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Like with vape skins, vape cases are certainly going to take ownership to next level by having a sturdy, reliable case. Not to mention the peace of mind knowing that the vape pen isn’t going to get smashed up in a bookbag or in the glove box during long car trips. Most importantly, it provides a reliable and consistent place to store the vape pen so that it never goes lost. Get a case that will hold a charger too to avoid running out of battery and forgetting a charger.
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How to Choose the Best Vape Case Product

Vape cases are an ideal accessory for vapers looking to take their setup with them on the go or across the world even. They are fantastic for protecting delicate components that can easily break if dropped or become lost. A good vape case will have compartments for each component of a setup, such as mouthpieces, atomizers, and vape batteries. Finding the perfect vape case will mainly depend on the size of your setup — a lot of cases will only fit vapes of certain sizes. If you have a larger setup like a desktop e-nail or a glass bong then a larger, more specialized case will be needed. Of course, design colors is something else to consider too.

Case Sizing

You can expect to see vape cases in different sizes. Some cases are specifically designed for micro vaporizers or vape pens while others are optimal for box mods or larger setups. You may have to experiment to see which vape case fits your setup best. Folks with desktop vapes or larger e-nail setups will need a specialized case instead of a standard vape case.

Storing and Traveling with Your Vape Products

Vape cases are perfect for people who enjoy vaping in multiple locations and enjoy bringing their setup with them wherever they go. A well-known fact about vaping is that there can be a large number of accessories and components to keep track of — these components are usually quite small and easy to lose, which is why vape cases are great.

Storing Wax Vape Products

If you enjoy vaping wax and are interested in a vape case, then it is advised to purchase a case for wax vapes. When storing wax vapes it is important to keep them upright to avoid your wax shifting in the cartridge which can lead to issues when you try to unscrew it. This is especially the case when storing your wax vape right using it when the wax is heated up.

Types of Vape Case Products

There are a ton of vape cases in an endless amount of colors and sizes out there. Finding the proper type of vape case may require some trial and error. In a few cases there are vape cases specially designed to fit specific units — not just for the desktop variety. At NY Vape Shop we carry a range of cases to securely store and protect your precious vaping products. Here is a list of some of our favorites.

Vape Pen Carrying Case for Protection

This is a standard carrying case that is designed to fit most vape pen models with compartments to hold your various vape pen accessories. A case like this is great for taking your setup on the go and it will easy fit into a suitcase or handbag. Another huge plus is the fact that the zippers on this case are high quality and will securely close without exposing your products to the outside world. You can find this case in a range of unique colors.

Hydra Tech Original Titan Case for Micro Vaporizer

The Original Titan Case by Hydra Tech is both sleek and incredibly durable making it the optimal choice for anyone using a micro vaporizer. Under 5 inches in length, this case is easily one of the most compact options out there. The body is made with aluminum alloy with a scratch-resistant finish to maintain that sleek look.

Vape Travel Carrying Case

Featuring a hardtop for added protection, this case is designed with travel in mind for users with vape pen setups. All of the features one would expect are present with this case including a compartment for a charger and dabbing tool. It is important to note that this case is suited for vape pens and not box mods which will require something a bit larger. Regardless, this is a solid case that is capable of protecting your equipment.

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