Quartz Dab Nails - The Complete List for Dab Rigs

In this post we list out the different Quartz Nails, from bangers to birdhouses, complete with a description and other useful information.

by: Michael S. | 10/12/18 1:30PM


Dab nails have grown in popularity in recent years alongside dabbing and the related industries. Newer devices and accessories like wax pens and e nails have made it much easier to dab, especially while on the go, but nothing beats the combination of an oil rig and Domeless nail. Nails can be found in a variety of materials but Quartz is among the favorites. If you're new to dabbing, or even if you don’t have a clue what Quartz Nails are, read further.

What is a dab nail? Essentially, you can use it to vaporize wax concentrates or essential oils. You heat them up and then put a blob of wax on them. Once you do so, you have a potent vapor that forms for you to enjoy.


A dab nail is used with a dab rig, also known as an oil rig. The rig is usually made from glass or silicone, and it holds the nail which is the same as the bong bowl in a water pipe.& You heat the nail, usually with a butane torch, and you use the mouthpiece to puff the vapors that form. The rig is designed to heat the concentrates so that they turn into vapor that packs a punch.

There are many different types of rigs that have different nails. Quartz nails are great for flavoring. You can heat them up fast without having to worry about it breaking. They are fairly durable and may be worth the investment if you dab a lot. There are other types of nails, too. Ceramic nails are another popular choice because they can retain heat well. Titanium nails have the advantage of being indestructible and have the highest heat resistance.

As you can see, every type of nail has its differences. Try them all and see which works best for you. In this post, we will look at quartz nails specifically. This is an ever-growing list of nails, so check back for more updates. If you find a great product that you want on this list, reach out to us and we will consider adding it to the list.


Domeless Quartz Nail 14mm Male

This domeless quartz nail is clear and quite discreet, allowing you to store and carry anywhere you. At 2.5 inches, you can slide it into your pocket or just put it in a case and go about your day. It can fit on stems that are 14mm female or 10mm male. In addition, it’s quite versatile. You can put it on your dab rig, and if you have a water pipe, it fits there too. Another advantage is that is hits hard. Your dabs will taste so good that it feels like your grandma cooked them for you. This nail is definitely worth trying regardless of how experienced you are with dabbing.


Quartz Banger Male Nail

This quartz banger nail is indeed a banger. You can twist it onto your 18mm female unit or your 13 mm male. Like other nails, it’s discreet as well. At 2.75 inches, you could hide it in your shelf and no one would bother looking for it. Carry it in your bag or your sack and you’re good to go. It switches from water pipes to dab rigs seamlessly for the versatile dabber in all of us.

The quartz banger nail has become more popular as a nail choice. It’s affordable, resistant to heat, and it’s easy to use.

Plus, it has a nice shape to it. Aesthetics are subjective, but we love its bowl shape and how the pipe takes you directly down without any twists or turns. Overall, it’s worth checking out.


Domeless Nail Quartz Large Birdhouse

This dab nail has a unique shape. As the name implies, it has a dab plate shaped like a birdhouse. It’s designed for easy carrying so you can dab on the go. You can set it up to any dab rig and then get the job done. Just put some wax on the plate and then the dab plate does everything for you.

The birdhouse is designed to be larger than most birdhouse dab plates as well. You can put some large dabs in this plate and it makes it easier to handle if you have bigger fingers or just don’t like the small stuff.


Domeless Nail Quartz Birdhouse

This nail is smaller, but it still dabs well. It keeps its birdhouse shape in order to make loading easy, and it’s designed so you don’t get too much waste with it. The birdhouse is smaller, at 2.5 inches, making it easy for travel and other situations. You can put it on a 14mm female or a 10mm male stem.

The birdhouse nails are good for intermediate users. Beginners may want something a little more simple in design, but we think even a newbie can get some use out of it. This nail is great for getting the smoothest hits out there, and we say it’s worth a purchase.


Male Quartz Banger Domeless Nail

This domeless nail has a bowl at the very end, which curves to go down. It looks a little like a twisted candy cane, making it perfect for the sweetest dabs. You can put it into a 10 mm male or female rig. The plate itself is ¾ inches, allowing it to fit some tasty dabs. At 2 5/8 inches, it’s another nail that you can carry around discreetly and no one will ever know.

It’s one of the most versatile nails around, as it fits with most rigs and most situations. Overall, if you want to dab anywhere you go, this dab nail is worth the purchase.


Quartz Dab Nail Female

This quartz dab nail has a unique shape. It almost resembles a vase, or a chalice. Either way, it can fit on an 18mm male stem and at 2.75 inches, you can hide it wherever you wish. You load the dab on top and it travels all the way down, allowing for a potent hit. Because of its unique design, you can get some smooth hits from the nail. This allows it to be more powerful and gives you the ability to load some quality dabs on it.

The nail itself has a similar design to other titanium nails, making it familiar to many users. If you aren’t familiar, then it’s still easy for you to use. With a carb cap, dabbing is seamless.

This dab is worth checking out, whether you’re new to the dabbing world or you’re intermediate. We say it’s a worthy nail to add to your collection.



Domeless Quartz Nail – 10mm Male

If you’re looking for a nail with a complicated design, you shouldn’t be looking at this one. This nail has an upside-down fishhook design, and it’s designed for people who just need to dab and go. You put your dab in the bowl at the top and then the vapor goes all the way down. It’s a simple design and yet highly effective.

We say that this quartz nail is great for all dabbers, and even advanced dabbers can get a use out of it. If you’re a new dabber, or even an advanced one, give it a try.


Male 90 Degree Quartz Banger

This 14mm male banger is quite good. It has a shape that resembles a distorted 7, and the bowl is located at the very end of this. You can put it on a 14 female joint as well. Put some extracts in its dish and it can vaporize it in no time. Its quartz can tolerate most heat, and you can put some powerful concentrates in it.

Angled at 90 degrees, it shape makes it a bit more annoying to carry around, but you can still fit it in most cases for discreet carrying. If you’re a dabber, we do say that this banger is worth trying because it’s high-quality.


Quartz Terp Slurper Banger

The Terp Slurper sounds like a cartoon monster, and yet it’s one of the best nails around. If you’re someone who needs the most out of their wax concentrates, its unique slitted dish gets the job done. Put it into the bucket’s top and it will be “slurped” from the dish below.

It’s a bit bigger, however, the Terp Slurper gives you more powerful rips that last longer. You can also put a cap on it to keep the vapor nice and safe.

Best of all, you can purchase male or female units at either 14 or 18mm. It’s great for either situation, and we say that it’s worth a purchase.


Male 45 Degree Quartz Banger

This quartz banger looks stylish and it’s high-quality, making your dabs hit hard. It comes from Grav, also known as Grav Labs, and their products are built to last. You can fit it with a 14mm female joint or a 14mm male. Its flat dish can keep your dabs nice and safe as you heat them up. Since it’s quartz, you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot for your tastes. You just vaporize and go.

The banger is still easily portable. You could dab on the go or while you’re traveling. It’s one of the best nails for that occasion. We recommend giving it a try and seeing what it can do for you.

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