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Perfect for dabbing without the need for a butane torch, an E Nail combines safety & practicality to ensure a consistent experience every single time! For all your dabbing needs, NYVapeShop offers portability & convenience without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home! Shop today to get fast FREE shipping on all orders within the US, and DISCREET delivery with every package!

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How to Choose the Best E-Nail Product

Once upon a time dabbing was limited to costly rigs and an endless list of accoutrements like butane blow torches and other dabbing tools. Dabbing in the old days was not as accessible due to the number of components and factors that need to be controlled to ensure an effortless dabbing experience. A lot has changed since then with the introduction of E-nails which make and the blowtorch-dab rig combination obsolete. Today, consumers have a wide variety of e-nails at their fingertips with a whole host of features. The biggest e-nails in the market today use cutting edge technology to give users full temperature control and drastically lower heating times. Compared to the days of the torch, e-nails can reach optimal temperatures in less than 30 seconds and maintain those temperature during the entirety of the smoking process leading to incredibly smooth experience. When choosing an e-nail there is a lot to contend with — all in one dab rigs, e-nail dab pens, and even e-nail adaptors that allow you to heat your own glass dab rig.

Portable E-Nail Vaporizers

A major perk of e-nails today is the fact that they are portable. One is no longer limited to the bulky desktop e-nail setups of old. Instead, users can take their dabbing on the go with a portable e-nail. Portable e-nails come in a variety of shapes and styles. For example, there are e-nails in the shape of pens making them extra discreet and that much more portable. On the other hand there are also portable all in one e-rigs that have all of the traditional components of a dab rig built into one unit. In general, e-nails will range in price depending on the tech, material components, and overall features. Find the perfect portable e-nail will depend on the needs of the user and their experience. E-nail pens like the Dr. Dabber Boost are super user friendly, affordable, and may have advanced features like temperature control. On the other end of the spectrum there are e-nails like the Puffco Peak which is at the cutting edge of e-nail technology and offers users tons of control. Either way, even the cheapest e-nail gets the job done.

Desktop E-Nail Vaporizers

When we think of dab rigs this is what generally comes to mind — larger setups with less portability when compared to e-nail dab pens and etc. Although these types of e-nails lack in portability they make up for it with their ability to provide an incomparable dabbing session with plenty of power and robust heating systems. In this category of e-nail products like the Hyer Big E-Rig come mind. Like portable e-nails, desktop e-nails can appear in a variety of different styles ranging from adaptors to fit glass rigs to all in one units. Desktop e-nails are optimal for those looking to get the best vaping experience possible without worrying about portability.

Types of E-Nail Products

At NY Vape Shop we have tons of different e-nail products available to customers ranging from portable e-nails to all in one e-rig setups. Prices between these products will vary depending on the features you are looking for — options like variable temperature control, rapid heating times, isolated air-paths, and medical-grade components can command higher prices. Regardless, there is something for just about anyone when it comes to e-nails. Beginners can easily get started with a dab pen or even an all in one e-rig like the Puffco Peak. It is reccomended to choose an e-nail based on the type of smoking experience you are looking for. To make things a bit easier we have listed a few of our favorite e-nails available here at NY Vape Shop.

Puffco Peak

Considered to be Puffco’s flagship product — the Puffco Peak is a revolutionary all in one E-nail type dab rig that is highly portable, ultra sleek, and incredibly easy to use. The Peak was designed to get the most out of your concentrates in terms of flavor and vapor production. This e-nail rig has multiple user settings from beginner to expert and lets the user choose the load type they are dabbing (small or big). There is even a sesh-mode with the Peak which makes your dab sesh last longer. By far the most unique aspect of the Peak is its intelligent temperature calibration which ensures that your dab rig’s temp stays perfect every single time to. Overall, this e-nail system is optimal for those looking to experience the best who are not afraid of a higher price point.

Pulsar Rok

The Pulsar Rok is hands down one of the best all in one e-nail dab rigs on the market today with its sleek design, coil-less quartz heating chamber, disc percolator, and isolated air-paths. Everything about the Rok exudes quality and well thought out design to give the user the best experience possible. This e-nail has three different voltage settings and boasts a Boro glass filtration base. In addition, this e-nail is modest in size coming in at 6.75” tall making it portable and optimal for taking on-the-go for group dab sessions. This e-nail is fantastic for those folks looking to get the most flavor out of their concentrates and want to utilize the best technology out there. Even beginners will be able to use this portable e-nail system with ease.

Grav Labs Fire Button

The Fire Button is a highly portable, powerful, and simple to use e-nail vaporizer that is modestly priced around $150. Although this may seem to be pricey, other e-nail systems can be even more expensive, some priced at $300 or more. Needless to say, Grav Labs has made thing easier by taking the need for a butane torch out of the equation. With the Fire Button users will have all of the heating power they need. In addition, this unit comes with a tube and carb cap that easily attach to the e-nail itself. This is a great unit for both beginners and advanced users.

Hyer Big E-Rig

The Big E-Rig by Hyer takes cutting edge e-nail technology and adapts it to fit 90% of all glass rigs on the market today. This e-nail utilizes a 30W ceramic heating element and is entirely power cord free making it portable. In addition, the battery on the Big E-Rig will last about 2 hours or 25 sessions before needing a recharge. Temperature control is present here as well with the Big-E Rigs computer chip which aims to keep your temperatures stable while dabbing. Hyer has thought of just about everything with this e-nail. It even has elastomeric traction grips to ensure the unit is stable and sticks to whatever surface you are dabbing on.

Dr. Dabber Switch

The Switch e-Rig by Dr. Dabber takes an already incredible product and makes it even better with the ability to vape both oils and dry herbs. This vaporizer uses patent-pending induction heating technology to vaporizer your favorite oils and dry herbs with unparalleled temperature control and incredibly long battery life. As a matter of fact, the Switch has 25 different heat calibration settings. There are multiple editions of the Switch such as the Switch: Clear Edition and the Premium Switch Bundle which comes with fancier components. The Switch is the perfect choice for those looking to experience a high-quality e-rig that comes with all of the big features and adjustable settings.

Dr. Dabber Boost

Dr. Dabber’s Boost is the definition of portability and convenience. Incredibly user friendly, the Boost is designed to vape oils, waxes, and concentrates. This vaporizer features a water percolator that is designed to not leak when on the go, standard 18650 battery, and takes only 25 seconds to heat up! The Boost is an optimal choice for those looking to enjoy the benefits of an e-nail with having to deal with a bulky unit that is highly priced. It helps too that the Boost is incredibly easy to use.

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