E-Nails - The Complete List of Electric Dab Nails

This post summarizes everything you need to know about E-Nails, plus we break down each Dab Nail available so that you can shop informed.

by: Nina W. | 12/21/18 2:30PM


With the rise in popularity of concentrates and dabbing, portability and discretion have recently been of concern for the 710 community. Dabbing usually consists of a glass water pipe, aka a Dab Rig, along with a Domeless Nail of some sort, which is heated and used as a bowl. In order to heat the nail to the optimal dabbing temperature before dropping your nectar coated hammer, you need a lot of firepower - literally. Most commonly, a nail is heated using a butane-filled blow torch, and you can probably guess why folks want to move away from that method.

Def Make the E-Nail Switch

Whether you are in the market for a safer heating element, or just want to take your rig on adventures, you need an eNail. There is nothing better than sharing your uplifting experiences with friends, right? Well, if you no longer want to be stuck next to the outlet, would prefer to go domeless, or you just want to say “bye-bye” to Butane, you totally need an eNail, also known as e nail, or electronic nail, or electronic dab nail! New products are hitting the market faster than we can keep up with, so we will be sure to update, periodically. If you have any suggestions for electronic nails or rigs that knock it out of the park, hit us up! For now, check out this comprehensive list of all things eNail.



Yocan Torch

Whether at home or on the go, this funky looking piece of technology is a must-have for oils and concentrates. Packing a huge punch, the Yocan Torch is the perfect accessory to any dab rig. Heating to a range of 450-550 degrees Fahrenheit, you never have to worry about messing with temperature settings. This eNail has got options! Fitting most any standard sized rig, the Torch is super handy for your next impromptu smoke sesh. Choose from either a glass globe or stainless steel carb cap for personalized cloud control. Coming complete with not one, but two, dual quartz atomizers and a super long lasting 1100mAh battery- the Torch is guaranteed to please!


Hard Case

Another awesome product from LavaTech, the High Flyer Hard Case is the ultimate “badass box” in the world of dabs. Available in orange or black (and looking eerily similar to a screwdriver case) the High Flyer was designed with discretion in mind. A digital readout and all necessary plug ports are sleekly integrated into the sides of the case, for easy portability and set-up. Everything included fits snugly into the fully insulated interior of the case. Pre-programmed to 710 degrees, the High Flyer is totally plug and play, or simply adjust the vaping temperature with the touch of a button. If you already have a rig and need an eNail, the High Flyer will not disappoint!


Dab Ninja

The Dab Ninja is a seriously stealthy set-up! Sleek, compact and tabletop, this all white eNail gets the job done and looks good doing it. With a maximum setting of 999 degrees and complete temperature control, you will have no trouble reaching the sought after 710. Fitted with a (basically universal) 20mm coil, you can easily heat any nail, not just the super durable titanium one that is included. Dab Ninja is great for taking along with you, just in case! This is the perfect kit for folks new to concentrates, as it includes a dab tool, titanium nail and non-stick silicone wax storage container. If you are looking for a powerful unit which could be confused for your Google Home, check out the Dab Ninja eNail Kit!


The Puffco Peak

First off, the Peak is both tabletop and totally portable. With a lifespan of 30 dabs and a charge time of only 2 hours, this vape battery will not let you down. It has an incredible 20 second heat time, which means less waiting and more relaxing! Smart features allow you to choose from 4 temperature settings, including a “sesh” feature which prolongs your good time when you are sharing with friends. Soft LED light and haptic feedback indicates low battery discreetly, turning off when not in use. Standing 7 inches tall and just under 3 inches wide, the Peak is a perfect fit for anyone. Made of high-grade materials, hand-blown glass, and perfectly stored in the included padded carrying case- it is hard not to want The Puffco Peak for yourself!


Source E-Nail Kit

This is the perfect kit for anyone hoping to take their tabletop experience with them, on-the-go. The Source eNail gives you tons of options for use! You get a glass globe dome, glass bubbler, 3 unique vape coil atomizers (Quartz, Ceramic, Titanium) and a 40W box mod battery- all of which fits perfectly in the custom carrying case! Built for portability, it also fits right in the palm of your hand, allowing for one-touch temperature adjustments (ranging 200-700 degrees). With custom settings and atomizers, this eNail let’s you regulate hits for flavor, cloud size, and wattage, with ease. Great for beginners, perfect for pros, the Source eNail kit is sure to meet your needs!


