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Domeless Titanium Dab Nail

Quality, easy to use domeless nail for use with just about any dab rig. Simply roast the top of the nail as usual, apply wax and start dabbing. But also enjoy easy cleaning with this product because it unscrews in the middle to separate into two parts.

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  • Product Details

    Domeless Nail Listing Includes

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    • Female Titanium Domeless Nail

    Domeless Nail Details

    • Female Nail that fits - 10mm male stems
    • Cool Attribute - the nail unscrews into two parts at the middle to make cleaning easy
    • Height - 2-1/8 inches tall
    • Dab plate diameter - 5/8 inches
    • Dab hole diameter - 6mm

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    • User Manual

      Common Questions about this domeless nail 1. Will this work with my rig? This nail will work with most dab rigs and what you need to consider is the stem which the nail is place onto or into. This nail works best on a 10mm male stem. 2. Is the nail indestructible The nail is made from a super strong titanium composite and it will not break if you drop it. It likely won't scratch either but it may. Take a hammer to it and the nail may only bend and misshapen slightly. The nail is technically not indestructible but it will take a beating and a half. 3. Should I go with the titanium or ceramic nail? The answer to this question is based on preference. Ceramic is less costly, does not heat as quickly as the titanium nail, but it will retain the heat for a longer amount of time. The ceramic is also reported to offer a better taste while dabbing but it is at greater risk of cracking over time through use or if dropped onto a hard surface.