Secret Stash Containers - The Complete List

Hidden Stash Containers are essential for keeping your valuables safe and out of sight. Read further for this list of the best stash containers and safe cans.

by: Michael S. | 01/21/19 2:30PM


When you are thinking of a container to store your valuables, what do you think of? A safe? A locked drawer? These can protect valuables such as cash and jewelry but they are so obvious. A thief, or someone else interested in what you own, can pick their way into something that’s locked. If you’re at risk for this, there are secret stash containers to help keep your jewelry, money and other valuables safe.

Ultimate Stash Spots

Secret stash containers are growing in popularity. These containers look like innocent objects you would see around the house. Every home is littered with ordinary products, and a thief would have to spend all day finding your goods when your stash is hidden in something as innocent as a can of shaving cream.

In this post, we will look at a variety of products you can purchase to store your goodies. Every container is discreet and masquerades as an ordinary household object.



Hidden Wall Safe

If you are looking for a place to store your valuables, then this hidden wall safe is a great option. This ordinary outlet opens up to reveal a hidden compartment to keep your valuables. Much more affordable than the thousands you would pay for a safe. This Hidden Wall Socket Safe is one of the best places to hide money and it’s so reasonably priced for the protection you get. Designed to fool even the smartest thief! Hide your wax concentrates, cash, or vape pens in this electrical outlet wall safe. The storage area measures 7" x 2 1/2" x 2" and it comes with a template that makes it a snap to install so you will be hiding your stash in no time!


Real Hair Brush

This fully functional hair brush doubles as a secret, smell-proof stash container that is ideal for at home and on-the-go use. With the stash spot measuring 4.25 inches x 1.25 inches, you will have plenty of room to store the goods. Not only does this hair brush diversion stash container feature a large storage compartment, but it offers a screw-on lid that helps keep the scent sealed inside. If dropped, don’t worry! The brush is made of durable plastic and won’t break, keeping your oil cartridges or vape pens undamaged. Unlike the wall outlet, you can use it normally. Brush your hair whenever you want to hide suspicion. This is a must have when traveling, and since it can be used as a normal brush, it blends right in with the rest of your essentials.


WD-40 Secret Stash Container

This WD-40 diversion stash container features a screw-off lid placed on the bottom of the container. This container is odor-proof and maintains a low profile, giving you the ability to hide your stash inconspicuously around the house or in the closet. Weighing in at around 9 ounces, this stash container features smaller usable space perfect for your secret stash and smaller smoking accessories. What makes this stash container better than a food or beverage branded container is that WD-40 is not used often, so the chance of someone taking it and using it for something is low. Hide it amongst other cans of cleaners, degreasers and whatever else to increase your security.


Morton Salt

What better place to store your concentrates than in something as mundane as seasoning? It features a big interior and is one of the most discrete products for hiding your stash. Just screw off the bottom cap of the container and make sure to screw the cap back on before hiding. You can store a lot of your small valuables, such as vapes, oil cartridges, money, and jewelry. This stash container looks exactly like an authentic container of Morton Salt. It even contains real salt! Put it in the back of your spice cabinet and nobody will care or even think to look there. Not a single person would know a can of salt has valuables in it.


Pringles-Various Flavors

The Pringles Stash Container has a larger storage capacity than many of our other stash safes. Just remove the bottom cap and store your goods in there. Then, put the Pringles Stash Container in the back of your snack cabinet. The Pringles container can come with real Pringles chips inside for added authenticity. Your kids or your guests can have them and not even realize there’s more in there than crisps. Most stash containers aren’t functioning, but this one does, meaning less chances of someone finding your stash. There are cans available in various flavors. You could even buy some ordinary Pringle cans and mix them up with the stash can.


AJAX Container

The AJAX Stash Container is the perfect hiding spot under your sink or in the garage. It's not often someone would use AJAX. If you need to store any of your valuables, unscrew the top of the can and put whatever you want in it. When it comes to storage, under the sink, in the bathroom, or in the garage would be the best choice, since this blends right in with your other cleaners. Looks and feels like the real thing.


Soda Can Stash Containers

The Soda Can Stash Safe is small and easy for storing valuables such as wax concentrates, chillum pipes, or cash. You can easily hide it in an old suitcase or keep it in the back of your cabinet. Perfect to store in the kitchen, office desk, dorm room, car, and more. The seal is seamless, so it’s very discrete and hard to tell it’s a stash spot! The Soda Can Stash is one of the most popular stashes on the market and has helped many in hiding their valuables. The cans are weighted to feel like a full can of pop, so even if kept in the fridge, no one would know the difference. Simply twist off the top piece, and voila: a sneaky storage area for your stuff! It’s available in many different flavors.

Barbasol Shaving Cream

Every bathroom has a can of shaving cream under the sink or even next to it. Who would suspect that yours has a hidden compartment inside? This can is perfect for any home, apartment, dorm room, or camper. Even if you do not have a man living with you, a spare can of shaving cream tucked away in the supply closet for guests would not seem out of the ordinary. This clever container as the same heft and feel as its regular household counterpart, but it has a hidden compartment for securing your valuables. Unscrew one end and hide your items such as your cash, jewelry, oil cartridges, and other valuables. If shaken, it feels like it could be full of shaving cream.


Bolt and Washer

Hide valuables in plain sight with this secret stash container made from a real hollowed out 3/4″ machine bolt. It’s ideal for storing and hiding small items or money in hard to find places, such as in the garage where bolts like this one would blend in perfectly. This is a real nut and bolt that has been machined to allow the head of the bolt to be unscrewed, revealing a machined-out shaft capable of storing small items. You can store some emergency cash or that stash you’re trying to keep hidden from the kids. The bolt has some weight to it so it appears legit and is easily concealed. Kept on our tool shelf in the garage it fits right in with our other tools and parts. People walk right by it and have no clue it’s actual a secret hiding spot.

Sharpie Marker

This stash spot is made from genuine Sharpie brand markers and contains real ink to write with. These markers are perfect to keep in your desk, in your bag, purse, or to take when traveling. Hide your money, pills, or other valuables in plain sight! The bottoms snap on and off securely. Combined with its writing capabilities, no one would be able to tell it’s a secret stash spot. Who would look at a bunch of markers and suspect one of them contains something valuable? A great way to keep your valuables out of sight.

Book Safe

Books with hollow centers are a must-have if you’re talking about hiding your stash in plain sight. With straight, bold, and visible text on the cover, it’s enough to make it look authentic in a drawer with clothes (where I put mine) or standing on a shelf with other books. It’s big and deep enough to fit larger items such as a birth certificate, cash, and vape accessories. The main pro is that it is easy to use and quick to hide your items. This is the perfect way to keep your valuables hidden if you have a bookshelf filled with books. No one is going to check every single book for a possible stash.

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