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How to Clean a Vape Pen

How to Clean a Vape Pen


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IMG_0976.jpgIt is important to keep your vaporizer clean to ensure you are always able enjoy a smooth and tasty vaping experience. A dirty vape is a prime site for bacteria to flourish, especially if you share your vape with others. When your vaporizer gets exposed to germs and viruses, it is important that your vaporizer is clean and sanitized to help you remain healthy and to keep your vape pen in ideal working condition.


how-to-clean-wax-vape.jpgYour vape pen's mouthpiece will attract quite a bit of residue and bacteria over its life as it serves as the vapor pathway. Wax especially will build up quickly and can eventually block the airway. Additionally, the mouthpiece can harbor food particles and saliva for yourself and anyone else who took a hit. Thankfully, it is also the easiest to clean.  

To clean, take a soft cotton cloth or cotton swab to wipe away any loose dirt or debris. For more stubborn residue, you can dampen the cotton cloth or swab with rubbing alcohol (Fingernail polish remover works just fine), but make sure you check the manual first as some models react negatively when they come in contact with those types of liquids. If you do use rubbing alcohol, make sure you rinse the mouthpiece in warm water prior to use.



If the mouthpiece is clean and you’re still having trouble getting a smooth hit, your issue is likely with the screen. Your portable vape pen's screen can be cleaned two ways.


  1. You can soak it in rubbing alcohol for about 5 minutes and then rinse it with warm water.
  2. You bring a small pot of water to a boil and then drop the screen in there until clean—if you stir the screen around you’ll notice the residue starting to come off.


Both ways are equally effective at removing debris and bacteria; it is simply a personal preference.


Dry Herb Chamber

cleaning-vape-tips-NY-vape-shop.jpgAlthough packing dry herbs can be a little bit messy, cleaning the chamber is extremely easy. To clean the chamber after use, unscrew and empty it out by tapping the contents out gently into a trash bin or other receptacle. Then, using a cleaning brush or scraping tool (which can easily be purchased here), gently remove any particles from the chamber and the heating element. If there is stubborn residue, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to gently wipe it away (but make sure to wring out the cotton swab so nothing drips into the bottom of the chamber).

*Never use water to clean these parts! Chambers usually contain unseen compact wirings inside that can be damaged by water. You can, however, wipe the outside part with a damp cotton cloth.


Wax and Oil Chambers

  1. Open the chamber and separate the mouthpiece. (Clean the mouthpiece separately with the instructions above)
  2. Use a clean dab tool to scrape out any large chunks of wax or residue from your atomizer – be very careful to avoid the coil.
  3. After removing all the sediment you can, use a Q-tip, dab tool or cotton bud dipped in rubbing alcohol to rub the rim and the inner lining of the chamber until clean (make sure to wring out the cotton swab so nothing drips into the bottom of the chamber).
  4. Vaporizers such as the AGO Jr contain a chamber connector component that connects the mouthpiece to the heating chamber. This component can clog from residue build up. It can be scraped and cleaned with a dab tool or cotton swab similar to cleaning the mouthpiece or chamber. You can also clean it in the same manner that the screen is cleaned—however, this option may deteriorate the color design on the outside of the component.



  • If you are having trouble getting a smooth pull, the issue is likely with your screen or mouthpiece—these two components are more frequently subject to cleaning versus the heating chamber.
  • Slightly warming up your vaporizer pen prior to cleaning will make the process easier and quicker as high temperatures help to loosen the remaining debris attached to the heating chamber.
  • Do NOT pour alcohol or water onto your device or submerge your device while cleaning. If liquids seep into the circuitry, the vape pen can become damaged.   So when cleaning with a cotton swab, make sure you wring it out to avoid any excess liquids dripping into the heating chamber.
  • Not everyone likes to clean the heating chamber and cleaning is not always necessary. Avoid over-packing and don’t mix dry herbs with wax and you should be able to operate a smooth chamber without cleaning.
by NY Vape Shop
04/13/16 11:05AM
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