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Saber Vape Pen Coil Replacements

$13.99   $17.99
Dual Quartz Rod & Ceramic Donut Coil Replacements for the Saber Vape Pen. Easy to use, pop right onto the vaporizer, & extra wax coils are never a bad idea to have around.
Saber Vape Coils
1 quartz & 1 ceramic

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  • Description

    Vape Coil Listing Includes

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    • Saber Vape Replacement Coils with a Choice of Options

    Saber Vape Coil Details

    • Dual Quartz Rod Coil - 2 coil wrapped quartz rods sit at the bottom of the heating chamber
    • Ceramic Donut Coils - 1 ceramic donut sits in a ceramic dish at the bottom of the chamber