Carb Caps - The Complete List for Types of Carb Caps

We explain Carb Caps and describe the various types available, complete with pictures. Carb caps help you achieve the best dabbing experience when using a dab rig and domeless nail.

by: Matthew H. | 01/04/19 2:30PM


As dab rigs rise in popularity, their components also become more popular and more options become available. You have likely started to see a rise in the availability of dab nails, bowls, dabbers, and other accessories for a complete dab rig setup. Among the litany of available parts and accessories, you may have seen more and more kinds of carb caps become available.

What exactly is a carb cap? It is not a necessary part of a dab rig setup, but it is certainly a welcome addition, adding to the quality of the overall experience. A carb cap sits over a domeless dab rig nail, regulating airflow across the trough of the nail where the wax or oil of choice has been applied. The result of a carb cap is a hit that is a much smoother, richer, and an overall better hit of the wax or oil being smoked.Not only that, but it allows you to achieve this richer vapor at a lower burning point, which means there is less of a likelihood of accidentally smoking scorched oil or wax. If you are looking into building a dab rig for the best possible smoking experience, a carb cap is going to become a key tool in your toolbox.


As with many dab rig components, there are various models and designs of carb caps to choose from. Luckily for you, you are already reading the Complete List of Carb Caps! This article is going to give you a fantastic review of several available carb caps and, as more carb caps come to our attention, we will continue to update and add different designs to this list.

Have a carb cap you would love to see on this list? Let us know! Not only are our researchers adding models, but we happily accept user submissions! Tell us about a carb cap you want to see here.

And with that being said, it is time to dive into the meat of the article!


1. Ceramic Carb Cap with Dabber

A simple, high-quality tool, this ceramic carb cap with dabber makes a great addition to any domeless dab rig setup. This two-piece product is made out of high-quality ceramic, which is slow to heat, making it ideal for capping your heated dab nail. Not only is this a car cap, but the end can serve as a fantastic dabber, letting you check off several boxes with one item! Wonderfully versatile, this carb cap is made to fit any dab nail measuring at 18mm or smaller, allowing it easily fit into most existing rig setups. If you are ready to make the rich, smooth vapor that you have been missing, then this ceramic carb cap is exactly what you need!


2. Titanium Carb Cap with Removable Dabber:

If you have been smoking with a dab rig with a domeless nail and you do not have a carp cap, you are just wasting vapor! Carb caps are perfect for helping you retain vapor, so you can enjoy every ounce of oil and wax, and this titanium carb cap with removable dabber is an incredible product. Being titanium, this carb cap is built to last and will survive repeated use (and the occasional dropping) with ease. It also has a dabber built in as well, so you can combine dabbing and capping into one easy, smooth motion! This carb cap measures 22mm across, letting it fit into most dab rig setups. Step up your dab game with this titanium carb cap with removable dabber!


3. Onion Shaped Ceramic Carb Cap Dabber

High-quality dab rig setups require high-quality components, and this ceramic carb cap dabber delivers. If you have struggled with other carb caps conducting heat too easily, this carb cap will treat you well! Its all-ceramic design allows it to handle high heats easily, letting you focus less on trying to not get hurt and focus more on making the perfect vapor! No being frustrating with incompatible parts, either, because this carb cap is made to be universal, fitting any dab nails measuring 18mm or smaller. Of course, an added bonus is the built-in dabber, making the dabbing and capping process smooth sailing.  If you have a domeless dab nail or if you just want a higher quality cap, this onion-shaped ceramic carb cap dabber is right for you!



4. Highly Educated Ball Cap Carb Cap:

This stylish, high-end carb cap makes a great addition to any well-designed, thought out domeless dab rig setup. Designed to allow for smoking points at the lowest possible temperature, this carb cap specializes in making sure you get the highest quality vapor from your oils or wax as possible (and it helps you not waste vapor, too!) It looks incredible with its anodized grade 2 titanium build, and is available in a variety of different colors. Matching dabbers are available for separate purchase, letting you make a very aesthetically pleasing dab rig. If you want a high-quality, durable addition to your dab rig, this ball cap carb cap is it!


