Dab Containers - The Complete List Dab Jars for Wax

With the rise vape pens and wax concentrates, the need for dab containers has also risen. We cover the best way to store wax plus a list with pictures and details on the wax containers available.

by: Nathaniel C. | 02/13/19 2:30PM


With the popularity of dabbing and herbal concentrates growing every day, there is a demand for containers to store this wax, shatter, sauce and oil. As these wax concentrates are extremely sticky, not many materials are ideal for storage. No-stick silicone works very well for storing these wax concentrates. You can stick the wax to the silicone so it stays in one place, but it is easily peeled off, leaving just about zero residue.

Smell Proof Seal

In addition, food grade silicone is thick enough to create a smell-proof container and creates an excellent seal if fitted correctly. This high-quality silicone is also resistant to high temperatures. This means even if you leave a food grade silicone jar in a hot car, the silicone will not leak into your wax and will not change the taste of your wax – this stuff is used on the outside of space shuttles.


Other plastics can get messy and you might end up losing a lot of precious wax to your container. There is also the chance that the chemicals in these other plastics could leak into the wax, ruining the flavor and quality. There is a much higher chance of this happening if left in the sun or a hot car.

Silicone over Glass Containers

Second to silicone, glass is a decent wax to store wax or shatter. However, even glass is slightly stickier than silicone and it is also heavier. There’s the chance that you could break a glass jar, but this is not possible with silicone. Even in a glass storage jar, you will probably need a silicone or rubber seal to prevent leaks or smells from escaping. In summary, food grade, no stick silicone is the clear choice for storing wax, shatter, sauce, oil and other sticky concentrates.

Another great thing about these dab containers is you can dab directly out of them. They are perfect for dabbing with a nectar collector or a dippable dab pen like the Boundless CF710.

Necessary for Storing Wax Concentrates

If you love to dab, a good dab container is absolutely necessary. Storing wax for a wax pen, shatter and other concentrates in improper containers can lead to wasted product, sticky messes and strong odors. You can also dab directly out of these containers without any waste or mess. Thankfully, we have you covered at NYVapeShop.com and have organized this post to give customers a quick breakdown on each dab storage container. We will keep this list up-to-date as new dab containers come out.


Skull Dab Container

Made from food grade, no stick silicone, this dab container works as good as any. No stick silicone is the industry standard for dab containers for two reasons. Wax concentrates are extremely sticky, so a no stick surface is essential to store these concentrates. Secondly, food grade silicone is smell-proof, making this material ideal for storing wax, shatter and other strong concentrates. This skull dab container has a bit of style and comes in three different colors: red, green or black. Measuring 2 1/4 inches tall, 1 ⅜ wide and an interior diameter of one inch, this unique dab container is perfect for storing and transporting a decent amount of concentrates. Because of its unique shape, we prefer to leave this container at home, but it is small enough to toss in your pocket or bag.


Lego Dab Container

We love these Lego style dab containers for so many reasons. First off, everyone loves legos. Plus, these little blocks have five separate storage areas for the connoisseur who carries a variety of concentrates for every occasion. Just like most quality dab containers, this lego dab container is made of food grade, no stick silicone. Measuring 50 mm x 50 mm x 30 mm, the lego dab container is easily concealed in a pocket. It comes in two cool color options: green camo or a green and red blend. Our favorite feature of the lego container is that it is stackable. Keep a few stacked on the coffee table and just pop one off to travel.


Large Lego Dab Container

Similar to the smaller version of the Lego dab container, this food grade, no stick silicone dab case has even more storage. With six small compartments and one larger one, you never have to worry about running out of storage space in this Lego. This dab jar is on the bigger side at 4 inches long, 2 inches wide and an inch tall. It has a secure, smell-proof lid so while you can fit it in your pocket, it is the perfect dab jar to keep on the coffee table. This cool wax container comes in two color choices: black and red; or red, white and blue for you patriotic dabbers. These are also stackable if you want to store a larger amount of concentrates.


Pokeball Dab Container

For you trainers out there, we had to carry these Pokemon Pokeball dab jars. These wax storage containers will fit right in with the rest of your Pokemon collectables. They also make a great gift for a Pokemon enthusiast friend. Surprise them with these dab jars loaded with goodies if you really want to make them happy. The Pokeball dab jar measures one inch in diameter and opens down the middle, just like a real Pokeball. You can order these in bulk because one Pokeball is never enough.



Honey Pot Dab Container

This food grade, no stick silicone dab jar is perfect for taking dabs with a nectar collector or a dab pen like the Boundless CF710. Measuring almost five inches tall with a diameter of ---, the honey pot wax jar has a huge capacity with zero waste. This is a great dab jar for daily wax users. Because of its size and shape, the honey pot dab container is also great for storing oil and other concentrates. The lid fits securely in place, preventing concentrates and odor from escaping.


Heart Dab Container

This heart-shaped dab container makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone. Made from food grade, no stick silicone, this heart dab jar keeps wax in and smells out. Measuring just a half inch deep and 2 ¼ inches at its widest point, this dab container fits plenty of wax but also easily slips into a pocket or small purse. This makes it a great dab container for travel. The interior’s rounded edges make it easy to take dabs with nectar collectors or dippable dab pens.


Cloud Dab Container

This cool, compact dab jar has four compartments to separate varieties of wax concentrates. Made of food grade, no stick silicone, it is easy to grab a dab using a dab tool and does not affect the flavor of wax or oil concentrates even when left in the heat or a car all day. The secure lid keeps concentrates and smells locked inside. At an inch tall, 2 ½ inches tall and 1 ¾ inches wide, the cloud dab container holds a good amount of wax but is compact enough to slide in a small pocket. The cloud dab container comes in two colors: sky blue and rasta.


Flat Dab Container

This ultra-compact, flat dab container could be easily mistaken for a woman’s makeup compact. At only ---- inches tall, it easily slips into any purse, clutch or makeup bag which makes it the ideal travel accessory. This dab compact has a diameter of 2 ½ inches so there is still plenty of room for enough wax for a one or two-week vacation. The lid fits securely in place so there is no need to worry about leaks or smells when traveling.


Large Hexagon Dab Container

This large dab jar features eight separate compartments in three different sizes to store all types and flavors of concentrates. Alternatively, use one of the smallest compartments as a dab tool stand to place your dab tool between loads. At 1 ¼ inches tall and 4 ⅜ inches wide, the hexagon dab container has a large capacity, so it is perfect for storing your concentrates at home. It comes in a cool, Rasta tie dye color too.


Honeycomb and Bee Dab Container

The Honeycomb and Bee dab container features the perfect design to store wax, shatter, and sauce. The food grade, no stick silicone ensures you don’t waste any of your precious concentrates and it is easy to load dabs into wax vape pens or onto domeless nails on a dab rig. This cool design comes in two unique colors: black and yellow like a bee or rasta. The secure lid prevents leaks and creates a smell-proof container. This is a great dab container for travel and also works well to dab with nectar collectors or dippable dab pens like the Boundless CF710.


Standard Silicone Jar

This is a basic no stick silicone jar that comes in a variety of colors. If you want to buy simple, compact dab jars in bulk, this is a great option. With an exterior diameter of 1 ¼ inches and a height of ¾ inch, this small wax container fits easily into any pocket or bag. It has an interior diameter of ⅞ inches providing the capacity to supply enough wax for a week to a heavy user.

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