Desktop Vaporizers - The Complete List of these vapes

This list explains what you need to know about Desktop Vaporizers, plus we list them all out complete with pictures and informative descriptions.

by: Melissa R. | 12/28/18 2:30PM


Portable vaporizers are convenient and discreet for consumption on the go, and many consumers like their adaptability. That said, the original desktop vape will never be out of style. The desktop vape is the ancestor of modern portable vaporizers and rose to popularity when the first “volcano-style” vaporizers started showing up in the coffee shops of Amsterdam and other herb-friendly spaces. Before long, the desktop vape was ubiquitous among American consumers as well: vaping offered a smoother, healthier alternative to smoking, and desktop vaporizers could be used for solo consumption or in social settings.

As the variety of types and styles of desktop vape have continued to grow over the years (along with their popularity), these large, stationary models have become increasingly adaptable and make for an excellent home setup. Desktop vape models are generally higher-tech than their smaller and more portable counterparts, and they’re unparalleled in terms of cloud production; if you like creating massive vapor clouds, a desktop vaporizer could be just what you need.


While they are not ideal for use on the go (see our list of portable vaporizers for the best vapes to travel with), a good desktop vape can offer a luxurious vapor experience for home use. But with so many different models on the market, how can you know which one is right for you? We have compiled a complete list of the desktop vaporizers we carry, along with a general overview and review of each, so that you can compare different models with ease. While we intend to add to this list as we acquire new products, feel free to reach out to our team if you see something we missed.


1. Arizer Extreme Q

This classic volcano-style dry herb vaporizer features convection heating to reach optimal vaping temperatures quickly. Its precise digital temperature controls make setting and maintaining your desired temperature simple and allows for easy adjustment between users according to individual preference -- if you prefer, you can also use the handy remote control to adjust the settings. The vaporizer is made of all medical- and food-grade materials; the ceramic heating element is safe for use at high temperatures, and the entire unit is simple to clean. The three-speed fan is quiet and effective, cooling the unit between inhales.

Like many desktop models, the Extreme Q is all-inclusive: it includes the vaporizer itself, the power adapter, a remote control, two Cyclone bowls, a glass aromatherapy dish, two interchangeable Extreme Q Glass Whip mouthpieces, a glass stirring tool, a 3’ silicone whip, an all-glass mini whip, two Extreme Q balloons with frosted glass mouthpieces, two spare screens (one flat, one dome-shaped), the owner’s manual, and sample herbal botanicals. This model includes everything you need (except your herb) for a successful vape session.


2. Storz and Bickel Volcano Classic

Another classic volcano vaporizer, this model from the respected manufacturer Storz and Bickel boasts increased potency of over 75% compared to other vapes. The wide base of the pyramid offers plenty of stability, making the Classic resistant to even the most accident-prone of consumers. Its included power adapter frees you from the burden of a battery pack, and its design and construction is very intuitive and practical: the included valve set is easy to use and the cone at the top of the unit makes attaching tubes and balloons easy. Assembled in Germany, Storz and Bickel intended this vaporizer to last.

The temperature settings are arranged on a rotary dial from 1 to 9, with the highest temperature measuring at 446°F. The heating element fires up very quickly, so we recommend starting on a lower setting and raising the dial if needed. A possible drawback of this model is its lack of specificity in temperature setting, but the unit provides uniform temperature and will not overheat unless left unattended for long periods of time. This particular model works with either dry herb or concentrates, providing a broad heating chamber that can hold a substantial amount of either medium. The convection heating mechanism creates a flavorful and consistent vaping experience, and oven-safe reusable balloons allow you to safely store vapor for later.


3. Storz and Bickel Volcano Digital

This classic volcano vaporizer bears many similarities to the model we discussed above: same manufacturer, same wide base, same ease of use. There are two main differences: this model is intended for dry herb only (meaning it isn’t compatible with concentrates), and it features a digital display that shows the exact temperature setting, allowing you to fine-tune the settings to a degree of specificity that the original model doesn’t offer. The unit itself measures eight inches in diameter and eight inches in height, so it’s easy to stow out of sight when not in use.

This digital volcano vaporizer uses a convection heating mechanism that tracks the temperature as it heats, allowing you to know for certain when the unit has reached the ideal temperature (as an added bonus, the unit measures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit). This unit also features an automatic shutoff as an added safety feature. The valves are made of high-quality stainless steel and the unit uses patented technology to purify the vapor it emits, making for a safe and delicious vaping experience. While this unit uses a balloon delivery method (and therefore cannot be used with a whip), it is an excellent option for people who cannot breathe as easily or deeply, or are unable to pull vapor through a tube.



4. Vapir Rise 2.0

This model features a slimmer body style than many volcano vapes, making it easy to store, and is compatible with both dry herb and concentrates. It is operated by touch controls and allows for precision temperature adjustment to the degree, as well as fan speed. The Rise 2.0 features a HEPA air filter and a heating chamber made of high-quality, heat-resistant ceramic and stainless steel, ensuring clean vapor whether you choose to use concentrates or whole herb. Its maximum temperature is 420°F, allowing for both low- and high-temp vaping.

The unit reaches its maximum heat setting in one minute and can be used with either balloons or whips. The kit includes the unit itself, a chamber adapter, two heating chambers, three balloons, one balloon adapter, two HEPA filters, one multi-use adapter, one single user adapter, four screens, a silicone whip, the power adapter, and four mouthpieces. This unit is ready to use right out of the box and features a large chamber for ample bowls.


