Dr. Dabber Boost Review - an Electric Dab Rig

If you are looking for a Wax Vape or Dab Rig, you may want to consider the Dr. Dabber Boost Electric Dab Rig. Read our Dabber Boost Review to learn about this awesome wax vaping machine.

by: Destiny V. | 03/13/20 1:30PM


About the Dr. Dabber Boost

The Dr. Dabber Boost is the vaping industry’s first electric dab rig for both oils and concentrates. The dabbing device is super portable and easy to use. Users enjoy the one-click option for heat-up and power-on. It utilizes water filtration for the cleanest hits and quickest cooldowns. The magnetic features help to avoid any breakage from dropping the fragile pieces. The Boost is simple to use, making it a good option for beginners.


The entire heating cycle is controlled with a single push of the button. The 1-year warranty includes the battery and charger. However, the glass is not covered, but it’s easily replaceable. The glass is not covered by the warranty, but it is easily replaceable in the event of an accident.


What Is in the Dr. Dabber Boost?

What Is in the Dr. Dabber Boost?

The Dr. Dabber Boost exhibits tons of key features. These features make dabbing more efficient and simpler. Use multiple types of e-nails and enjoy the portable attributes of the Boost.

Choose between titanium, ceramic, and quartz electronic dab nails. Titanium works greatly for completely dissolving wax, but the taste is compromised. The water bubbler works for quickly cooling hits. The magnetic carb cap and dab tool prevent breakage by combining the breakable pieces.

The Dr. Dabber Boost also has two storage containers made of silicone. This makes it easier to move around without damaging the unit. Use the carrying case to avoid glass breakage; though, some may find the size to be inconvenient. The box is attractive, but it may not be the best for discretion. On top of that, the dabbing tool also features a lovely keychain for added portability.

Dr. Dabber Boost Top Attributes

Most people find the Dr. Dabber Boost to be intuitive. Compared to other electric dab rigs, it works similarly in design and parts. Beginners and experts pick up the design quickly. The single power button for every command makes the Boost easy to figure out. A few clicks of the button turn the device on and starts the heat-up cycle.

New users only need to learn how to put the tool together and swap the nails. There are a few pieces to familiarize yourself with. Most of the bigger pieces fit together with a magnet. This prevents any damage and makes the fit for each part easier to find. The main parts of the Dr. Dabber Boost include the actual unit and the glass piece. Fitting the e-nail into the unit is as simple as screwing it in.

Another top attribute is the luxurious box. Used for transporting the Boost, the box does a great job of preventing any damage. However, many users find the box to be inconvenient and noticeable. Its larger size makes it harder to transport the Dr. Dabber Boost but keeping the e-rig from breaking is its main purpose. Having soft insides and a sturdy outside means that the box does its job well.

After pushing the power button, the e-nail heats up at around 30 seconds. The heat-up time depends on your nail of choice. Titanium nails are sturdy and heat quickly, but they commonly taste metallic. The taste may put a damper on the vaping experience. However, some customers report no metallic taste with the Boost’s titanium nail. On the other hand, ceramic tastes better, but it may not be as efficient for a quick heat-up. Go for higher heat and longer hits with ceramic or quartz.

The Flavor and Vapor Quality

The Flavor and Vapor Quality

Users of the Dr. Dabber Boost have direct control over the vape flavor. They can choose between three different electronic dab nails: titanium, ceramic, or quartz. The flavor depends on your preferred e-nail. Titanium tastes worse, but it heats up quickly. Also, titanium creates amazing clouds because of the high heat. Ceramic and quartz are slower to heat up, but they do not compromise the flavor or vape quality.

The electric dab rig comes with set temperature but letting the nails heat after the allotted time makes them hotter. Simply turning this dabbing device on makes it heat to a certain temperature. Letting the Boost sit beyond the heat-up time heats the e-nail more. For enthusiasts who enjoy higher heat, this option is available for all types of e-nails.

