E-Nails vs Dab Nails - A Helpful Guide

The E-Nail is a type of dab nail that uses electricity to produce heat instead of a blowtorch, making them a bit easier to use too. Continue reading as this post breaks down everything you need to know about dabbing with both traditional and e-nails.

by: Mathew H. | 09/16/19 1:30PM


E-Nail and Dab Nail Similarities

For Use with Wax Concentrates

Both e-nails and dab nails are designed to be used with same kind of product: wax pen concentrates. You will not be able to smoke dry herbs or vape e-juices and other vape products with any sort of dab nail.


Both are Dab Nails

Though the terminology can be a bit confusing, there is an easy way to think about how e-nails and dab nails are related. Dab nails are a very broad term used to describe anything that can be heated to smoke wax concentrates, including ceramic nails, domeless nails, and others. E-nails are a variation of dab nail that can be heated electronically without the use of an open flame. If a dab nail is not an e-nail, it will be headed by a torch.

Or, more simply put: All e-nails are dab nails, but not all dab nails are e-nails.


For Use with Dab Rigs

Both e-nails and dab nails are insufficient in being able to smoke wax concentrates on their own. They are both a part of a larger system, which is called a dab rig. Most dab rigs will be able to use dab nails or e-nails interchangeably, given that the size and connector design is compatible with the rig at hand.

A dab nail essentially serves the same purpose as a bowl does in a bong.


Both are Heated Before Wax is Applied

Though the process of heating up each nail is different, both are heated to a high temperature before wax is applied. In an e-nail, all you have to do is set what temperature you want the e-nail to reach and press the power button. With a traditional dab nail, it will be heated with a handheld torch, then allowed to briefly cool, and then wax will be applied.


Used with Dabber Tools

Both e-nails and dab nails will need dabber tools to make sure you get the best out of your wax concentrate. The dabber tool helps to spread the wax concentrate around the nail evenly, making sure that the wax smokes evenly (this helps to prevent scorching, too).

Used with Carb Caps

Carb caps are used to regulate airflow to the dab nail, and regardless as to whether you have a traditional dab nail or an e-nail. Carb caps, as their name implies, are used to cap the dab nail, helping you to make your vapor just how you like it.


Dab Nail and E-Nail Differences

Electricity vs Blowtorch Heating

This is the biggest difference you are likely to notice between an e-nail and a dab nail. A traditional dab nail is heated by way of a blowtorch. The nail is heated for awhile until super-hot, then you allow a short window to cool a bit, and then your wax is applied to the dab nail. Usually, a dabbing session with a traditional dab nail will involve the dab nail being reheated several times. An e-nail will use electricity to bring the nail to temperature. It will not require cooling like a traditional dab nail would. In fact, you can set an e-nail to the exact temperature you would like to enjoy your wax concentrate at and it will heat to that point, and stay at that point.


Easier to Use

E-nails are far easier to use than dab nails. Literally, all you have to do when using an e-nail is to turn it on and choose your temperature setting. A dab nail will require a couple of pieces of equipment, the most important being the blowtorch. Then, you will have to frequently heat the dab nail through the dabbing session to make sure it does not get too cold.

A Safer Way of Dabbing

Since you do not have to use a blowtorch with an e-nail, it should go without saying that they are far safer to use than a dab nail. No open flame means that there is less risk of unintentionally burning yourself or something else. You also do not have to worry about handling a hot nail or not being sure exactly how hot it may or may not be.

Precision Dabbing vs Guestimates

As we have mentioned, e-nails allow you to set the temperature to exactly where you want it. This is particularly useful in dabbing because dabbing at different temperatures gets you a different taste and vaping experience. High temperatures create harsh hits with large clouds of vapor, whereas low temperatures will not make much of a puff but will instead provide smooth, great-tasting hits. If you want to explore what temperatures provide exactly what flavor, an e-nail allows you to take that taste adventure with precision control. A traditional dab nail is going to leave you guessing, which can be troublesome if you are looking for a particular taste or experience.

Availability of Options

If you want a variety of options to choose from, traditional dab nails have e-nails beat easily. You can choose between all different kinds of materials, designs, manufacturers and more. Dab nails have been around for quite some time and couple that with the fact that they do not require special equipment to be made, you get a market where dab nails are readily available. E-nails, while growing in popularity, are still a pretty niche product. As such, you can expect your options to be pretty limited if you plan on shopping for an e-nail.

Dab Nail Heat-up Time

E-nails are going to heat up much more quickly than traditional dab nails. What that means to you as the user means you can start taking hits more quickly off of a dab rig that is using an e-nail as opposed to one with a more traditional dab nail.


Should I Buy an E-Nail or a Traditional Dab Nail?

Fortunately, there really is not a wrong answer to what kind of dab nail you should end up buying. The best choice is going to be the dab nail that best fits your needs for what you are wanting to get out of your dabbing experience. If you like being able to take draws quickly and like the convenience offered by an e-nail, that should be your choice. If you do not want to make the financial investment into an e-nail or prefer a manual dab nail experience, then shop around for traditional dab nails.

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