5. Da Buddha Vaporizer

This cylindrical vape model features a lightweight and durable aluminum housing, ceramic heating element, fully adjustable temperature controls, and glass-on-glass construction. Designed to be used with the included food-grade silicone whip (which measures a generous 3’ in length), this vertical vape looks a bit like a smart home device and blends in discreetly on a desk or table. This vape was created with the budget-conscious in mind for a vape shop: it is straightforward in design and has fewer parts that could potentially break down, making it less likely to quit on you unexpectedly. Da Buddha is compatible with many vape accessories such as mouthpieces, heating covers, wands, and vapor tamers, making it highly customizable for a relatively simple unit.

Da Buddha vaporizer is intended for use with dry herb and includes a 3’ silicone whip, a glass mouthpiece, a glass wand, one replacement screen, a stir stick, the owner’s manual, a padded storage bag, and a copy of the technical specifications of the product. It also comes with an impressive 3-year warranty and measures 7.85” in diameter by 13.25” in height.


6. Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer

Simple but effective, this boxy vaporizer is good for beginners. It is intended to be used with dry herb and its ceramic heating element reaches an optimal temperature within 60 seconds. It can be operated hands-free and features an LCD temperature display. While this unit provides thick clouds, it may produce vapor that could be a bit bitter for seasoned vape users. The temperature settings take a little bit of trial and error to master (as this particular model is not as able to be fine-tuned as others), but once you find a setting that works for you should be able to use it consistently.

True to its name, the Easy Vape Digital is simple to use: simply plug it into a wall outlet, then press the knob inward to turn on the unit. Then, use the knob to set the temperature and allow a few minutes for the unit to warm up. Lightly pack finely ground dry herb into the chamber all the way up to the screen (this helps with air flow) and then attach the whip. You can then use the appearance of the vapor as a guide and adjust the temperature accordingly, being careful not to combust the herb. We found that it helps to tilt the unit a bit when removing the whip, as some herb tends to fall out otherwise. The kit includes the unit itself, a glass wand, a power cord, and a silicone whip.


7. Arizer V Tower

An ideal blend of quality and affordability, the Arizer V Tower offers high-quality vapor and precision temperature control. Similar to its cousin the Arizer Extreme Q in styling, the V Tower is sleek and compact, though it lacks some of the extra features of the Extreme Q, such as the remote control and the fan for use with balloons. That said, it boasts an ample chamber size (and, as an added bonus, the heating chamber is detached from the exterior of the unit itself, preventing accidental burns on hot surfaces) and comes equipped with a 3’ food-grade silicone whip, making it a great vape for use in groups. The ceramic heating chamber reaches its maximum temperature of 500°F within about 10 minutes from a cold start, with temperature readings displayed clearly on an LCD screen.

This dry herb vape includes a 3’ silicone whip, a dish for herb, a glass stirring rod, a glass cyclone bowl, a mini whip with glass elbow adapter, a mouthpiece, a replacement screen, and sample aromatic botanicals. The whip rotates around, making this unit ideal for sharing.


8. Silver Surfer

This angled cylindrical design from famed manufacturer 7th Floor is set at 90° to keep your herb from falling out. The Silver Surfer features a fan for use with balloons, but can also be used with a whip if you prefer. It heats quickly and allows precise temperature adjustment via a dial control, and is operable hands-free -- simply set the unit to your desired temperature, allow it to heat, and vape as you desire. Made of stainless steel alloy with glass-on-glass internal vapor path and food-grade silicone whip, this device is simple and safe to use. It is a bit larger than some units, measuring 8 x 12 x 12”, but weighs just 2 pounds

With an expansive temperature range, the Silver Surfer allows you to produce flavorful vapor or heavy clouds according to your preference. Its convection heating mechanism and ceramic heating chamber ensure quick and even heating -- the unit takes about 4 minutes to reach its maximum heat. Replacement parts are readily available, making it it a simple fix if something wears out or breaks, and the parts are easily cleaned with rubbing alcohol or another solvent. The heating element is covered by a 3 year warranty, and the unit includes a padded carrying case for transport or storage.


9. Herbalizer

The novel clamshell design of this unit is both aesthetically pleasing and discreet, at home on even the most curated desktops. The heating time is ultra-fast: just 5 seconds, thanks to a halogen bulb heating mechanism that allows for fully customizable temperature control at warp speeds. There are two modes to the Herbalizer: Vaportherapy and Aromatherapy. Vaportherapy is the best mode for dried herb, concentrates, and oils, while the Aromatherapy mode is designed to gently diffuse essential oils into the room (there is a separate compartment in the front for essential oils). A whimsical (and perhaps a bit “extra”) feature of the Herbalizer is the personal greetings it displays each time you open it for a new session.

The Herbalizer is compatible with both balloons or whip-style attachments. The included balloons use squeeze valve technology, allowing you to open and close the valve with just a pinch of your fingers, while the whip attaches directly to the top of the magnetic bowl. The LCD touch display allows precise temperature control, and the vape is integrated with a temperature memory system that stores the most recent heat settings for future use. The Herbalizer is made in the USA and features an insulated magnetic bowl, auto shutoff and sleep functions, included silicone whip and balloons with squeeze valve technology, and an assisted delivery system.

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