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Below you will find a variety of titanium composite domeless nails. We carry a wide range of options in different sizes to fit every dab rig. Choose from cool designs and enjoy FREE US Shipping on all orders. Find a nail below or keep scrolling for more info.

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How to Choose the Best Titanium Nail

When you want something that is well constructed, durable, and will never break, titanium nails are the way to go. The use of titanium has been a most reliable way to dab your favorite concentrates for very many people. Often it is this option that is taken when presented side by side with other dab nails. Here we can take a look at what makes a titanium dab nail so popular and why you should consider using or switching over to one.

Types of Titanium Nails

There exist many different types of dab nails made from titanium that can be used with almost all dab rigs on the market. Some come in different sizes to accommodate different setups in a dab rig, while others are made in ways that differ to accommodate different dab materials. The different sizes will determine what type of nail you will ultimately need & use, while other factors come into play that we can explore here to give you a better idea of what type of titanium dab nail you can use for your particular dab rig.

Titanium Nail Accessories

Like other dab nails on the market, accessories for a titanium dab nail are straightforward. From torches & dabbers to combination carb caps, the accessories comprising the majority of titanium nail accessories can also be used on other types of dab nails. Torches are of course an essential part of heating up your concentrates, while carb caps regulate airflow and keep your nail hot at much lower temperatures which allows for a fuller flavor profile. Dabbers simply move your concentrates around and place the material inside the nail.

Titanium Dab Nail Sizes

Size is determined by the compatibility of fittings into one another. Aside from 14 & 18 mm joints, when referring to size it is important to know the difference between a male & female adapter. Comprised of one whole piece, a male nail will fit into a female joint, usually tapered slightly narrow towards the opening, while a female nail will be slightly wider tapering outward, which can fit onto a male joint. This is important to determine before purchasing or inadvertently breaking your dab rig because of the wrong size!

Titanium Dab Nail Benefits

While quartz & ceramic are options for a dab nail, titanium excels as being the hardiest & durable. Unlike ceramic & quartz, titanium will not break if it hits the ground. Another added bonus is that titanium can also retain heat rather well. This allows for a hit that can maintain a low but sufficient temperature. The main downside is having a slight metallic aftertaste in comparison to other materials, however. Titanium is the most common type of nail material because it is the most readily available in terms of malleability.

Types of Titanium Dab Nails

Taking a closer look at the different types of titanium dab nails available reveals how many options you have in terms of picking out the right size for your particular dab setup. While some need male titanium nails to accommodate their rigs, others will be in search of female titanium nails to go with their male adapters. These are some of the most popular types of titanium dab nails:

Universal Titanium Nail

As resourceful as they come, this little dab nail is a real treat for those who just want to get straight to the point without having to fiddle with the details. The universal titanium dab nail can actually accommodate both male & female joints! Easily switching from 14 to 19 mm for your dab rig stems, the universal titanium dab nail is perfect for beginners 7 seasoned dabbers alike! Take this one wherever you go for a stress-free dab session!

Female Titanium Nail

An inward curving plate offers the user the ability to unscrew the plate from the top of the nail for easy cleaning and residue scraping. This particular titanium nail is sized to fit on 14 & 18 mm male joints. 6 intake holes comprise the dabbing plate which is perfect for maximizing airflow & splitting up the vapor for a cooling effect right off the bat. One of the more popular titanium nails offered by NY Vape Shop!

Domeless Male Titanium Nail

Referring to the products offered here, not all male titanium nails will be offered in only this size of course, though we will reference the 10 mm domeless titanium nail offered by NY Vape Shop. This nail is designed to fit into a receiving female joint and can actually be unscrewed in the middle section for a thorough & easy cleaning. Perfect for using with a carb cap dabber combo for maximum performance!

Domeless Male & Female Titanium

Like the universal titanium nail, this domeless nail differs by the actual sizes it can accommodate, this one being 10 & 14 mm. A very popular dab nail for its compact size, plus the versatility to fit both male & female joints, this domeless nail is great for those who want a superior dab session without having to worry about having the male or female aspect figured out. All titanium is virtually indestructible and good enough to last a lifetime so long as it is regularly cleaned.

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