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Hidden Wall Safe stash spot

This stash spot is designed to fool the smartest thief. It looks like an ordinary outlet but will keep your valuables safe.

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  • Product Details

    Listing Includes

    • 1 hidden wall safen

    Wall Safe features and specifications

    • Looks like an ordinary outlet
    • Easy installation right into the wall for safe keeping of valuables
    • Put this behind a bed or a dresser and anyone would only think of it as some annoying outlet to get to
    • Dimensions:  7" x 2.5" x 2" inches

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    • User Manual

      Hidden Wall Safe Instructions for Installation: 1. Determine height of outlet in the room where wall safe is to be installed, making sure there are no studs, plumbing or heating ducts in the area. Wall safe cannot be installed in masonry wall. 2. Using the template provided, carefully draw pencil line on wall in exact area where wall safe will be. 3. Using the saw provided, carefully cut along the pencil line to create an opening in the sheet rock for your wall safe. 4. Insert the wall safe compartment through the opening. The two side wings on the compartment will stop the compartment from falling completely through the wall. 5. With your wall safe compartment now in place, cover the opening with your face plate, which will conceal your wall safe compartment, allowing it to look like any normal electrical outlet. 6. Use the key provided to turn the center screw a half turn to the right to move the metal bar into locking position, securing your valuables in the safe. To remove any articles from the safe, us the key and turn the center screw a half turn to the left and remove the face plate.