Water Pipes

Water pipes have become rather popular as a nice middle ground between pipes and bongs because of their use of water but much smaller size. There is no rhyme or reason behind what material a water pipe should be made out of anymore than there are for bongs or pipes – just that glass is more fragile than others, silicone lightweight and indestructible, etc. If someone wants to have a smoother hit than a pipe in a smaller package than a bong, a water pipe is the way to go!
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How to Choose the Best Water Pipe

Water pipes, also referred to as bongs, use water filtration to remove large particles from smoke. This water filtration also cools the smoke, making it tastier and smoother. There is so much variation among water pipes and there are many features you can choose from so finding the best water pipe can feel overwhelming. Keep reading to find the best water pipe for your needs.

Different Types of Water Pipes

It may seem like there are endless options when shopping for a Smoking water pipe. First, you have to choose a size. While water pipe usually refers to an upright bong, bubblers are technically handheld water pipes. You can choose from a round base, straight tube or glass beaker type base. Then you may want extra features such as an ice catcher or a percolator. You can also choose between different materials of water pipes.

Glass, Plastic, Wood & Silicone Water Pipes

Glass water pipes are the most popular for many reasons. They offer great flavor and look great. Some glass water pipes could be considered works of art. However, if you are on a tight budget, a plastic water pipe could fit your needs. Plastic water pipes still have a glass or metal downstem and bowl as you don’t want to heat up plastic. Silicone water pipes have become very popular recently. These usually have a glass bowl and downstem and offer great taste and durability. Finally, there are wood or bamboo water pipes. These can be a cool novelty but are more difficult to clean than the other materials.

Sizes of Water Pipes

Handheld water pipes (aka bubblers) can be as small as a small spoon pipe but with a slightly deeper bowl base to hold some water. Bongs can be as short as 8 inches and can get pretty tall. While most glass smoking water pipes are between one to two feet tall, you can find six foot bongs. One to two foot bongs are the most popular because they are easy to use. Anything longer often requires two people to use.

Unique Styles of Water Pipes

Glass water pipes have the most unique styles, color options, and features compared to other types of bongs. You can find all sorts of custom shapes and stems, for example z-shaped stems. Also, many glass water pipes will have an ice catcher that holds a few ice cubes for further cooling. Percolators are additional water filtration chambers and you can find single, double and even triple percolator bongs.

Types of Water Pipes

There are many types of smoking water pipes and we want to make sure you choose the style that is right for you. In each category, you can find all sorts of options but we will organize and detail them a bit more below.

Glass Beaker Water Pipes

Beaker style water pipes are scientifically designed to deliver the best rips. They are also the most stable of all bongs as they have a wide, flat base. These smoking water pipes often have features such as ice catchers and percolators. You can also find beaker bongs of just clear glass or cool color choices including color changing glass.

Round Base Water Pipes

This is the most traditional bong shape. The base is round and allows for a good amount of water. The more water your bong holds, the less often you will need to change the water. These also often have ice catchers or percolators. Glass round base water pipes often are more artistic than glass beaker bongs and can make a nice decoration in your living room.

Straight Tube Water Pipes

These bongs are just a straight tube so the stem goes all the way to the base. These can be less stable than beaker or round base water pipes and also hold less water. The benefit is they can fit in tight spaces and can be transported easier than other water pipes. You will need to change the water more frequently with straight tube smoking water pipes.

Artistic and Unique Water Pipes

Many glass water pipes are pieces of art. Many glass water pipes are custom blown into unique and beautiful designs. The glass can also be filled with cool colors or have color changing glass that develops as you use it. The more unique a glass water pipe is, the more expensive it is as well. Custom glass water pipes can range from about a few hundred up to thousands of dollars.

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