Dab Nail vs Bong Bowl - Product Comparison by Experts

Dabbing Wax has become a huge craze. It consists of a Dab Rig and a Dab Nail. Nails to a Rig are like a Bong Bowl is to a Bong. Bong Bowls hold dry herbs where Dab Nails get super hot are are where Wax is placed right before taking a Dab.

by: Emmanual O. | 06/22/20 1:30PM


What are the Differences?

Dabbing vs. Smoking

In terms of use, these two devices are different, and the reason is quite apparent. For one, dab nails use legal concentrates like oils, waxes, and other related materials. On the other hand, bong bowls are for smoking herbs like flowers, tobacco, and any dry herb.

Wax vs. Dry Herbs

Dab tools like dab nails are for wax, and bong bowls more suitable for dry herbs. Neither is interchangeable because their functions are unique. A dab nail will not work for dry herbs. Also, there are many varieties to be expected from a dab nail because they are made from several kinds of materials.

Dab Rig vs. Bong

It is important to note here that bongs have been in existence for longer than dab rigs. Dab rigs are mostly the newer addition. To many users, they are pretty much the same when in fact, they are quite different. The most obvious difference is the kind of concentrate with which you use them. A bong is for dry herbs while a dab rig is for concentrates. However, you could use a dab rig as a bong and a bong as a dab rig


Heat Level

The thing is, both units get heat and have varying capabilities at heat retention. While dab nails retain heat at a faster rate, bong bowls take more time to get hot. Dab nails mainly have this superiority because of the material they’re made from and the material you use with them. The heat retention is essentially one of their most important features because that’s the point of a dab nail. However, bong bowls getting too much heat put your dry herbs in jeopardy such that you experience burning or bad flavoring.

Packing vs. Dabbing

A bong bowl is one you pack with finely ground dry herbs and then heat. Nails, on the other hand, are filled with choice concentrates and then dabbing begins. In terms of the material you use, dry herbs are more natural to handle. Besides a few spills that ensue due to poor handling, you’re good to go with dry herbs. Waxes, however, are messier. They are sticky and prone to forming clogs.

Dabbing vs smoking

What are the Similarities?

Both are Accessories

We have mentioned that both units are accessories and are peculiar in their functions. As much as a dab nail fits into a dab rig and the bong bowl is aligned well with bongs. You know now that dab rigs and bongs share similar functions and you can appreciate their functionality more.

Can’t Use without

If you use or own a water pipe, you know that they have a male or female joint; the same goes for dab rigs and bongs. That is to say that both will use any glass accessory with an opposite joint. Bongs have a bowl piece, also called a bong bowl that fits right into the joint. With it, you enjoy your dry herb. For oils and waxes, you need to fix a dab nail into your water pipe's joint so that when you heat the nail, you can enjoy your concentrate. A homemade bong bowl in all of its plainness is a bong bowl. What have we been saying? A bong bowl on a water pipe makes it a bong while a dab nail on a water smoking pipe makes it a dab rig.


Available in Many Designs

Dab nails are the newer innovations and have seen diverse creativity in their designs. They are made from quartz, ceramic, silicone bongs, titanium composite, and more. The same can be said of bong bowls, even though they are more prevalent in the glass pipes option. In bong bowls, you have an inbuilt screen too.


Affordability depends on your budget. You’d always find something that works for your budget, but this is not to rule out the availability of more expensive options. In general, the prices are reasonable and often as cheap as $9.99. When you shop online with NYVapeshop.com, you even get free shipping.

Small and Portable

These items are probably two of the most portable for dabbing and smoking items. They are easy to store and fit into the hand. You also find them easy to transport or carry in your pocket.

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