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How to Choose a Bong

Bongs are one of the most iconic ways to enjoys dry herb – they’re showcased all throughout smoking culture – and for good reason: they deliver powerful, flavorful hits consistently. Bongs, at their most basic, are pretty simple to operate and understand. Picking the best bong for yourself is going to be largely dependent on finding something that meets your needs, preferences, and will let you get as mild or wild as you want.

Type of Bong

There are a ton of different bongs and the diversity can be mind-boggling sometimes. Essentially, your best bet, is to think about what sorts of qualities or characteristics you are looking for before jumping down the rabbit hole online or in shops. There are tubular bongs, gravity bongs, water bongs, gas mask bongs, etc. Each one will either give you a varying smoking experience, different aesthetics, etc, so you will want to have an idea of what you’re looking for to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Cool Bongs

While it is arguable that all bongs are cool, some are certainly endowed with some cool features that should be considered when making a bong purchase. For example, there are different styles of bongs that are fan-based and this could be of value to you. Or, the myriad different attachments like ice catchers, percolators, ash catchers, etc that make your smoking experience more personalized might be of real importance to you. You will want to consider the value these might add to your experience.

Glass, Silicone, Acrylic Bongs

Bongs come in a variety of different materials. Each of these materials (like glass, silicone, plastic) is going to change how you will need to maintain, secure, store, and use your bong. There are also stylistic qualities and preferences you might want to take into account. For example, you might need something more indestructible if you tend to drop things, and so on. To some, certain materials are more pleasing to look at or smoke out of. So as you are seeking out the right bong for you, you will want to explore your own personal preferences.

Bong Sizes

Being so popular, bongs come in a variety of sizes as well as materials and shapes. There are bongs that are designed to be easier to transport and travel around with, easier to conceal, or for more personal use. On the other end of the spectrum, however, you have bongs that are definitely party bongs and meant to be conversational pieces (like a four foot bong or something equally as large). You can easily see how your preferences and needs will certainly dictate your size considerations.

What is a Bong

A bong, or water bong, is a type of smoking device that utilizes water to filter and cool smoke as you are taking a hit. Much larger than the average hand pipe, they are usually able to stand by themselves and sit nicely right on any table top. The bong bowl part of the bong is where the herbs are packed and then lit. Bongs allow for the accumulation of smoke and are able to deliver huge hits that can never be matched by small glass pipe.

Best Bongs

The ‘best’ bong is pretty hard to describe (and, yet, can be the easiest thing to describe). The dilemma is that a bong’s usefulness will differ from person to person. As mentioned earlier, your personal preferences and needs will largely dictate the bong that is best for you. You should truly sit down and consider the advantages and disadvantages of different types of bongs and what you need or want the most.

Gravity Bongs

Gravity bongs are unique types of bongs. They use the powers of physics to ‘push’ or ‘shove’ a really big, strong puff of smoke into your lungs. They can be homemade or purchased and the craftsmanship will vary depending on what route you go and the quality of materials you have. The Bukket pipe is an extraordinarily popular, purchased option to use. All told, gravity bongs will deliver some of the biggest rips for a cheap price.

Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs are shaped like glass bongs and have a greater level of durability by a mile. They are also easy to clean, especially the 2-piece bong. These two attributes alone make a silicone bong desirable for more and more bong enthusiasts and amateurs alike. However, some glass purists will claim there is a taste difference or something heretical about a silicone bong. This is mostly a preference. Don’t discount how useful a silicone bong can prove to be.

Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are some of the most popular types of bongs and certainly well-represented in pop culture. Glass bongs are going to be a tad heavier because of the glass material, and there is a tremendous variety of manufacturers offering different levels of quality and sturdiness. It goes without saying: a glass bong can shatter if you’re not careful and handling it properly. Make sure to consider the fragility of the glass bong you are purchasing.

Percolator Bongs

Percolator bongs are going to incorporate percolators to ‘bubble’ your hit and add more oxygen, power, and smoothness. A percolator bong can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and incorporate different types of percolators that also have their own advantages and disadvantages. These bongs will give you powerful, smooth hits thanks to extra filtration by the additional percolation. However, remember that this can add to their cost as well as their maintenance.

Dab Bong

These are referring to using a bong to smoke wax as opposed to dry herb. These are officially referred to as ‘dab rigs’ and are specially designed to handle the thicker, stickier wax as well as higher temperatures needed to properly smoke it. They will allow you to use a concentrate known for producing a greater high with less material (hence, concentrate). Dab bongs, or dab rigs, are for those who truly like to get twisted.

Ice Bongs

So, to clarify, this can refer to two things: bongs with ice catchers and bongs physically made of ice. A bong with an ice catcher is a bong that you purchase with the intent of filling with ice cubes to cool your hits down. So, if you prefer less heat and smoother hits, consider a bong with an ice catcher. For those same reasons, and maybe creative expression, with a silicone mold you can try making a bong out of ice for smooth, novel hits.

Bong Bowls

The bowl on a bong is going to be critical to smoking. This is where your dry herb is going to be packed and where you will apply the flame or heat source. You will want to make sure that you have a bong bowl that is large enough for your intended purposes (multiple vs singular smoker) and fits your bong nicely. That last one is important because you can interchange bong bowls for different purposes. And if the hole in the bong bowl is too large, where herbs get sucked through, you can also get some glass bong bowl screens.