The Dr. Dabber Boost comes with all three types. Activate the titanium dab nail with three clicks of the power button. After 20 to 30 seconds, enjoy a high-heat hit with maximum quality. The quartz and ceramic tools activate with five clicks and take longer to heat up. Expect a good hit out of the ceramic or quartz dab nails after around 40 seconds. Those materials are known for much tastier, smoother hits, so many enthusiasts think that it is worth the wait.

As for vapor quality, the Dr. Dabber Boost is extremely high-quality. The taste is great, and depending on your preferred e-nail, this dabbing tool delivers the smoothest hits. The intense, thick clouds are super satisfying. Many vaping enthusiasts find a lack of control over the heat to be a setback. However, the Boost already reaches an incredible temperature. Each enthusiast’s optimal temperature is different, but this dabbing device does its job and delivers amazing draws.

What Is the Size of the Dr. Dabber Boost?

What Is the Size of the Dr. Dabber Boost?

The Dr. Dabber Boost is a smaller dab rig that fits into your hand. It comes with multiple palm-sized parts. The Boost is a good size for portable usage. Unlike many dabbing devices, the Boost is meant to be hauled around. Dr. Dabber provided the portable box for this exact reason.

Carrying the Boost is convenient but beware of the easily breakable pieces. Be sure to keep it off of the high surfaces. If you carry it in your purse, keep it in a special compartment to avoid breaking it. Keeping the Dr. Dabber Boost in its box is the most recommended form of travel.

How to Use the Dr. Dabber Boost

How to Use the Dr. Dabber Boost

Familiarize yourself with the different parts and tools of the Dr. Dabber Boost. The base and glass are important. Do not use your Boost without them because that can damage the dabbing tool. Be cautious about touching the nail after heat-up because it gets incredibly hot.

Also, remember that the activation depends on the e-nail. Three clicks of the power button for titanium turns it on. Use five clicks for the quartz and ceramic e-nails. After each nail heats up, the light on the Boost changes colors. At that point, you are ready to draw from the dabbing tool.

Instructions on Using the Dr. Dabber Boost

Fill the individual glass piece with water. This activates the water filtration in the dabbing device. After that, turn the dabbing device on and load the tool with your preferred materials. Wait for the light to change color and take a draw after touching your tool to the hot nail. Use the carb cap after the wax disintegrates for a deeper hit.

Maintaining and Cleaning the Dr. Dabber Boost

Maintaining and Cleaning the Dr. Dabber Boost

The Dr. Dabber Boost may need to be cleaned often. The process of melting wax gets sticky and messy. Cleaning your Boost often keeps it from developing any long-term damages. If you notice a lot of build-ups, it may be time for a clean.

Rubbing alcohol works for the glass parts of the Dr. Dabber Boost. Separate the glass piece from the rest of the vaporizer and pour isopropyl alcohol into it. Once it is partially full, shake the glass until all of the debris is gone. Using a Q-tip to get any stubborn bits of debris works. Keep in mind that the glass is fragile, so try your best to avoid dropping it.

To remove any dab nail, wait until it is completely cool – they get very hot and can severely burn you so be careful. Turning the nail counter-clockwise unscrews it. Choose your next nail, and turn it clockwise to screw it in.

Be sure to charge the Dr. Dabber Boost fully before each use. Not doing so damages the battery. The purple light means that the dabbing device is still charging. When it is fully charged, the light turns green. Charging the device overnight is recommended because it takes around eight hours to fully charge.

How the Dr. Dabber Boost Compares to Other Vapes

The Dr. Dabber Boost fits the dabbing narrative closely. People familiar with dabbing devices will understand the Boost in no time. This makes it a good device for beginners because of its ease-of-use. On top of that, the Boost is portable in comparison to other dabbing devices. The typical dabbing enthusiast will enjoy the Dr. Dabber Boost. Its ease-of-use and portable nature makes it a great fit for any enthusiast’s collection.

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