Dr. Dabber Switch Review

The Dr. Dabber Switch Vape is more specifically an electric dab rig that delivers huge dabs that you cannot achieve with the average wax vape pen.

by: Anthony E. | 02/07/20 2:30PM


More than just a novelty brand, Dr. Dabber is committed to providing the vaping industry with truly innovative award-winning devices. Customer satisfaction has always been Dr. Dabber’s number one goal and the Switch is a great product to go along with that. A truly remarkable company with many novel concepts, Dr. Dabber has been around since 2013 with a goal to come up with the world’s finest vaporizer. Thus, the Switch was born. Specializing in convenient portable vaporizers, Dr. Dabber created the Switch which is a hybrid between a vaporizer and a dab rig. The Switch is basically an electric dab rig that is stylish enough to use anywhere, yet stealthy enough to keep a low profile. One of the leading innovators in vaping technology, Dr. Dabber lives up to its moniker as being a provider in the medical considerations of the vaping community!

The Switch is perfectly suited for the modern dabber who looks for the best the industry has to offer, as Dr. Dabber has it all when it comes to the latest and greatest vapes. From handheld portable vape pens to electric dab rigs like the Switch, Dr. Dabber provides the best customer service and high-quality vaping products to satisfy your needs. Here we will be reviewing the best of the best, which is known as the Switch. This nifty little vape will be looked at from all angles to give you the inside scoop on this awesome vape.


Features of the Dr. Dabber Switch

Capable of both dry herb & oil concentrates, the Switch is aptly named for its ability to alternate between these vaping modalities when required, hence the name Switch. Patent pending induction heating technology allows the device to heat to the best target temperature in an incredibly short amount of time, roughly 4 seconds depending on the temperature setting. With over 150 uses on just a single charge, no other vaporizer on the market comes close to what the Switch can do. This vape truly is in a league of its own! As their main claim to fame, Dr. Dabber’s pride joy is called the Switch because it can take you from zero to a hundred, real quick.

One of the Switch’s better-known features is in its ergonomic design, with its portability being the icing on the cake. Capable of traveling well wherever you go as a high-quality portable vape, the Switch can accommodate everybody’s personal style and tastes with its unique ability to go from dry herbs to oil concentrates when the session calls for it. No other vape on the market features such a versatile functionality that is housed in one of the most unique styles of any modern vaporizer.

Why Choose the Switch Electric Dab Rig?

Because no other company is as unique in their products as Dr. Dabber! Given the innovative construct of its design, it is worth the time and money to invest in your next vape as the Switch model. When you consider the cutting-edge technology that Dr. Dabber puts forth with their product line to provide unique devices with advanced vaping technology, you have vapes that are iconic, versatile, practical, and highly efficient, with the Switch topping all others as the best of the best. If those are not reasons to consider investing in a Switch vape, then you would be hard pressed to find a device that will top that.

Not only does the Switch come with tailored accessories that streamline your experience for the smoothest sessions, but the Switch is also capable of switching between vaping modalities easily. Whether you want dry herbs or oil concentrates, the Switch can make the most of either material. With one of the most trusted names in the business, Dr. Dabber is one of the most iconic brands, with their Switch product offering some of the best ratings within the vaping community. It is worth the investment to have your next go to vape as the Switch.

How to Use the Dr. Dabber Switch Rig


How to Use the Dr. Dabber Switch Rig

For a device like the Switch, you will first want to determine if you will be vaping dry herb or oil concentrates. With oil concentrates you will first want to have the appropriate adapter and then heat up your unit. Once the device is heated up you can then proceed to load it and vape the same way you would with any other dab rig. The best part? No torches! You can switch easily between vape materials, hence the name Switch. For dry herbs you can attach the appropriate adapter to accommodate your dry herbs, and then simply load the chamber. Heat up to your desired temperature and then proceed to vape.

Once you are done with your vape session, simply empty out the water chamber and lightly wipe the inside to prevent the accumulation of buildup. This will significantly extend the life of your Switch. Unlike other vapes on the market that are too cumbersome for practical on the go use, the Switch can accommodate either modality and still be portable! No other vape on the market is as versatile or resourceful as the Dr. Dabber Switch!

Dr. Dabber Switch Dabbing Tips

Dr. Dabber Switch Dabbing Tips

Always remember that the higher the temperature settings are, the better the vapor cloud production is going to be, no matter what it is you are vaping. Lower settings are always geared towards a full flavor profile, though you can still achieve decent flavor at higher settings. At those higher settings however, the vapor may not be as flavorful because the heat tends to boil off the more delicate terpenes and flavonoids, but it is not hot & harsh either since the water bubbler does a great job of keeping the vapor cool, no matter the temperature happens to be.

Another great tip to be mindful of is the actual maintenance of your Switch device. Over time your Switch may accumulate unwanted buildup from within the water chamber and vaping airways. It is always recommended to simply wipe down your vape after every use while it is still a bit warm to the touch, as this will make it much easier to wipe off versus having a cold and hard surface which could find hard to remove buildup. Because the Switch is so user friendly, there are no real issues to look out for when it comes to charging the unit, since it also comes with things like overcharge protection.

Maintaining the Dr. Dabber Switch

Maintaining the Dr. Dabber Switch

You will ideally wish to clean the Switch to prevent build up from collecting along the unit. Taking care of your Switch vape is paramount to ensuring the long-term integrity of your vaporization unit, as this will not only enhance flavor with every session but will also maintain the life of the vape for years to come. Just gently wipe down the inside of your Switch after using dry herbs to remove any leftover pieces that may have been left behind. Oils can be routinely wiped away with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol.

You can also deep clean the nails via a self-cleaning cycle. This is for when there is particularly caked on buildup inside the induction cups. You can simply turn on the unit and set the Switch to the highest temperature setting. Once the maximum temperature has been reached, you continue holding down the button for another five seconds which will start the self-cleaning cycle. This feature can be stopped at any time by simply pressing the power button. A word of caution if you choose to use this type of cleaning for your nails as this will only work well for ceramic, not quartz.

Dr. Dabber Switch vs Other Vapes E-Rigs

Here we will be quickly comparing the Switch against some of the most popular vaping devices on the market, such as the G Pen Roam, the Puffco Peak, and also against the Dr. Dabber Boost. Comparing against G Pen’s Roam, we find that the Roam can only vape concentrates and is more like a typical vaporizer, making it slightly more portable and easy to travel with.

Faring up against the Puffco Peak which is another electric dab rig, we find that the Switch excels with its battery life of over 100 dabs with every charge, versus the Peak which only averages around 30. While the Peak is an exceptional vaporizer with many features perks, the Switch is truly a contender that boasts the ability to heat up in just 4 seconds, versus 20 with the Peak. Lastly, we find that the Dr. Dabber Boost also uses a water percolator. Presented as the world’s first portable battery powered dab rig for oils & concentrates, the Boost is the next generation of e-rigs the world over! Both the Switch & the Boost are in leagues of their own, making the comparison only relative to personal preference.

Is the Dr. Dabber Switch Right for Me?

Because the Switch is innovative in two separate ways, the deciding factor will really come down to your own inclination. One innovative feature is that the Switch is more than a standard vape, it is a handheld electric dab rig. The other feature is its induction technology. Handheld dab rigs are vapes that can be held in your hand much like a traditional bong, except the experience itself will always be much more intense since it is extracting vapor instead of smoke, which tends to have higher concentrations of precious terpenes and flavonoids. These can have profound effects that are all but lost during a smoke session, as combustion tends to completely obliterate some of the more delicate vapors. The Switch is a portable, affordable, and truly advanced water filtration vape that is sure to become your next go to favorite!

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