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Quartz Dab Nail Female

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This Female quartz nail can be used with any dab rig and fits best with 18mm rig stems. The Quartz Dab Nail is known for delivering some of the smoothest experiences around.

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  • Product Details

    What's Included?

    • 1 Quartz Domeless Dab Nail

    Quartz Nail Details

    • Female Quartz Nail
    • Fits - 18mm Male Stem
    • Height - 2.75 inches
    • Dab Plate diameter - 15mm
    • Dab Hole Diameter - 6mm
  • User Manual

    How to Use a Quartz Dab Nail

    Step 1: Heat It Up, Baby!

    Think of your quartz dab nail as the diva of the dabbing world – it needs a little warm-up before it performs its best. Grab a butane torch (no, not your BBQ lighter) and heat the nail until it's glowing red hot. Be patient; it's not a race.

    Step 2: Let It Cool... But Not Too Much!

    Now, here's where the magic happens. After you've given your nail a hot yoga session, let it cool down for about 20 seconds. It's like letting your coffee cool enough so it doesn't burn your tongue but is still hot enough to wake you up. We don't want any burnt wax here!

    Step 3: Dab It, Don't Stab It

    Take your concentrate – it could be gooey like honey or solid like a tiny golden boulder – and gently touch it to the quartz dab nail. Give it a tiny, tiny, tap. Inhale slowly, like you're savoring the best wax concentrates in the world.

    Step 4: Exhale... And Repeat!

    Exhale the wax vapor like you're blowing out birthday candles. Congratulations, you've just taken a successful dab! Now, you can either take a victory lap or just chill out on your couch.

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