5. Titanium Carb Cap with Ball Point Dabber:

If you have a lot of experience using carb caps and want a cap that allows for a more customizable smoking experience, this titanium carb cap with ballpoint dabber is going to blow you away. Made from grade-2 titanium, this carb cap has two lateral holes which the user can cover and uncover at will, allowing you to manipulate airflow to create the exact quality of vapor you want! Constructed with versatility in mind, this carb cap can be attached from either the top or the bottom, allowing it to be compatible with a variety of nails. To top it all off, the included ball-point dabber allows for precision when placing your oils or wax, letting you have the most exact smoking experience you want! This titanium carb cap with ballpoint dabber is the precision tool you have been looking for.


6. Highly Educated Top Hat Carb Cap:

Another addition for the more refined dabber, the top hat carb cap deserves nothing less than a wonderfully formal introduction. Made from polished, grade 2 titanium, the top hat carb cap is an easy to clean solution to giving you the highest quality vapor you have ever smoked! The secret? A single angled hole regulates the amount of air coming across your oil or wax, allowing for a thick, rich vapor to be produced at the lowest temperatures possible. It also acts as a cap and prevents vapor from escaping! And since it comes in a variety of colors, you will have no problem finding the perfect top hat for your fancy dab rig! A wonderfully proper addition to any domeless dab rig setup.


7. Cheech UFO Directional Carb Caps:

Looking for something a little alien for your dab rig setup? These UFO directional carb caps are about to abduct your attention and interest! These glass carb caps are simple and easily affordable, making them a great choice for any beginner dabber who has not dabbled with carb caps much.  Designed with an angled hole for air, this carb cap lets you control the amount of air that hits your concentrate, letting you create a vapor that is truly out of this world. It comes in a variety of colors, and we recommend it be used with quartz dab nails. Brace yourself to take off with these fun, inexpensive UFO directional carb caps!


8. Glass Thermal Pan Carb Cap:

A wonderful option if you do not like the dull look that ceramic or titanium often have, or if you want a carb cap that will work wonderfully with your quartz dab nail. These glass thermal pan carb caps are beautifully designed and are available in a variety of colors. Their design includes a glass knob on top that is insulated from most of the heat, as well as an overall bell design, allowing it to fit most quartz nails. And, of course, this carb cap is made with perfect airflow in mind and with making sure your vapor does not escape in mind, too! Exact sizes may vary, though most of these carb caps will be around 2in in length. Treat yourself and get one today!


9. UFO Glass Carb Caps for Banger Nails:

Another great UFO design specifically for quartz banger nails! If you use a quartz banger nail, you may have become frustrated with trying to find a great carb cap, only to find carb caps that fit titanium or ceramic nails instead. Incompatible parts are the worst! Luckily, this UFO design fits great onto quartz banger nails! As with other carb caps on our list, this one does a great job of regulating air flow and letting your dab rig make the richest, milkiest vapor you have ever had! A versatile carb cap, this one is made to fit various sizes of banger nails. Your quartz banger nails deserve a carb cap as good as this UFO glass carb cap!


10. Mushroom Carb Cap:

Do not let the cute design fool you. This mushroom carb cap is all business when it comes to dabbing. They are made from thick glass, which means durability for repeated use, or the occasional abuse that may accidentally happen. They fit a variety of quartz nails easily, including most quartz bangers and thermal bangers. You get quite the bang for your buck with these wonderful mushroom carb caps! They come in a variety of colors, making it the perfect pick-up for the dabber who like to have an array of different color options. This affordable, wonderfully designed carb cap makes a fantastic addition to any dabbing toolbox.


11. Nipple Directional Carb Cap:

A simple, easy to use, but extremely effective component to a dab rig, this nipple directional carb cap will likely become your go-to carb cap. Its “nipple” design allows it to be easily handled as well as allow for increased airflow during the dabbing process. Its clear-glass design lets you see the air vortex it creates at work, and you can literally see how effective it is at creating a higher quality vapor to smoke. It is made of thick, durable glass, and can work on most sizes of quartz bangers. Easy to handle, easy to see it at work, extremely affordable, and a great way to really step up your dabbing game. What more could you ask for?

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