dabbing

Once upon it a time there was no choice here. Originally, dabbing required the user to heat the domeless nail with a blow torch until the surface became super hot. This method is still very popular, especially with veterans, however, e nails are much safer and easier to use. Plus e nails will allow you to fine tune the heat versus a blow torch that requires experience or at least some know-how.

What is a Domeless Nail

A domeless nail is a wax tool specifically designed for use with dab rigs. They are the bong bowl of dab rigs and it is where the wax is applied. They can vary drastically from ceramic to glass and even electronic nails now exist. The varying sizes and styles are endless but they all have one purpose to serve as an essential attachment to a dab rig.

E Nails

E Nails are the newest type of domeless nail and they continue to gain in popularity. This trend will likely continue because it is much safer and easier to heat the nail with electricity versus a blow torch. The blow torch required some guess-work on temperature, but with E Nails, you can fine tune the temperature by a single degree for the tastiest vapor experience.

Ceramic Nails

Ceramic is durable but will not last as long as the metal nails, especially when they are dropped. Ceramic is popular because it is inexpensive and there are many cool options. Ceramic takes time to heat up, but it retains the heat well and offers great temperatures for dabbing wax.

Titanium Nails

These Nails are made of a titanium composite and are well known for durability, and can pretty much last forever. They come in a variety of options from female to male and universal options. These nails perform well but they cool more quickly than other materials and perform best with the help of a carb cap.

Quartz Nails

Quartz is best known for the purity of taste for your wax, and connoisseurs would likely recommend this option. The only problem is, they are fragile, at least far more fragile than the other options available. Many styles are available and they all offer a great dabbing experience. The quartz glass heats up pretty quickly and retains heat rather well, although not ceramic well.

Why Buy a Domeless Nail
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