Saber Vape Pen for Wax Review

The Saber Vape has a revolutionary design with NO threads, only super-strong magnets to keep the parts together. Plus a unique heat setting simmers wax at low heat to achieve the tastiest puffs possible.

by: Matthew S. | 10/23/17 1:30PM


Vape Introduction

The majority of people nowadays are constantly searching for a way to improve their vaping experience. Whether that is with wax, herb or oils, they want something innovative, that provides great flavor, and provides a satisfactory experience overall. The Saber Vape Pen for wax does exactly that.

Before we get into the specifics of the Saber Vape Pen, we should check out the main features and what is included within the packaging:


Saber Vape Pen Features

Variable Voltage Settings - 6 temperature settings- Magnetic Chamber Connection - Auto-heat, Wax Simmering Capabilities - Top Quality Ceramic Wax Coils - Slim, Sleek Design

Kit Includes

Saber Vape Pen (Dual Quarts Rod Coil) - Extra Ceramic Donut Coil
- Dabbing Tool
- Magnetic Charger
- User Manual

Saber Wax Vape Pen kit

Right out of the box, you are ready to vape to your heart's content; just drop a glob of your favorite concentrate into the well, set your temperature, and you are on your way. The ease of use for the Saber is, besides the auto-simmering heat setting, is its biggest draw.

Coming from the e-cigarette side of the vapor industry, I have seen plenty of great products fall because they were inundating the users with unnecessary options and buttons. The vaporizer industry, thankfully, follows a pretty standard pattern of single-button systems, making it simple for the consumer to pick up and go. The Saber Wax Pen offers a single-button system alongside variable voltage and temperature controls that all feel really easy to utilize.

This wax vaporizer is a high-quality, dab pen style device that stands at a total height of 4.75 inches. The Saber may be small, but it sure packs a punch. The included coil heads deserve a lot of the credit here, being that they do most of the heavy lifting. The dual quartz rods and ceramic donut wax coils have swiftly become all-time favorites - quartz is the best when it comes to flavor.

Saber Vape Heating Chambers

Best Vaping Conditions for Wax - Max Flavor

Now we should talk about the vaping experience with the Saber Vape Pen. Right off the bat, this device can chuck the flavor; no matter what I loaded it up with, the Saber brought out all the flavors that are often masked with the other vape pens. The Saber is clearly for those that like to taste the flavors of wax. The temperature ranges are represented by colored LEDs in both the base of the pen and around the firing button.

The simmering heat functionality is really where the Saber Wax Vape dominates the scene. Wax is often heated at too high of temperature and different types concentrate require differing heat settings. Fortunately, this vape pen is smart enough to heat to, and maintain whichever temperature chosen. This function will simmer the wax giving you the best tasting vapor hits ever. The 3 simmer settings are 300°F, 390°F, 480°F

The other 3 temperature controls are similar to how other vape pens operate - simply choose a heat setting, then press the power button to heat. This is great because you can choose which range to operate within, but when you just press a button, the coil will get hotter as the button is held. The 3 heat ranges when you just press the button like a standard vape pen are, 390-570°F, 570-750°F, 750-895°F.

Sometimes with pen vapes, they are limited in providing the best flavor because of how little space there is in their atomizers' wells. Generally, there is not enough room for airflow to come up through the coils to hit you with the flavor you really want. The Saber Pen corrects this fault by providing a taller chimney and far more space around the coil (on both coil heads). All of this, paired with the three well-positioned airflow holes on the side of the saber vape atomizer makes for a wonderfully flavorful hit.

Saber Vape Parts

Magnetic Connections - No More Threads

Another glaring positive that the Saber Wax Pen has going for it is the neodymium magnets that hold each of the three separate pieces of the device together. Around each joint, there is a circular magnet that has more than enough strength to keep the whole vaporizer together without being too difficult to pull apart. That is to say, there is no reason for you to worry about the Saber Vape Pen separating in your pocket.

With just about every other vaporizer for wax, threads are involved. Learn all about threads in this article. Wax tends to get into things, and trying to unscrew a heating chamber from a battery is sometimes near impossible. The smooth surfaces that connect via magnets are much easier to clean and they will never stick like gunked-up thread does.

