What Is a Banger for a Dab Rig?

With the increase in dabbing, it comes as no surprise many new options and tools have been making their way onto the market. While innovation has created a rise in tools and options, it can be slightly intimidating to those not familiar with the essentials required for their first dabbing experience. While many are familiar with the dab rig term, it can be easy to get confused with so many different terms (such as banger, carb cap, or dab nail). This article will help to clarify one of the more essential dabbing components - the banger.

by: Aaron B. | 09/22/20 1:30PM


What Is a Banger?

A banger (or banger nail) is a popular type of dab nail that slopes away from your face and is inserted into the water pipe of your dab rig. However, instead of a more nail shaped component. bangers generally contain a swan-neck bucket shape with a flat bottom design. Bangers are a common choice for amateur dabbers, because they are relatively easy to use and have a very reasonable price.

Bangers are very versatile. They come in multiple sizes and materials and have the ability to be used with or without a carb cap (this allows for low or high-temperature dabbing). Many dabbers prefer a banger because they provide a larger dabbing surface area which allows for a more evenly distributed heat surface, making it more efficient than other types of dab nails.

Banger dab rig that is pink and blue on glass table

What Material Options Are Available for Bangers?

Like other types of dab nails, bangers are available in four different materials

ceramic, glass, quartz, and titanium. While ultimately it is a personal preference on which banger material is best for you, each one offers distinct benefits and disadvantages. Therefore, your choice in banger will also determine your overall smoking experience.


Ceramic Banger Nails

Ceramic bangers are very similar to both quartz and glass in the sense they take a little bit longer to heat up. This is because you have to heat them up slowly. Otherwise, you risk cracking it. Ceramic bangers are more durable than glass, they are still easy to break. However, they are easy to clean, very affordable, and provide smooth and tasty hits for users.

Glass Banger Nails

One of the most common choices for bangers is glass. While they do offer the least durability (both from heating unevenly and accidental drops), they provide a better taste than other options due to their non-reactive nature. Glass bangers are easy to replace and very affordable. While they are very easy to heat up, glass lacks the ability to retain the heat. Dabbers like glass because it offers smooth hits, great airflow, and are easy to clean.

Quartz Banger Nails

As any seasoned dabber knows, a key ingredient to a great dabbing experience is temperature control, and out of all the material options, quartz reigns supreme. Unlike glass or titanium, quartz does not lose heat quickly and retains heat significantly longer than other materials. Plus, quartz will not crack from rapidly increasing temperatures created from heating it. While similar to glass when it comes to flavor, quartz bangers differ in durability; and are significantly sturdier allowing it to last longer, take less time to heat up.

Titanium Banger Nails

Titanium banger nails are great for those on a budget. While they are cheaper and more durable than other banger materials, titanium banger hits are less tasty and it is common to experience a more metallic taste with your hit. Titanium bangers are also known for swelling (which can break your rig) and can transfer the heat from the banger to the glass joint. However, titanium banger nails are great for huge rips, quick to heat up, and are more durable than any other type of banger.

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What Types of Banger Nails Are Available?

Along with new innovations, banger nails have changed from a single option to a nice variety of choices. While the overall shape is still similar, you can find them in different sizes and styles. Some of the more popular selections include (but are not limited to):

Top Angled Banger

The top angled banger features a more functional flat top. It is easy to clean, visually appealing, and is great for users looking to smoke small to medium-sized dabs. The downside to this form of banger is it is not compatible with all the different styles of carb caps.

Thick Bottom Bangers

Although thick bottom bangers take a longer time to heat up, they offer better heat retention than other types of banger nails. This style of banger is are thicker than other types of bangers (providing a double layer of thickness at the bottom of the dish), making them ideal for dabbers who partake in low-temperature dabbing.

Flat Top Banger

If you are looking for a more versatile banger than the flat top banger is a great selection. This banger is a great choice for any size of dab. It also is compatible with the largest range of styles for carb caps.

Thermal Banger Nails

One of the more recent designs to hit the market are thermal banger nails. This type of banger features a double-walled chamber for concentrate and prevents unused concentrate from plugging up the neck of the banger. They can be used with or without a carb cap and are great for lower temperature dabbers. Thermal banger nails also help to better maintain heat than other banger options.

Round Bottom Bangers

Round bottom banger nails feature a deep-dish design and are great for those who want to smoke large dabs. This style of banger can offer a strong seal for just about any type of carb cap and features no corners for your concentrate to get caught in (making it more efficient and easier to clean). The deep dish also helps to prevent concentrate from larger dabs from leaking down the neck or joint of your rig.

How Is a Banger Nail Used?

Banger nails can be used in three ways for dabbing. These include low-temperature dabbing, high-temperature dabbing, and cold-start dabbing. Although similar, each method of dabbing offers slight differences and is used for a different overall experience. For instance, low-temperature dabbing is a great option for those who want to avoid the harsh heat from high-temperature dabbing. It also provides better flavoring than dabbing with high temperatures. 

Banger dab tool with smoke background

Instructions for Low-Temperature Dabbing

  • 1. Connect your banger nail to your rig.
  • 2. Using the torch, heat the underside of the banger. You will know it is hot enough when it glows red. This typically will take somewhere between fifteen seconds to one minute. Keep in mind, all times will vary depending upon the specific type of banger you use.
  • 3. Allow your banger to cool down for around twenty to forty seconds.
  • 4. Using your dab tool, take out the amount of concentrate you want to use.
  • 5. While sweeping your concentrate around the inside of the bowl of your banger, inhale using the mouthpiece.
  • 6. (If using a carb cap) Cover the banger with the cap and inhale.
  • 7. Wipeout any excess or residual left behind.

Instructions for High-Temperature Dabbing

  • 1. Connect your banger nail to your rig.
  • 2. Using the torch, heat the underside of the banger. You will know it is hot enough when it glows red. This typically will take somewhere between fifteen seconds to one minute. Keep in mind, all times will vary depending upon the specific type of banger you use.
  • 3. Let your banger cool until the banger is no longer giving off a red glow.
  • 4. Using your dab tool, get your desired amount of concentrate.
  • 5. Place the concentrate into the bowl of your banger and use the mouthpiece to inhale.
  • 6. (If using a carb cap) Use the carb cap to cover the banger and breathe in the remainder of the vapor.
  • 7. Once cool, wipe out any excess or residual left behind.

Instructions for Cold-Start Dabbing

  • 1. Using your dab tool, place the desired amount of concentrate into the bowl of your banger.
  • 2. Using a torch, heat the underside of your banger until the concentrate inside melts.
  • 3. Cover the banger nail with your carb cap, and as you watch you will notice vapor beginning to collect inside of the banger.
  • 4. If needed, heat the banger again for a few seconds.
  • 5. As you breathe in the vapor, rotate the carb cap around the bowl of the banger.
  • 6. Wipeout any residual or excess left behind.

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