CCELL Vape Pens - Reviews, Company Info & Where to Buy


With 12 years of expertise within the field of vaporization methods, CCELL is a worldwide innovator leading the vaping movement towards perfection! Their advanced technology utilizes ceramic heating elements to ensure only the best flavor profiles are implemented in every unit of their product line. CCELL’s vision is to create a world class leading vaporization platform for the entire community. Another revolutionary brand geared towards the high-end market for the latest in vaping technology, CCELL steps beyond the boundary of convention to provide truly unique & inspiring products for the vaping industry. By creating high quality devices, CCELL stands by their products & employs over ten thousand people over a combined 24.7 acres of land!


All CCELL vapes are made for your favorite oil concentrates, with each device being able to handle different viscosity in your oils. Whether you want something that is akin to the standard aesthetic model of classic vape pens, or an innovative & stealthy handheld model, CCELL has it all!


Robust & pocket sized. The Dart can actually generate over 210+ puffs after every charge! Hailing from the Aquarius series of vape, the Dart is the first pod system featuring revolutionary ceramic heating elements. A draw activated vape, the design itself is a full grip ergonomic construct for the palm of your hand. One of the most reliable & hardy little vaporizers, the Dart is a favorite among those who favor a pod style mechanism for their vapes without the hassles that accompany other vape pens on the market.


With great capacity and high performance, the M3 remains one of the most popular models offered by CCELL. A great design for a classic vape pen, the M3 is built with a stainless steel housing and is also activated by simply drawing in your breath. No more hassles with buttons, just inhale and enjoy! With a standard 510 threading, the M3 will undoubtedly become your new favorite oil pen & e-juice pen for all your vape sessions. The M3 is rated as one of the best among vape enthusiasts within the community. It is a go to vape pen for many who demand the best quality.


Coming in the standard 510 thread, the Palm is activated once you take in your first breath! Designed to provide 250+ puffs on a single charge, this mighty little unit sure packs a punch! Like the name suggests, the Palm literally fits into the palm of your hand! A simple yet elegant design, the Palm is made to vape your favorite oil concentrates discreetly & effortlessly. Unlike other mini vape pen devices, the Palm is not only made by a trusted name in the vaping world, but it is capable of vaping your favorite flavors of e-juice.


With a standard 510 threading, you will be hard pressed to find any difficulty whatsoever using your Silo vape pen as your new favorite go to. The Silo is also ergonomic & symmetrical, making it one of the most attractive vapes on the market. Another handheld powerhouse made for those looking to vape on the go, the Silo is engineered for maximum output with a button free mechanism. Simply inhale when you are ready for a hit, and the Silo goes to work providing you with the best draws for a smooth & flavorful vaping session. One of the most popular vape pens on the market, the Silo is truly a remarkable piece of vaping equipment!


What distinguishes CCELL from the rest is their dedication to high quality standards. They set the bar very high in order to create the very best for their market. Given their popularity, there are still some frequently asked questions that can be addressed here to better clarify how to get the most out of your CCELL vape.


In this day & age of vaporization over conventional smoking methods, it is common to find the latest & greatest trends in your local head shop. Since CCELL is on the cutting edge of vaping technology, you will find an assortment of vapes to choose from in any reputable shop. Shopping online, NY Vape Shop is happy to accommodate you in that endeavor!


The best vape pen will depend on your individual needs, since what is best for you may or may not be the best for someone else. Luckily, CCELL makes an assorted variety of high quality vapes to choose from. Whether you want a cartridge-based vaporizer, a battery box mod, or even a disposable vape pen, CCELL has something to suit your needs. What makes a vaporizer the best is one that you feel confident will deliver what you want, when you want it, and that is what CCELL prides itself in providing to the vape community at large.


Depending on the specific model of vape from CCELL, you will find the convenience of having a draw activated oil pen that is dialed into the right temperature for your liquids, or even a sophisticated vape pen capable of multiple heat settings. Simply turning on the unit and setting your desired heat level will be sufficient in adjusting the temperatures. A rather easy & straightforward approach comprises the user-friendly models of the CCELL product line. While oils & e-liquid units usually have a preset heating feature which is very convenient, others are made to slightly tailor your experience for more user control.


Simple, direct, and easy to accomplish due to being one of the most user-friendly brands in the business, CCELL products are easily loaded by typical oil procedures. Simply filling up a refillable pod or cartridge with your favorite oil or flavored e-liquid will be the step you take to initiate loading your vape pen. After filling it up to your desired level you can simply place the piece back onto the unit with a fully charged battery and then turn on the power. Depending on your model, you may wait for your desired heating temperature to be reached and then vape away!


It is certainly a great option to consider! In fact, CCELL is one of the few brands in the entire vaping industry to boast their advanced technology utilizes only ceramic heating elements. Combined with the fact that they have 12 years of expertise within the field of vaporization methods, you have one sure brand that has been known to be one of the most reliable & trusted names in the business. CCELL is one of the most popular brands within the vaping community, and owning one ensures that you will be in possession of one of the most efficient vaping devices ever!


Uncomplicated and truly one of the simpler aspects of owning a CCELL vape, rest assured knowing that the process is a straightforward one. When you find that it is time to recharge your vape pen, simply detach the cartridge and plug in your unit to its appropriate cable. This is crucial since plugging it into any other type may contribute to premature wear or inadvertent damage. Once you have the unit connected, plug it into a wall outlet to begin charging. With one of the most technologically advanced vape brands in the industry, charge times will vary but will always be short & efficient!


Whether in cartridges or pods, CCELL specializes in one vaping modality, which is the vaporization of oil concentrates & e-liquids. If vaping oil & e-juice is your thing, then CCELL is your brand! Their technology is geared specifically towards the perfect temperatures & materials to maximize the vaping experience, which translates to simply turning on your unit after loading it, waiting for the right temperature, and then with the push of a button, vape to your heart’s content. Some are even made to activate simply by drawing in your breath with no buttons or temp settings, making them even more versatile & convenient to use!


Every model of vaporizer is designed to work with a specialized pod or cartridge. While other brands make every vaporizer possible to appease a mass market, CCELL specializes in one vaping modality, which makes maintaining your device easier. Simply adhering to a simple cleaning routine every week or so ensures that you will have a clean slate to vape of your favorite flavors of e-juice & oil concentrates. Be carefully cleaning out the pod or cartridge, you clear all the gunk out using a q-tip to soak up excess residues. Wiping down mouthpieces is especially a very good idea to practice good hygiene. Always make sure your battery is charged using the correct charger meant for your vaping device! Maintaining these short & simple practices will ensure the integrity of your CCELL vape pen for years to come!