The Vape Battery Charging

The battery life on the device is pretty good. It boasts a 650 milliampere-hour (mAh) lithium-ion battery which will get the average vaper through the day with no problem. If you are a heavy user, fortunately, there is the tiny, easy-to-use charger included with the kit that mitigates any loss of battery life. The charger connects directly to the battery through the already discussed neodymium magnets, and it plugs right into USB on the other end. There are no cords to worry about here.


How to Use the Saber Vape Pen

This Wax Pen follows suit with essentially all others with the way you turn it on and switch around the options. All you have to do is press the firing button five times to turn it on and off. Simple enough, right?

But wait, there's more. As stated previously, the Saber sports 6 different heating options for your vaping pleasure - 3 Standard heat settings that are activated when the power button is pressed and 3 auto-heat settings that simmer wax at a constant temperature.

Whether heating as usual or using the simmer heat setting, you will need to press the power button 3 times to switch between the Low, Medium, and High settings. When the device shows green, it is on the low (3.7V) setting; when it shows blue, it is on the medium (3.9V) setting; and when it shows red, it is on the high (4.2V) setting. The corresponding temperature for each setting ranges from 390-895°F. After getting to the highest setting, the device round-robins back to the lowest option.

The first 3 heat settings are for standard vaping procedures. Choose a setting and simply operate the vape like every other wax vaporizer by pressing the power button to heat the coil. The wax coil will heat up and continue to heat. With the press of a button, the 3 ranges you will be dealing with are - Green at 390-750°F, Blue at 570-750°F, and Red at 750-895°F.

The Best way to operate the Saber is via the 3 Auto-Heat settings. Instead of pressing and holding the power button, quickly press the power button twice and the chamber will heat for 15 seconds straight - just press the power button once at anytime to cancel the auto-heat. Once activated, the heating chamber will heat up - unlike the temperature range in the standard operating settings, the auto heat function provides a constant temperature that will simmer the wax and create the tastiest vapor extraction. Choose between 300°F, 390°F,480°F.

Altogether, the Saber Pen is fairly standard in usage. It follows the normal eGo-style, which most everyone should be acquainted with by now. If you are not, there really isn't that much of a learning curve, so don't worry. Now, let's talk about how to clean and maintain this device.

Cleaning the Saber Vape Pen

Keeping your vape clean after you purchase from our online vape shop is crucial. The wax pen tip may seem obvious, but consumers are overloaded with various ways to clean each device, each one being trumpeted as the best method by "experts." But the reality is there are multiple correct ways to go about cleaning and maintaining any given device.

To start out, you really need to keep all of your joints/connectors clean. Making sure that each is free of dust and any residue will be a lifesaver in the future. From my experience, the most common problem that people have with their devices is that the wax concentrates build up and start clogging up the works, so to speak.

As far as what you should be using to clean out residue in the connections, you can use most any method you want. For me, the most widely accepted method is using Q-tips. The only place that I say you should NOT be using Q-tips, would be in the heating chamber itself.

For the heating chamber, the only foolproof method I have found is heating up the coils until you burn away all excess wax. If there is a bunch stuck in a place where you can't reach, you can use the dab tool provided in the Saber Vape Pen kit to scrape up the elusive concentrate.

Cleaning the mouthpiece is pretty simple too. If you can't get the mouthpiece clean with a Q-tip or paper towel, you can soak it in isopropyl alcohol or some other 420 cleaner to loosen up any wax that is stuck on the mouthpiece.

Let's Break it Down - Conclusion

The Saber Vape Pen is one of the easiest to use and most flavorful vapes that I have gotten my hands on. There are plenty of products in the market right now that boast a satisfying experience, but none of them prove it as well as the Saber. This vaporizer pen proves that it can provide a full, flavorful experience, no matter what wax you are using. The battery life may not be the longest, but I would rather sacrifice longevity for a great vaping experience. The build quality is another huge pro that I see for the Saber. This device doesn't feel like it is going to break apart, unlike a lot of herb vaporizers out there. The flavorful quartz and ceramic coils along with this high quality manufacturing really makes this vaporizer shine, and the Saber can be put at the top of my list.

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