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Saber Vape Pen Coil Replacements

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Dual Quartz Rod & Ceramic Donut Coil Replacements for the Saber Vape Pen. Easy to use, pop right onto the vaporizer, & extra wax coils are never a bad idea to have around.
Saber Vape Coils
1 quartz & 1 ceramic

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  • Product Details

    Vape Coil Listing Includes

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    • Saber Vape Replacement Coils with a Choice of Options

    Saber Vape Coil Details

    • Dual Quartz Rod Coil - 2 coil wrapped quartz rods sit at the bottom of the heating chamber
    • Ceramic Donut Coils - 1 ceramic donut sits in a ceramic dish at the bottom of the chamber
    • User Manual

      How to Replace the Vape Coil

      Fortunately the Saber Vape is equipped with the latest and greatest in vaporizer design - all components, including the charger, are held in place via strong magnets. No longer do you have to deal heating chambers that are difficult to remove because the threads are gunked up with wax build up. Simply pull the old coil off the the top of the battery, then replace it with a new heating chamber. Remember, the chambers are held in place by magnets, so just give it a pull to remove the old one, and just drop a new chamber on the top of the battery and it will be firmly to start vaping.