Domeless Titanium Nails - Complete List Titanium Dab Nails

Domeless Titanium Nails are very popular for use with Dab Rigs.  Learn about them here and scroll through the various types available, complete with pictures and quick reviews.

by: Joanna S. | 12/07/18 2:30PM


All About Titanium Dab Nails

Titanium nail are not just good for construction anymore. Domeless titanium dab nails, to be specific, are excellent accessories to have for dab rigs. The options are endless, and we here at NY Vape Shop want to have a complete list of possibilities so that you know which ones work best for you. As a result of this, we have compiled one of these lists, featuring all of the domeless dab titanium nails you may find in the marketplace. Each nail will have an introduction and review. It will give you specifications about the nail, what kind of dabs they are compatible with, and the highlighted benefit of the nail. This is to give you, as our valued consumer and fellow dabber, insight on the benefits that every option can give you. We will continue to add on to this list as more dab nails come out, and if there is one that you as our reader think we missed, feel free to send it over so that we can add it on here. By the end of this article, we want to armed with all of the knowledge you need to pick out the right nail that is right for you. If that nail is a titanium dab nail, then this is the complete list that you need.


Different Nails but all for Dabbing Wax

Nails are used for dabbing or taking dabs. There are various different types: E nails, ceramic nails, quartz nails, and titanium nails. Titanium nails are made of its namesake composite. There are a variety of options, such as male and female, which you will see in the list below. They became popular because of their durability and ability to last a very long time. They perform well as dab nails, heating up well, but cooling quickly also. As a result, they perform best with a carb cap as well. Be sure to consider the size of your dab ring and budget when choosing the nail to fit your properly. Scroll through and figure out which one is your favorite:

The Dab Nail List


1. Female Titanium Nail for Dabbing

The female titanium nail has 6 intake holes on the dab plate. It fits 14mm and 18mm male joints, and comes in at a height of 2.25 inches tall. The dab plate can unscrew from the top of the nail for easy cleaning and residue scraping. The holes allow for maximum airflow performance and the titanium alloy is long lasting and durable.


2. Domeless Nail for Dab Rigs

The domeless nail for dab rigs fits most dab rigs. It is a male nail that also fits the 14mm and 19mm female, making it multifaceted. Its height comes in at 1-7/8 inches tall, with a dab hole diameter of 6mm and a dab plate diameter of .75 inches. The nail being made of our dependable titanium composite means it will last for years and dab sessions to come. In addition, the dab plate can unscrew from the top of the nail for easy access and cleaning, making it that much easier for you to dab.domeless-titanium-nail-male-and-female

3. Domeless Titanium Nail Male Female

The domeless titanium nail male and female is a universal dab nail that is popular for a few reasons. Its size is compact, with a height that is 1.875 inches tall. It has a dab hole diameter of 6mm and dab plate diameter of .5 inches. It is compatible with both 10mm and 15mm male and female stems. The versatility and interchangeable design makes it a domeless nail favorite. Plus, with its titanium nail composite, you know that it will last you for many years to come.


4. Domeless Titanium Dab Nail

The domeless titanium dab nail is an easy to use domeless dab nail. The beauty of this one is that you can use it with about any dab ring. It is 2-1/8 inches tall and have a dab plate diameter of 5/8 inches. The dab hole diameter is 6mm, and it is a female nail that fits 10mm male stems. With the domeless titanium dab nail, you can unscrew the nail into two parts at the middle to make cleaning easy. To use, all you need to do is roast the top of the nail, apply the wax, and begin dabbing.



5. Male Titanium Domeless Nail

The male titanium domeless nail is a 10mm nail. It is a male nail that fits 10mm female stems, and is 2.25 inches tall. It has a dab hole diameter of 6mm, and can unscrew in the middle for easy cleaning. The design of the nail makes it almost indestructible, with the titanium once again proving its longevity for dab nails. In order to use, you just need to heat, apply wax, and you are on your merry dabbing way.


6. Universal Domeless Titanium Nail

While specific dabs may be great, for others the universal Domeless dab nail is the easiest way to go. With the universal domeless titanium nail, the easy switch and ability to size almost anywhere makes it hard not to love. This nail, with a height of 2-1/8 inches, a dab plate diameter of 16mm, and a dab hole diameter of 6mm, fits in most dabs, you can switch from the 14mm male or female dab ring stems to the 19mm male or female dab rig steams without blinking an eye. Plus, knowing it is titanium means knowing that no matter how many dab rigs you use, your universal domeless titanium nail will keep up with you for a long time.



7. Titanium Nail with Sidecar

These titanium sidecar nails are a different breed of titanium domeless nail. In a classic universal fashion, they are male or female domeless nails. They are compact in size at 10mm. since they are male or female domeless dab nails, they can fit with male or female dab rigs, so long as it is a 10mm joint. The nail retains heat much better and at a higher rate than quartz, ceramic, or glass, making it an excellent multi-compatible option for your dab rig!


8. Multi-fitting Nail

The multi-fitting nail is a titanium domeless nail for electric nail (e nail) it fits in both the 14mm and 18mm male and female dab rings. The composite makes it long lasting, and this nail is made for usage with e-nails. However, it is important to not use the nail directly on the rigs joint while using e nail. In addition, a drop down or glass adapter is always recommended to preserve your rig. It is also important to not overheat this titanium nail. Doing so could lead to the glass fitting that it is sitting in to crack and break. The titanium heats up quickly as well as cools down quickly, which can cause this to happen. The airflow, function, and quality for this multi-fitting nail is great, and it is a truly universal nail that hits smooth.


9. Titanium Banger

The titanium banger is a multi-use nail. It has a 14mm/18mm male joint and can be used on almost any pipe with a female connection. This means that it fits 14mm/18mm female joints. It is 2.5” x 2.5” and is made of grade 2 titanium. It heats quickly, as titanium does, but stays hot longer due to this. To use, you can heat the titanium bucket on the banger. Once it is glowing red, you can apply everything and enjoy. It has flexibility in being multi-use. Be sure to clean the nail afterward for optimum performance and longevity in use.


10. Titanium Nail with removable head

This titanium nail has a removable head, making it stand out from the rest. The domeless dab nail fits with the 18.8mm joint. It is 3 inches in size. The titanium nail with a removable head is made with grade 2 titanium as well, allowing it to heat up quickly to use in your dab rig. It is made for both thin and waxy oils and is an upgrade to the concentrate setup, ready for daily use, and good with heat retention, durability, and flavor.


11. E nails

E nails are an entirely different category of nails themselves. They stand for electric nails, and they are changing the face of dabbing entirely. E nails are the newest type of dab nail, making breakthrough in increasing the experience and becoming more and more popular as people continue to try them. E nails have a few qualities that allow them to be continuously sought out. They are a much safer nail. This is because the source used to heat the nail is electricity, rather than a blow torch. This fact alone makes it safer and easier to use. In addition, because you are using electricity to heat the nail, you no longer have to guess at the heat needed for your dab. With the e-nail, you can easily adjust the temperature to make it the ideal heat for the best taste in your vapor. Many e nails are also made of titanium, as the metal is still durable and efficient to dab with. Be sure to check back here for updates, and send any nails over that you feel should be added to the list.

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