Grav Labs Fire Button

If you have ever wanted to combine the dab rig experience with extreme portability, then the Fire Button is for you. Easily mistaken for an iPod in a silicone case, this adorable eNail may be petite, but really packs a punch! With a built-in rechargeable battery, you can unplug and take your gear anywhere! Designed to be adaptable, the nail is standard size and it charges via Micro USB charger. The heavy-duty silicone exterior serves as both a non-slip place mat and shock protector. The Fire Button heats up and cools down super quick, making it safer to handle and store. Simply load any concentrate onto the Grav Labs “skillet”and… Press, Puff, Pass!



HYER Big-E Rig

This eNail takes stability to the next level by combining high-grade plastics and an all ceramic heating component to create a super user-friendly dab rig. From HYER, comes the Big eRig, a 30W heating element built into a water pipe docking station. Crank up the heat for huge clouds, or turn it down to tune into the flavor profile of your favorite concentrates. No matter how you like to smoke, the Big eRig puts you in the driver’s seat, with independent temperature controls reaching up to 852 degrees Fahrenheit. The kit includes one male and one female quartz banger, 18mm adapter and 110V power cord. The HYER Big eRig is also the perfect excuse to buy a new dab rig since they are sold separately. (Or just use the one you have at home, if it is compatible!)


LavaTech Classic E-Nail Kit

This is the ultimate “Classic” when it comes to eNails. Crafted in unassuming matte black to blend in, the quality of LavaTech is still easily recognizable with this product. The complete kit from LavaTech is ready to go, right out of the box, including a 110V power cord, 20mm coil, universal titanium dab nail and carb cap dab tool - just turn it on, add the concentrates of your choice and enjoy! The entire set-up can easily fit in any backpack or sit on a table without taking up too much space. The optimal temperature of 710 is a breeze for the Classic eNail to reach and maintain, ensuring you will always have a lengthy and enjoyable sesh.


Magma E-Rig E-Nail

If you are looking for an eNail that is portable, push button and pretty awesome then look no further, from Ooze comes the Magma eRig. This kit includes everything you need (except your favorite concentrates) to start dabbing right out of the box! Also included in the heavy-duty carrying case is a glass dome, glass bubbler, 2 atomizers (one single coil & one dual), dab tool, 2900mAh battery and all necessary charging accessories. Stand the Magma up on your table or countertop to be used by itself, or invert it and use it with most any glass water pipe you already own.

In the words of Ooze, Go big or go home!


Cloud V Electro E-Nail

Imagine a dab rig that is part eNail, part vape, and totally discreet. Boasting a huge 6000mAh battery, this portable little rig guarantees up to 5 hours of continuous use. Heating up in as little as 15 seconds, it is capable of reaching temperatures of 800 to 1000 (way too hot, 710 is perfect) degrees! The port hole design on the bubbler is perfect for little milky dabs. To cool down your clouds, attach the included Pyrex water bubbler. This complete kit comes with a dabber tool, atomizer and Micro USB charger. If you are looking for an small, discreet eRig with no long wait for heating up, then check out the Cloud V Electro eNail.


Box Mod with 510 Wax Atomizer

Box Mods equipped with Atomizers for wax are not quite eNails, however, in the wax vape pen world, the mod atomizer set up will deliver the best experience next to dabbing with an oil rig. Mods can deliver some huge puffs which is why they earned a spot at the end of this list. When it comes to taking your dab rig on-the-go, discretion is key. 510 wax atomizers tend to blend right in with the overall look of most any box mod vape. Many box mod vapes already come with a atomizer and drip tank, but those will not always work for what you are trying to vaporize. Generally, the atomizer that comes with a box mod runs too hot for concentrates, so it is advised you pick up a 510 wax atomizer, calibrated to heat within a lower range, making for more optimal vaporizing temperatures. Whether you prefer a globe, dome, or neither- there is a 510 wax atomizer out there for you! (check out the Yocan Cerum!)

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