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Small Silicone Bubbler Pipe
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Silicone Spoon Pipe
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Barrel Sherlock Silicone Pipe
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Mini Bucket Silicone Hand Pipe
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Hot Dog Smoking Pipe
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Darth Vader Bong Bowl
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Baby Yoda Bubbler Pipe
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Rick and Morty Silicone Smoking Pipes
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Guy Fawkes Mask Smoking Pipe
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Avocado Smoking Pipe
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Mushroom Smoking Pipe
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Eggplant Smoking Pipe
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Baguette Smoking Pipe
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Hemp Leaf Smoking Pipe
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Turkey Leg Smoking Pipe
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RPG Nectar Collector
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Homer Simpson Nectar Collector
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Long Stem Glass and Silicone Bubbler
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How to Choose the Best Silicone Pipe

When it comes to silicone pipes, there are several factors to think about when choosing the best piece for you. What is best for one smoker may not be the right choice for the next. When it comes down to it, deciding which silicone pipe you want to use comes down to personal preference. The possibilities are nearly endless. Whether you want a simple pipe or more complex devices like bongs and rigs, below we have some factors you should think about when purchasing a silicone pipe.

Silicone Pipe Durability

One of the biggest perks of choosing a silicone piece is that they are extremely tough. Even if you are out and about and you drop them on a hard surface, you do not have to worry that they will shatter or break. This makes a silicone pipe a wonderful choice for smoking outside or on the go.

What Your Pipe Will Be Used For

Silicone is a very versatile medium that can be used in a wide variety of ways. Whether you plan on using your pipe for dried herbal smoking blends or wax concentrates, there is a piece to meet your needs. You can find simple dry herb pipes, water bongs, and even dab rigs!

Size of the Silicone Pipe

Another important factor you should take into account when shopping for your new smoking pipe is the size of the pipe. A smaller device will be easier to take on the go, while a larger one is better for home use. The size of the pipe also affects the hit you will be able to take. If you want to take large rips, a bigger silicone bong would be a great choice. Alternatively, if you are not able to handle a larger hit, you may want a silicone spoon pipe or sherlock.

How Often Do You Smoke?

Are you a daily smoker or a once in a while smoker? If you smoke daily, it would be beneficial to find a piece that is easy to clean and where the resin will not build up too quickly where it needs to be cleaned often. If you do not smoke very often, smaller pipes are okay as they will stay clean much longer without the constant smoking.

Types of Silicone Pipes

One of the coolest things about smoking is all of the various styles of pieces and materials you have to choose from. Silicone is a very popular medium for smoking tools and accessories because it is heat resistant and extremely versatile. From simple bowls to more ornate silicone bubblers and bongs, there is a silicone pipe to fit any smoker’s desires.

Dry Herb Silicone Pipes

Starting with the most simple style, the classic hand pipe is a timeless favorite amongst smoking enthusiasts. Styles range from Sherlocks to the simple spoon, and even a Silicone Gandalf Pipe. You can find larger pipes that bowl pieces that are large enough for a sesh with friends, or smaller pipes that are perfect for personal use. Smaller styles are a fantastic choice for a portable smoking kit since they are discreet and nearly indestructible.

Silicone Bubbler

Bubblers are a great choice for ingesting your herbal blend of choice! Combining the convenience of a bowl with the cooling diffusion of a bong, bubblers give you a great hit each time. If you are looking for a small piece that is easy to store out of view and very durable, silicone bubblers are a great choice.

Silicone Downstem

The perfect accessory to your bongs and rigs, a downstem pulls the smoke down into the water and allows diffusion of the smoke to give you a smoother and gentler puff each time. This is an essential tool that your bong needs to function properly, otherwise, you are more or less just using a dry herb pipe with water in it. If you have ever used a glass downstem, bumped your bong, and were left with a broken downstem, a silicone version would be a wise investment.

Silicone Water Bongs

While you may be used to bongs made out of glass, silicone bongs are a wonderful alternative to the classic fragile devices you are used to. Silicone bongs still provide you with a big, diffused hit, but they are extremely durable, perfect for using with your friends or for parties since you do not have to worry about someone dropping and breaking them.

Silicone Dab Rigs

If you are a wax concentrate connoisseur, you already know how essential a dab rig is to using wax and oils. If you want a truly smooth hit, being able to diffuse it through water will cool and filter the hit before you inhale. Luckily, dab rigs are another one of many pieces that are available in silicone! You can find all sorts of silicone dab rigs, even ones that look like an AK-47, Skulls or even Pumpkins.

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