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How to Choose the Best Electric Herb Grinder

With the advent of modern technology making everything easier for us, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea to make herb grinding even easier. Long gone are the days when turning a grinder by hand was your only option to chop & mince your dry herb material. Today we can utilize one of the more easier methods with the use of an electric herb grinder.

Types of Electric Herb Grinders

Not only will you find electric herb grinders that can do the grinding for you, but you will also find manual handheld grinders that will vibrate, allowing more of the finer particles to drop down to the lower chamber for collection. This is quite a useful & innovative technology that makes grinding by hand more resourceful. The type of electric grinder you choose will depend on what you really want out of one. Both are types are easy to use with just the touch of a button.

Electric Herb Grinders vs Manual Herb Grinders

Whether using a smoking pipe or dry herb vaporizer, an herb grinder will improve either experience. While you will still technically find electric herb grinders that are manual, their purposes are entirely different. Let it be known that either one will eventually get the job done, though the truth is that when using an electric herb grinder, less is more. This implies that the more you keep it on grinding your herbs, the more likely you are to turn them into powder, and that is not good. It is important to grind it down for a second or two, check on it to see how chopped up it is, and either stop or continue until you are satisfied. These types of grinders are ideal for medical patients with weak grips, illness, or injuries.

The Convenience of Electric Herb Grinders

Not all hands are created equally, thus most grinders on the market are usually made in typical sizes that fail to accommodate those who suffer from debilitating illnesses or crippling injuries. People who suffer from these chronic diseases can limit the mobility in their hands & wrists, which are particularly vulnerable to injury from the use of a conventional grinder. Others with small hands or weak grips often find themselves unable to properly utilize their handheld grinders altogether. With an electric herb grinder however, you simply hold it in one hand while just pushing a button, creating a much more ideal experience for those who need it most.

More Benefits of Electric Herb Grinders

Aside from being incredibly easy & convenient to use, a great percentage of folks who choose to grind their own dry herbs want to do so without risking their own health in the process! People who suffer from arthritis for example usually have a much lower threshold for pain in their hands & wrists, which makes grinding their own herbs manually all but impractical. Another benefit to using an electric herb grinder is their surprising affordability! Most electric herb grinders are actually quite cost effective when compared to traditional grinders that have to be manually rotated.

Types of Electric Herb Grinders

There are many types of herb grinders that utilize electricity for specific purposes. Whether you want one to help your grind & mince your dry herbs, or you want one that can vibrate to help store the pollen that falls to the bottom chamber, there is an electric herb grinder for every need. Some can even grind & fill a rolling paper at the same time! Here we can take a look at some of the more popular electric herb grinders.

Sharpstone Vibrating Electric Herb Grinder

With the push of a button, this model of Sharpstone grinder vibrates to shake larger pieces of dry herbs to loosen them against the teeth, while also shaking the pollen to the bottom chamber for collection. A truly innovative piece for all practical uses of a dry herb grinder, the vibrating Sharpstone grinder is perfect for those dry herb connoisseurs who want to squeeze out the maximum from their favorite dry herb blends. Ideal for those who want a quality brand name with practical use.

Automatic Electric Herb Grinder

A distinctive looking electric herb grinder that resembles a flashlight, this automatic grinder chops & minces your dry herbs to perfection with just a push of a button. Lightweight and truly handheld, this electric herb grinder is perfect for holding up to 2 grams of dry herb material. The clear cup shows you how finely your herbs are grinding, so just a couple seconds will suffice when gauging your grinding preferences. Perfect for medical patients with poor hand strength!

OTTO Electric Herb Grinder

Not only will this nifty little grinder chop up your dry herbs to perfection, but it will also fill up a rolled paper cone while doing so! An innovative concept that also calibrates the level of grinding for your herbs, the OTTO can also be used without the lower chamber for grinding into other smoking devices. Perfect for people suffering from dystrophy, hand tremors, arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc. A unique, one of a kind product that is sure to become a more popular device!

Chewy Portable Electric Herb Grinder

A novel design that incorporates a slim & discrete function, in a little portable unit that fits right in your pocket, the Chewy has aluminum teeth that can grind up even the stickiest of dry herbs. What makes this feature so unique is the fact that the teeth can be powered in reversed to loosen any herbs that can remain stuck. Another great feature is that this little grinder can be placed directly over a rolling paper, pipe, or bong for a truly mess free loading experience.

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