Carb Caps

The Carb Cap Dabber is complementary to a dab rig and domeless nail. The dabber part is used to apply wax to the nail and the cap covers the nail top. They are used to handle wax, but they also cap Domeless nails to produce the most ideal heat environment. Choose from the different options below that include ceramic and titanium carb caps designed to optimize the dabbing experience. Discreet packaging and FREE US shipping on All orders.

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Titanium Carb Cap with Dabber
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How to Choose a Carb Cap
Choose from different Materials

Similar to the domeless nail, carb caps can be found in titanium composite and ceramic materials. The metal is more durable and can last just about forever. It also heats more quickly then ceramic. Ceramic takes more time to heat but it can retain heat better and users often boast about the pure taste you get with ceramic.

Cap Size

The point of the carb cap is to cover the domeless nail so that vapor cannot escape, and also to keep the surface at an optimal temperature for dabbing. A cap too large can may be be fiddled with to half-work, but one too small just won't work. Pay attention to the size of the carb cap in question, plus the domeless nail and make a decision with that in mind.

Vent Holes Available

The carb cap covers the domeless nail to keep vapors in but you still need ventilation so that hits can be taken while the nail is covered. One hole keeps the vapors in more easily but with two holes or more, you will get better and bigger pulls. Both work so this is solely a preference thing.

Dabber Attached

The cap used to cover the domeless nail usually is not sold alone. This product will typically come with a sweet dabber tool attached. The tool is used for handling the wax so it goes perfectly with the cap and domeless nail. Once you know the size needed, the dabber aspect is another feature to contemplate and compare.

What is a Carb Cap

A carb cap is a great tool for anyone dabbing with a domeless nail. The Carb Cap is a device that fits over the domeless nail after it has been heated and wax applied. The cap will capture all of the vapors so that none escape into the air, and it will also help to keep the nail's surface at a temperature most ideal for vaping wax. Also, these carb caps usually come equipped with a dabber tool that is great for handling and applying wax.

Titanium Carb Cap

This is the most popular type of cap used while dabbing with domeless nails. They stand up very well over time and offer a long term solution to capping nails. They come with a variety of vent hole and dabber tool options. Best used with other metal nails and not recommended for use with quartz nails.

Ceramic Carb Cap

Also a very popular carb cap, ceramic is best known for providing the ultimate experience when it comes to purity of taste. They won't stand up to abuse like titanium carb caps, but the ceramic can last if handled with care. They are also more affordable versus metal caps.

Carb Cap Dabber

This is technically the full name because every cap will come with a dabber tool attached, whether removable or not. Given heat transfer, you will not want to touch a cap that is covering a super-hot domeless nail. The dabber tool is an extension that is safer to hold while capping a nail. And a dabber tool should be used, so this makes the process very seamless.

Why Buy a Carb Cap Dab Tool

If you are dabbing with an oil rig, you don't NEED a carb cap, but it is the proper way to operate, plus it is highly beneficial, so why not? The cab will encase the domeless nail after wax has been applied and will make sure the vapors do not escape. With it, you can also maintain the hot surface for a longer period, allow you to completely clear all the wax applied, versus the surface cooling and wax going unused and wasted.

ny vape shop guarantee

Every Carb Cap Dabbing tool is designed a bit differently. Each and every dab tool purchased at NY Vape Shop comes with instructions, reviews, tips and other easy to read information located on the product page. If you have any additional questions about your specific carb cap or any other wax tool, please Contact Us Here and we will help with anything.