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We carry a large selection of Wax Coil attachments for a variety of vaporizers and box mods. Choose from quartz rod, ceramic and wick coil options. Options include dual and quad coil attachments for powerful puffs. Easily find replacement coils for your vape pen and enjoy discreet packaging with FREE and Fast US Shipping on all orders.

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How to Choose the Best Wax Atomizer Product

An awesome aspect of vaping is the fact that you can customize your setup in an endless number of ways to suit your lifestyle and preferences. There are a ton of different vape batteries out there as well as cartridges. If you plan on vaping wax then you will need a wax vape atomizer, aka a wax coil or cartridge. There are a few factors you should consider when purchasing a wax atomizer — thread type, capacity, and coil material. Most vape batteries are designed to fit a 510-thread atomizer/cartridge, it is important to determine what thread type is compatible with your wax vape pen battery. There are a few brands out there that design atomizers/cartridges specifically for their batteries. Next is tank capacity and coil type which is more personal preference than necessity. If you are looking to refill less often than an cartridge with a higher liquid capacity would be optimal. For the flavor chasers out there, the material of your coils will be an important factor as well (quartz, ceramic, etc.). Here is a brief a breakdown of the different types of wax dab cartridge atomizers out there.

Understanding Wax Atomizer Sizes

Before purchasing a wax atomizer, it is important to determine the sizing of your vape battery to see what atomizers will be compatible. Most wax atomizers utilize a standard 510 thread making them compatible with a wide range of vape batteries. That being said, there are also tons of wax atomizers out there that are not 510 thread compatible and instead have been designed to fit specific vape batteries.

Finding The Best Flavor

As you continue your wax vaping journey, certain aspects of the vaping experience will become increasingly important — especially flavor. Finding the ‘best’ flavor’ is determined by personal preference and will require a little trial and error. Multiple factors can influence flavor like coil material type, wattages, and etc.

Types of Wax Atomizer Products

As vaping continues to gain traction more and more awesome products will surely be developed. Fortunately, we already have an enormous list of different wax cartridges at our fingertips. The most optimal wax atomizer will depend entirely on the needs of the user themselves. Most people should start with a 510 wax thread atomizer if their unit is designed to be customizable. Beyond that features such as coil material, liquid capacity, ohm resistance, and aesthetic design are all personal preference — no feature is a ‘must have.’ We have provided a list of our favorite wax cartridge here at NY Vape Shop below.

Yocan Cerum Wax Atomizer

The Cerum by Yocan is a solid choice for both beginners and experienced users. This atomizer is fully ceramic and utilizes a standard 510 thread making it compatible with most vape batteries out there. If flavor is important to you then you will be pleased to hear that the Cerum comes with two quartz coils — this atomizer is designed to be vaped between 15-25 watts. Replacing the coils in this atomizer is also super easy and straightforward. You really can not go wrong with this atomizer.

Standard 510 Wax Cartridges

Similar to the popular oil cartridges you see people vaping, if you are wanting to avoid the fuss with deciding the best features of the various options in the market, then this standard wax cartridge with 510 thread is a great choice. This cartridge is 100% reusable and can easily be filled with your favorite wax concentrate. Simply screw the atomizer onto your vape battery and you are good to go. Also, this cartridge is designed to fit up to two coils if so desired. This is a fantastic starter cartridge that will get the job done.

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